pictory: Edward (Ted) Kennedy on the US Hostage Crisis in Iran (1980)


pictory: Edward (Ted) Kennedy on the US Hostage Crisis in Iran (1980)
by Darius Kadivar

Veteran US Senator Edward Kennedy, the brother of former President John F Kennedy, has died at 77, after a long battle with a brain tumour. Here are footages of his 1980 Presidential campaign running against Jimmy Carter.

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Democrats for Reagan (1980 Political Commercial)

1980 DNC: Divided party limps toward the fall

Senator Edward Kennedy interview from 1964 ( At Kennedy Presidential Library)

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Farah Rusta

Kennedys were no friend of Iran

by Farah Rusta on

From JFK's conspiring to replace the Shah by his head of SAVAK, General Teymour Bakhtiar and later forcing Ali Amini upon him to Ted Kennedy's striking a secret deal (later exposed) with Khomeini's top aide, Ayatollah Sadooghi, in a bid to release the US hostages and pave the way for his democratic nomination in 1980 elections, the Kennedy brothers never acted in the interest of Iran and Iranians.