Mehdi Karroubi expelled from Mecca (1987) & calls for “violent spread” of Islamic Revolution (1989)


Mehdi Karroubi expelled from Mecca (1987) & calls for “violent spread” of Islamic Revolution (1989)
by Darius Kadivar

Footage showing Mehdi Karroubi arriving in Tehran after being expelled from Saudi Arabia and a Morning Call archive photo showing him as the successor to Hashemi Rafsanjani.(Source:







DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Mehdi Karroubi Expelled From Mecca (1987) :

Mehdi Karroubi, then Ayatollah Khomeiny's representive to Saudi Arabia is humiliatingly expelled From Mecca and arrives back in Tehran ( along with Khatami in far background descending plane). He is greeted by Prime Minister Moussavi. Iraqi opposition leader Mohammed Bakr al-Hakim in exile in Tehran has warned that UK minehunters en route for the Gulf could be targets for Iranian retaliation.Meanwhile Mahdi Karrubi has just returned from Mecca where he has been representing the Ayatollah Khomeini. (circa 19/08/1987)

Video Description:
IRAN LA Mahdi Karrubi (Ayatollah's representative Tehran to Mecca) walks down steps from 747 Airport accompanied by others towards & is greeted at foot steps TCMS Karrubi walks R-L thru crowd TMS Karrubi kisses line welcoming men ZOOM IN & PULL OUT as crowd around & man in b/g starts to chant SOF INT TMS Mohammad Al Hakim (leader Supreme Council of Iraq's revolution) seated at mike ZOOM IN TMS Three men seated on floor CMS Interpreter Speaking For AL HAKIM SOF (minehunters could cause retaliatory action) "If these -- CMS Al Hakim -- actions" NIGHT / EXT CMS ANDREW SIMMONS I/C SOF "It's clear -- whole world" + SIGN OFF

Date: 19/08/1987 









The Morning Call archive photo presents, Mehdi Karroubi , the new elected speaker of the Iranian Parliament who succeeds to Hashemi Rafsanjani. (Aug 16th, 1989)


CAPTION: TEHRAN, Aug 16 – KARRUBI SUCCEEDS RAFSANJANI – Hojatoleslam Mehdi Karroubi (spelled Karrubi) addresses Wednsday’s session of the Iranian Parliament after being elected speaker, replacing Hashemi Rafsanjani who was elected president last month. Karrubi, 52 is a Radical anti-Western cleric who a<dvocates the violent spread of the Islamic revolution. (AP LaserPhoto)(chz/tt41537IRNA>1989. From theMorning Call Archives


Mehdi Karroubi, then Ayatollah Khomeiny's representive to Saudi Arabia is humiliatingly expelled From Mecca and arrives back in Tehran (Khatami in far background). He is greeted by Prime Minister Moussavi. (circa 19/08/1987)







Journalist from London Ali Reza Nourizadeh defends the reputation of the selected Green Leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Moussavi on Shahram Homayoun’s LA talk Show (Feb 27, 2011)

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DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Mehdi Karroubi Expelled From Mecca (1987)

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Darius Kadivar

What is your point? The pursuit of the Naked Truth !

by Darius Kadivar on

I like to Watch ... ;0) 



I'm not interested in the opposition since there is no opposition be it inside or outside.

I'm even less interested in the hypothetical democratic future in that Neverland of ours we call Iran since no one has come up with a concrete blueprint explaining how to achieve it other than through wishful thinking.


I am interested in Only one thing when it comes to History : the Truth.


Whether that Truth is Pretty or Ugly is irrelevent to me cause it's out there for anyone interested to research it !


Don't care if it fits a given agenda or not.


Call it a smear campaign if you wish what is it to me ? I call it information.


I'm no opposition leader nor a member of a given party to follow the guidelines of what to say or not say on a given person in the public eye. I merely share my discoveries whether it reshuffles feathers or not.  


You want Democracy let alone want to free your countrymen and women from the chains of tyranny ?

Be my guest !  What's stopping you today which didn't 33 years ago ?


If not the tyranny this gentleman contributed to it's inception like millions of other of our fellow compatriots.


But I'm not judging him, I'm merely pointing out a Fact ! 


In the above related links and videos I even offer a rebuttal to those who hold his past against him.

Up to everyone to draw their own conclusions as to the sincerity or not of Mr. Karroubi's opposition to the IRI.

That is not up to me to decide. 

Now if you are asking for my own opinion, I personally think he is not a bad person and nothing seems to suggest he is a criminal despite his loyalty to the IRI.

Should that stop me to share information about his past ? Merely because it may hurt his Constituency ?

I think not ! 


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What is your point?

by aliash on

What is the point of your smear campaign? Does it not matter to you that this man has actually put himself forward for change and is in a solitary confinement? Does it matter to you that he has a constituency and great support in certain circles within the country? Why would matter what he may have said 30 years ago in purely political speech during a crazy revolutionary time? What REALLY matters is that we unite as a people against the current regime. Weather a monarchist, a republican, a communist, or a even a disgruntled Islamist. Once the current system is dismantled people can vote and decide they want. Need I remind you of the terrible lack of freedom during the Pahlavi regime? Sure it was better than what we have now, but it does not mean that it was a great time with no issues. Otherwise people would not revolt. You might bring up women's right...why don't you take a look at the interview that shah did with Barbara Walters....! (Go to 1:32 to see what he said in case you have not heard the interview) Guys cool it!!! Support the opposition and future election if you care about the country and its future...people will decide and once they do we will all have to accept it! In the mean time don’t take your eyes off the prize!!!!



by hirre on

Karoubi, mousavi etc, same filth, new package...


SABZ Watch Out

by Zorumbaa on

Hello SABZ, are you taking yourself out of the Chaah, and put into a Chaaleh filled with green color Lajan?  Are you going to eat the same Aash because it is presented to you in a different nice and attractive Kaaseh? I am sure as an Iranian you have heard Sag Zard is the bother of Jackal?! We all have lost badly once, lets not fall into the same trap again. Ammameh, Aakhoond, Religion should have NO place whatsoever in Iranian politics and state affairs—local, regional, or national.  Never mind the ancient history, they have shown their backward and nefarious nature during our first meaningful step towards democracy and a more civilized society, that is the Constitution Revolution of  just a century or so ago.