MES CAHIERS: Young Steven Spielberg Speaks at AFI (1978)


MES CAHIERS: Young Steven Spielberg Speaks at AFI (1978)
by Darius Kadivar

As some of you may know, Steven Spielberg is working on a Tintin Movie due in 2011. Here is an interesting talk given by a Young Spielberg at the American Film Institute about his work and experience in films. He had just finished with his latest blockbuster movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind which earned him the reputation of Hollywood's Golden Boy since Jaws. He was to experience his first Flop with 1941 which nearly ended his career but thanks to George Lucas his pal, he was to bounce back into success with The Raiders of the Lost Ark and the success story was back on it's track ever since ...

Spielberg speaks about Herge and Tintin in Recent Press Conference:

Spielberg talks about the future of cinema in Wim Wenders documentary "Room 666" (1982):

Steven Spielberg's Early Years (From AFI Life Achievement Award 1995):

Steven Spielberg came to AFI in 1978 for a seminar with AFI Fellows. In this clip he talks about how he admires the pre-visualization skills of animators.

Steven Spielberg on his Admiration of Animators

Steven Spielberg On Filming In Continuity

Steven Spielberg On Storyboarding

Steven Spielberg Talks About the Special Effects For CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND

Steven Spielberg On Making A "People Movie"

Spielberg On Collaborating With Actors

Spielberg A Different Director For Different Actors

Spielberg On Working With François Truffaut

Spielberg Talks About His Peers & Love Of Film

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