UN CERTAIN REGARD: In tribute To Siamak Pourzand (1930-2011)


UN CERTAIN REGARD: In tribute To Siamak Pourzand (1930-2011)
by Darius Kadivar

He was a prolific film critic who had met and interviewed some of the greatest film directors of Hollywood and European Cinema ranging from Alfred Hitchcock to François Truffaut. (See Related News Here

I believe he also wrote and worked with Fereidoun Hoveyda at the French Cahiers du Cinema where some of his articles were translated in French. Hewas accused of being a Monarchist and having contacts with Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi during trips to Europe. He was condemned to 11 years of prison on an onand off basis. Tortured pyschologically and physically he had also had a severe heart attack.

According to his daughter, Siamak Pourzand threw himself from above a building and killed himself in a sign of protest to the type of life he was subject too which deprived him at the age of 81 to see his family and friends.

It is truly a sad end for such a prolific film critic and journalist who had contributed so much to the World of Arts and Cinema in particular.

Shame on the Islamic Republic and it's so called "Cultural" Ambassador’s who selfishly come to the West to seek acknowledgment but feel that they owe nothing to anyone in the name of their socalled «Art» :

Asghar Farhadi Triumphs As An Artist But Fails As A Citizen

Only to Deliver a Cinema of Lies to a Nation of Liers :

Golshifteh Farahani on hypocrisy in Iranian Society expressed on film:

Interview in relation to Asghar Farahani’s “About Elly”

The Cultural Dialogue of the Islamic Republic amounts to nothing but Censorship and imprisonment of the greatest représentatives of Iranian Cinema such as Jafar Panahi and Muhamad Rossoulof reduced to being bullied, regularly being beaten, arrested, tortured and censored :

PARIS BERLIN: European film community rallies behind Jafar Panahi

Only to Please a minor Few Morons :

Velayeteh Fagih Series: Alireza Panahian says more films should be made to make theocracy acceptable

That is all this wretched Republic and those who try to safeguard it's constitution have managed to bring to this otherwise great nation and great people who deserve better than this self inflicted permanent humiliation.

So for All You Fans of ARTSY FARTSY Post Islamic Revolution Cinema who wish to lecture us everything ranging from Democracy to Human Rights to how to shed or not a tear for our Royals Let me Tell You that for Each Monarchist that Falls 10 000 Immortals shall Rise from their ashes and turn into equally if not superior Film critics, Journalists and historians only to Send You Lousy Bunch and your Bankrupt arguments into the Dusbins of History.

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But We Shall NEVER Surrender !

A Restoration to Oust these Clowns is long due and something tells me that is ultimately what will happen. And the Day it does those who brought so much misery to countless families will be held accountable for misleading this nation to it's abyss.

I don’t believe in Revenge But Boy do some individuals including in the Diapora’s so called Intelligentsia owe the nation at large sincere Apologies !

Below I have posted only a handful of videos in tribute to so many films that I got to see growing up in Imperial Iran prior to the Revolution be it at the Cinema or on Televison which reflects the cosmopolitan society we lived in prior to this wretched Republic of Death, Tears and Sorrow which came into being.

My Heartfelt condolences to Siamak Pourzand’s family, Mrs. Mehranghiz Kar and her daughters and may his memory, the films he loved and wrote about and love for life at a time when he was the happiest be passed on to future generations !

RIP Siamak Jaan Will Probably See You in the After life to talk about our favorite movies too !



May 1st, Paris, FRANCE

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ErrolFlynn and Olivia De Havilland in the Adventures of Robin Hood directed byMichael Curtiz


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