Nazi War Criminal Converts to Islam Before Death


Nazi War Criminal Converts to Islam Before Death
by Darius Kadivar

A German television station has reported that one of the most wanted Nazi criminals, Aribert Heim, died in 1992 after living under a pseudonym in Egypt and converting to Islam. Notorious for Bizarre Experiments earned him the nickname of "Dr. Death".  

Aribert Heim's crimes were so severe that he earned the nickname 'Dr Death'.

Born 28 June, 1914 in Radkersburg, Austria, Heim joined the local Nazi party in 1935, three years before Austria was annexed by Germany. He later joined the Waffen SS.

He earned his chilling sobriquet for his sadism as a doctor at the Nazi's Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria.

After World War II, Heim practised medicine in the German town of Baden-Baden until 1962, when he was indicted as a war criminal and fled the country.

The subsequent search over the following decades for the former SS medical officer took investigators from Germany all around the world.

Tips came from Uruguay, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and Chile.

Nazi-hunters were recently confident that Heim was seeing out his twilight years near his daughter in southern Chile, or across the border in Argentine Patagonia, the region between the Andes and the south Atlantic.

Now German's ZDF television has reported that Heim had been living under a pseudonym in Egypt's capital, Cairo, had converted to Islam and actually died in 1992.

Albert Heim initially Suspected to be in Argentina back in 2007 (Al Jazeera Report)

The Mufti's Nazis:

Bizarre experiments

The Austrian-born physician was indicted by Germany on charges that he murdered hundreds of inmates while serving as a doctor at Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, where he earned his nickname.

He was accused of killing Jews using exceptionally cruel methods. According to Holocaust survivors, he performed operations and amputations without anaesthetic to see how much pain his victims could endure.

Injecting victims straight into the heart with petrol, water or poison was said to have been his favoured method at Mauthausen.

And when he was "bored", he apparently timed patients' deaths with a stopwatch.

One testimony from a camp survivor accuses him of  cutting off the head of a murdered Jewish prisoner and boiling off the flesh to enable the skull to be used as an exhibit.

Stories like this abound. One claims that the doctor removed tattooed skin from one victim and turned it into a seat cover.

Unclaimed cash

Efraim Zuroff, the Simon Wiesenthal Center's top Nazi-hunter, travelled in July to the Chilean town of Puerto Montt, 657 miles (1,058 km) south of the capital Santiago, where he said Heim's elderly daughter lives.

This was because he believed the former Nazi to be living in the area.

Heim was number one on the Center's Most Wanted List of Nazi war criminals.

Heim's daughter said that her father died in 1993 in Argentina, but a death certificate was never produced.

Neither she nor her two brothers, who live in Germany, claimed the estimated $1.5m (900,000 euros; £750,000) that sat in a European bank account in Heim's name.

Members of the Heim family have previously said their father should be declared dead.

If the reports of Heim's death turn out to be true, however, Dr Zuroff said that "the German police have a very important investigation on their hands in terms of prosecuting people who helped Aribert Heim escape justice".

He pointed out that Heim's son Ruediger has previously said that the only contact he had since his father went into hiding in 1962 were two notes that appeared in his family's mailbox, and that he had no idea if he was alive or dead.

Dr Zuroff says he wants closer examination of the evidence before he finally calls off the hunt for the infamous doctor.

"The most important thing is missing: the body," he said.

"There's no grave, there's no corpse, there's no DNA tests."

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by Zion on

Well, it must have suited his "ideas" much better! :-)
Such lovely people these hospitable arabs, as if they didn't know who this beast really was all along... .

'That means he had changed his racist views... .'

WTF?! What a pile of stinking rubbish! How stupid and retarded must one be to make such an assertion! Unbelievable.

Darius Kadivar

Abarmard Not Really ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Actually Hitler was always contradicting himself to fit his own priorities.

Sometimes he claimed to be Religious but in the Protestant Faith at otherse he was praising secularism not to say Atheism.

Famous Quote By Hitler ...

 "One is either a Christian or a German. You can't be both." -Adolf Hitler

See British poster against Hitler's 1933 Campaign to become Chancellor of Germany:

So to see the Mufti of Jerusalem ( Founder of the Palestinian nationalism) become a faithful Nazi is one of the contradictions that served both his geo strategic interests to fight the British and also served the Islamic Militants who wanted to do the same against British Colonialism. As a Matter of fact both Islamic Militancy and Nazism based their theories on a common fake historical document that was published in the 19th century claiming to have been written by Jews and is called the Protocol of the Elders of Zion (Which is also used to draft the ideology of HAMAS HEZBOLLAH) aimed at giving the jews evil intentions and serve as a pretext against Jews so as to justify anti semiticism.


Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Beri in a Show Dedicated to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Jews Use Drug Trafficking to Take Control of the World and Subjugate Other Nations NBN TV (Lebanon)

These Theories were also used during the Tehran Holocaust Conference hosted by Your Dear Dr. Ahmadinejad by Inviting such Neo Nazi Revisionists as Lady Michelle Renouf who deny the Holocaust and were hypocritically presented as Human Rights Activists:

More Here:

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

explain how nazism is a Christian based ideaology???????????


The ideology and practice of the Nazis, especially the policy of racist nationalism, national expansion, and state control of the economy.

just because his son, or anyone else, said he converted doesn't make it so.  the COWARDLY MONSTERS like him and his ilk would say anything to escape their crimes.

Darius.  I firmly believe that evil is obvious in a persons eyes.  evil cannot be disguised by beauty.



by Abarmard on

That means he had changed his racist views since Nazi is fundamentally a Christian based ideology coming from Europe and now they have gave their way to Zionism, which means if he still was racist he would change his religion to you know what ;)

Darius Kadivar

Alas ... A Real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

by Darius Kadivar on

I suppose so. Unfortunately people like Ahmadinejad and the Mufti have given Islam a bad name.

If Religion is supposed to preach brotherhood and love, I am afraid it has failed terribly in our times. The Pope Benedict ex Hitler Youth member is no more excusable by canceling the excommunication of a Holocaust Denier and revisionist.

One can legitimately ask Jesus Christ, Muhamad and Moses Where Art Thou these days ?

Marx may have been right when he said Religion is the Opium of the People ...



PS: Another Horrible aspect is that the fellow is terribly Handsome like a Movie Star. The Beauty and the Beast both in One Person ... Or should I say Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ! Its All Very EERY ! ...



So his last words must have been

by ramintork on

izlam iz ze religion of peaze.

today ze middle east, tommorow ze vold!

I wonder if AhmadiNejad's anti semitism convinced him to do the conversion?