In Memoriam ...Rest In Peace My King ...


In Memoriam ...Rest In Peace My King ...
by Darius Kadivar

For the anniversary of the Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi's death. For all of you who like me admired him and still do and for the rest of those who think they know who he really was (sic).

Richard Burton Reads From William Shakespeare's 'The Life and Death of Richard the Second - Act 3, Scene 2':

Historian and Monty Python co-founder, Terry Jones, as he chats about his lecture on why Richard II wasn't as bad as he's been painted throughout history:

Shah of Iran's Last Will Read by Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi:

Shahbanou Farah pahlavi mosahebe ba voa jan 15 2010:

Rest In Peace My King:

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Recommended Reading/Listening:

BBC Interviews historians and scholars ( amongst which Abbas Milani and Gholam Reza Afkhami)  on the Shah of Iran 30 years after his death and about the Legacy of the Monarchy in Iran (BBC Persian)

Eminent Persians by Abbas Milani

Recommended Watching's:

Debate on Book "The Life and Times of the Shah" at The Woodrow Wilson Center  by Gholam Reza Afkhami

Henry Fonda Narrates Shah of Iran's Life and Times (1980's) 

Recommended Reading:

A Monty Python Visits Persia by Darius KADIVAR


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by shushtari on

.but he should have exterminated the mullahs long ago.....


this is what you get when you have mercy on these cockroaches 

Sargord Pirouz

OKtaby, funny. Yeah, truth

by Sargord Pirouz on

OKtaby, funny.

Yeah, truth be told, I'm good at making the kids laugh, too.


It is Good to be the King

by Faramarz on

Roohash Shaad!

He meant well, but...



I second

by oktaby on

Fatollah's comment.

SP, you are very entertaining. do you do kids' birthday parties? With balloon animals? Any other tricks?



" Benevolent dictatorship is not same as Erteja' "

by comrade on

I go as far as calling him a reluctant dictator. A long, sad story of our recent past. The past, nevertheless. Let's move on.




by Fatollah on

واقعاً زیبا گفتی ولی همه اینو درک نمی کنند



by Hovakhshatare on

His stature, service and dedication to building looms large after 31 miserable years. To Iran & Iranians he looks better by the day regardless of one's political belief in type of government or Monarchy. His stature can only grow.

Those equating Shah's regime with islamic rapist system, deserve islamic regime.

Benevolent dictatorship is not same as Erteja' and rapism. 31 years of shame & kheffat should have thought us that much.


Mr. Darius...

by UnitedIran on

Now that you are referring to my earlier post "In Memoriam…." , I "don’t think" I know who he really was, I ACTUALLY DO know who he REALLY WAS!! You can go on loving and admiring him all you want, it is your privilege. Simply put, If he was that admired and loved, he would have remained in his position of admiration for the rest of his life.

Compliment on the nice montage!?!?!



Shah better than Mullahs but ...

by nitemustfall on

Let's never forget that Shah was indeed a dictator, and was put in place by US/British, served them until he decided to turn away, and that resulted in his overthrow and so called the "Revolution" in 1979. If he was a real nationist, he would have never accepted the offer from foreign powers to kick a democtaticly elected Dr. Mossadegh, place him in house arrest and rule with iron fist. I withnessed that even as I was in the US studying. Many of my friends went for a visit to Iran and never came back.


Mohamad Reza Pahlavi,

by Arthimis on

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Iran Zamin, May your soul rest in Heaven infinitely... You will forever remain my King and all those Iranians with an ounce of honour, dignity and integrity...

Eternal love to your soul for what you did for Iran Zamin and us all... Shame on all those who betrayed Iran and Iranians and sold our Motherland to backwarded Mullahs, big powers of the world who rule us with the help of Satanic Republic and all the traitors who have been destroying Iran... Nefreen tamaami jahan bar tamaami aanaan keh maa raa be in rooz siyaah keshidand...



Don't Make This Mistake

by HHH on

Always remember this, it's not because shah left that Iran and Iranians suffered 31 years of misery, it's because what replaced the shah was a terrible substitute.

We did not need a religion to rule us, we needed a human to rule us, a human elected by us and answerable to us, a replaceable leader not a lifetime dictator. We needed a party-less human with zero gravity to all religions, someone who would not discriminate based on religion or thoughts.

Kingdom is degrading and shameful. It's believing that one is a sheep needing a shepherd, it's class-society, the culture of systematic discrimination, it's believing in genetic supremacy, believing that one's son is just as good as his father, it's sexual discrimination for counting female children as unworthy of kingdom.

I'm glad it finally ended. God willing this regime will go soon too and next time, may be, just may be, the people think before making such a grand decision. 



by Fatollah on

baray-e shir fahm kardan agha bayesti englisi benevisi ... vali khod dani, sar be deevar kobidan-e ... 


سرگرد باز تو مزخرف گفتی‌؟


نیست تو جمهوری اسلامی رو با آمریکا چپ و راست مقایسه نمیکنی‌ که انتظار از دیگران داری؟  میگن یک سوزن به خودت بزن یک جوالدوز به دیگران.

البته در شرایط تو باید گفت یک جوالدوز که سهله یک میخ طویله به خودت بزن، به دیگران کار نداشته باش! 

Everything is sacred

Sargord Pirouz

This post is really telling.

by Sargord Pirouz on

This post is really telling. For you see, DK has relied on irrelevant references to the English monarchy and even Hollywood in remembering the last Shah of Iran. Why? The last Shah of Iran provided nothing enduring, but for a few grand purchases made here and there, with the "bones" thrown him from his Western overlords.

That was such a sad fate for the country, losing its sovereign integrity back in 1953. Fortunately, this was retrieved in 1979, and despite decades of foreign attempts to revert it back into the colonial-type hegemonist fold, Iran has withstood all efforts and remains independent.


He is rested in peace

by MRX1 on

but the whole country was/is restless since he is gone. May be we are destened not ever to see peace in our country.


Rest in peace,

by afshinazad on

may god bless his sole, king of kings.

we all miss you.


Nicely done, KD

by mahmoudg on

In the hopes that Iran once again finds its soul, and be able to live in the grand society it once had under the leadership of the Shah.



Resting in peace, ...

by comrade on

...He is. Can "we" ever live in peace, and harmony?