REZA PAHLAVI interview on MSNBC with Alex Witt

REZA PAHLAVI interview on MSNBC with Alex Witt
by Darius Kadivar
Reza Pahlavi of Iran in an Interview on MSNBC With Alex Witt , 25 Sept 2009 , Discusses various topics about Iranian Government and Democracy in Iran.


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again, he shows his irrelevance

by liberation08 on

he did not say anything unique or interesting during the interview. he just made a bunch of generic statements

he cannot speak for the iranian people and he neglects to mention that iran is in full compliance with the NPT

he reminds me of ahmad chalabi. he's dishonest and irrelevant



by Abarmard on

I agree. That is the way he should be. If he truly begin to appear among Iranians citizens and become part of the crowd, he could help Iranian movement for a more open society.


H.M reza pahlavi conversation with the Green Movement

by arshan on

this is an Amazing interview of HIM with green movement



by Abarmard on

I am not going to argue his points. It is his opinion and that's all fine, however, at the very end she says: a very unique perspective! Unique?