IN MEMORIAM: Shahbanou Farah's interview a year after daughter Leila's demise (2002)


IN MEMORIAM: Shahbanou Farah's interview a year after daughter Leila's demise (2002)
by Darius Kadivar


Today marks the 11th Anniversary of the Shah and Shahbanou's youngest child and daughter Princess Leila Pahlavi. In Tribute to the Late Persian Princess an interview of Shahbanou Farah with Zia Atabai. (Source:
(Note: A Special Thanks to 
vildemose  for drawing my attention on this interview) 



Shahbanou Farah Interview on NITV (June 10th, 2002):

Shahbanou Farah interviewed by Zia Atabai for NITV UNITED on the first anniversary of the Princess’ démise.

In Memoriam:


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Maziar Aziz

by nitemustfall on

I agree with you 100%. But two points worth mentioning:
a) Their depression was not caused by their father's overthrow from Iran. They were too young to be affected.

b) Depression require medical treatment and this family had no problem to afford getting them the best resources but due to apparent frictions between the family, they chose to live in seclusion which turned into a tragedy


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Please read some book or short google on depression and may come To realize that suicide gets to their mind from 1st day of discovering it. And the rest is just an struggle to be with or without useless medication.



Nader ...

by nitemustfall on

What did you expect? People like Zia (his father) and DK were part of the old regime and are as useless as they were then which helped rise of another dictatorship in our country (IRI).

As for Leila, it was indeed a tragedy but ignorance by Reza and Pahlavi's family are highly suspected for Leila and her brother suicide.

Shame on them.



Thank you Darius jaan for the timely remembrance

by anglophile on

  May Princess Leila rest in peace,

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

To the Royal Family The tragic looses one after another

Respcting other peoples point of view on politic,religion,sexual orientation is some how accepted

But not having compassion toward another hamvatan



Nader Vanaki

ندیده بودم

Nader Vanaki

که موهای کلاه گیس هم آب شونه کنن.  حالا یکی نیست به ضیاء بگه با کلّه طاس بیای روی تلویزیون عیبی نیست.  حالا هم که گند زده به کانال که یه قهوه چی کافه قنّادی هم در وست وود نمی یاد مصاحبه کنه.