pictory: Shah of Iran's State Visit to West Germany (1967)


pictory: Shah of Iran's State Visit to West Germany (1967)
by Darius Kadivar

German News Coverage of the Shah and Shahbanou of Iran's State Visit to Germany in 1967. The visit was to trigger riots by far left wing students and activists which resulted to the unfortunate death of a student Benno Ohnesorg shot dead by a German Police officer which resulted in what became known as Germany's Mai '68 Revolution.

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magnificent clips

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thank you,

the leader of a nation is greeted in such a manner and with utmost respect.


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Thanks DK, i missed the link first time.

Stephen Fry is an iteresting actor. I liked a film (forgot the name now), in which he acted as Oscar Wilde. I saw the film many years ago, and really enjoyed his performance. Now that you reminded, I'll try to get it and watch it this weekend. Thanks again. 

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Stephan Fry on the British monarchy and aristocracy as analogous to his crooked nose and why we should keep them against all odds ...



Notwithsatnding Farah's beautiful style...

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Wasn't there big viloent anti Shah demostrations held by German and Iranian students resulting in one german student getting shot to death during this vist?

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Lovely Channel style of Farah Diba ... Thx Dariush jan .