pictory:Shah At John F. Kennedy's Funeral 1963

pictory:Shah At John F. Kennedy's Funeral 1963
by Darius Kadivar

The Shah of Iran and Lord Mountbatten are amongst the Attendees at John F. Kennedy's Funeral on Sunday Nov 24th 1963 including Jackie Kennedy, his saluting child and the representants of the World (Charles De Gaulle of France and King Haille Sellasse of Ethoipia) .

The Shah and Shahbanou had made a State Visit to Kennedy in 1961/1962 at the begining of JFK's presidency.  


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Kennedy was no angel

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The Shah and JFK had an intense dislike of one another. After all Kennedy had plans to remove the Shah and replace him with General Teymour Bakhtiar, the brutal head of SAVAK. Bakhtiar was later sent to a dipolmatic exile in Switzerland by the Shah after the Kennedy's plot was discovered. Kennedy and Bakhtair had a common interest in suppressing communist insurgency where and when it reared its head. He had no qualms about putting heartless dictators in charge of the countries with communist or socialist systems. Remember the Bay of Pigs?!



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Very nice! couldn't imagine the crowned Pahlavi with so much gray hair in 1963.

Also, not being a big fan of the house of Windsor, but could not help to remember the sensless murder of the Viceroy of India by IRA in 1979.