THE PEACOCK PRINCE: Abbas Milani's Republican Historical Outlook On Iran's Last Shah


THE PEACOCK PRINCE: Abbas Milani's Republican Historical Outlook On Iran's Last Shah
by Darius Kadivar

Initially titled The Peacock Prince, Abbas Milani introduces his latest book, a political biography of Iran's last Shah in a Speach in Israel. Milani's Shakespearean Quotes didn't Seem to Overshadow his Republican ( aka Jomhurykhah) Stance and preference which however respectable in it's own right may not go down well with those who favor a Constitutionalist Outlook of Iran's history and century year old struggle for Parliamentary Democracy.

Abbas Milani Presentation of His latest Book in Israel University Circles:

Part of a Rare documentary by British Journalist David Frost on the Shah of Iran at the height of Power with exlusive interviews and insights on how he thinks and acts as the leader of a rising regional power. (circa 1974)

BBC Persian Interview with Milani about His book:

Sir Laurence Olivier's Screen Adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet:

Historian Mashadollah Adjoudani about the Constitutional Revolution's Legacy- VOA Persian:

(NOTE: The caller at the end of this interview whose name is "Dariush" is Not at All Your Humble Servitor ;0) ... )

Former Diplomat Parviz Rajji, and Historians Mashadollah Ajoudani and Abbas Milani on the Shah's role in the Coup of 1953:

( NOTE: Also See Related BBC Interview of Mashadollah Ajoudani on the Iranian Intellegenstia and the Coup of 53 Here )

Authors@Google: Akbar Ganji Former Revolutioary Guard turned Political dissident and Human Rights Advocate with Abbas Milani as Translator:


Bebin TV- History for Dummies Series - Enghelabe Mashrouteh aka Constitutional Revolution:

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Farah Rusta

Milani's Biblical allusions are totally misplaced

by Farah Rusta on

Didn't I tell you?  Milani speaks differently to different audiences. Put it simply. for an English/Western speaking audience, the Shah possesses a Herodic persona whereas for a Persian?Iranian speaking audience the same Shah has a Herculean character.

Though larlgely based on Anglo-American declassified documents and much less from an Iranian perspective, I admire Milani for his meticulously researched book but I see his analysis and its subsequent conclusions having  the flavor of a leaft-leaning academic writing for a fallen-hero-loving Western readership.