TREACHERY ON SCREEN:Malcom McDowell in Robert Enrico's "East Wind"


TREACHERY ON SCREEN:Malcom McDowell in Robert Enrico's "East Wind"
by Darius Kadivar

The true story of General Smyslovsky ( Former White Russian Tzarist Officer) and the anti-Communist 1st Russian National Army receiving shelter in Liechtenstein in 1945 and successfully resisting Soviet pressure to be returned for execution in the USSR.

Vent D’Est (1993) Directed by Robert Enrico and Starring Malcolm McDowell,Pierre Vaneck and Jean-François Balmer



Under the terms of the secret agreements of Yalta, English and Americans have delivered two million Soviet Citizens to Stalin.These « traitors » have been executed or died in camps. Among them survivors of the Russian army, originating in the Baltic provinces in 1940 bythe USSR, which fought Bolchevism Under the German Uniform … out of them all, 500 lost soldiers, without a homeland in devastated Europe, train women and children, refugees themselves in Liechtenstein and refuse to go. This is their story.

(NOTE : Sorry French and Russian dubbing only)

Seeking Refuge in accordance to the Geneva Convention’s of War :

General Smyslovsky (Malcom McDowell) and his régiment is granted assylum by the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein (Pierre Vanek) after giving his word of honor that his unit fought with honor and never commited crimes of war

First Confrontation between the Soviets and

General Smyslovsky:

Subject to an investigation by the Soviets for alledged crimes of war during the battles he conducted against the Soviets, the Prime Minister accepts to confront the two parties in order to conduct an investigation. The Soviet’s are unable to offer convincing proof for their allégations and confronted by a proud and combative White Russian officer (

Malcom McDowell) they lose their temper.


From Promised Amnesty to Cold Blooded Murder by the Soviets:

Although offered asylum but unable to cope with life in exile, many decide to return to Russia only to be slaughtered to the last: amongst them men, women and children.


After World War II, due to a longstanding prior agreement among the victorious Allies, displaced citizens of the various countries were returned to their homeland of origin whether or not they wanted to be. There were almost no exceptions to this rule. As a result, several million anti-communist citizensof Eastern Bloc nations were handed over to the not-so tender mercies of their native countries, now under communist rule. Only one nation in all of Europe failed to honor this agreement: the tiny Duchy of Luxembourg. The story of this film is based on a true incident, and the furor it caused. In 1945, the Russian general (Malcom McDowell) of a small detachment of five hundred Eastern Bloc soldiers who fought on the Axis (German) side, led them into the (neutral) Duchy, which had an announced policy of granting asylum. These refugees were swifly assimilated into the everyday life of the country and, despite enormous pressure from the great military powers of the day (particularly Russia),Luxembourg refused to relinquish them to almost certain death.

Miscellaneous on White Russians

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More about Robert Enrico’s Film  « Vent D’Est » aka« East Wind »:

(From a Review on

Robert Enrico's best films were alwaysoverlooked,with the exception of "les Aventuriers" .Like some of hisbest works ("Au Coeur de la Vie" ,"La Belle Vie")"Vent d'est" deals with war,to be precise with the victims ofwar.It's far superior to his overrated "Le Vieux Fusil" but nobodyseems to care about it. Historian Jean Tulard hailed this movie and wrote aboutEnrico's bravery.

Some Ukrainian Lettonian and Estonian soldiers decided tofight against the red army and joined the ranks of the Germans.

Their enemy wasnot the allies or their country,it was Staline.At the end of the war, theallies thought of handing them over to the Bolsheviks.They took refuge inLiechtenstein where the prince and Dr Hoop tried to save them.

As someone saysin the movie,they had a good idea at a wrong time ,for after the war ,they werecaught in the crossfire.

In spite of some occasional gaffes -there's noproblem of language between people even with uneducated soldiers-,RobertEnrico's film is a beautiful one,a courageous work which sheds light on someoutcasts ,some forgotten victims of a world gone mad.He casts against typesinister-looking Malcolm McDowell as the Finnish colonel who tries to save themen who put their trust in him ,and good-natured Wojciech Pszoniak as theterrifying Russian officer .

Even more terrifying is Ludmilla Mikael's captainBarinkova ,with her sweet words,her motherly look ("yes your mother'swaiting for you there in your homeland; she's missing you" "yes,you'llcarry on with your studies at the university,one more year and you'll become adoctor,we need men like you").

Enrico tried to show ,next to theofficers,the politicians and the nobles ,the humble people who do not knowwhere they stand anymore.

"You're a tiny country ,we are giants ,ourpower knows no bounds !" the Russian officers yell. As they did not readthe Bible ,they had forgotten David and Goliath. Which did not prevent some ofthose poor soldiers from listening to the sirens' song.

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