DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Mehdi Karroubi Expelled From Mecca (1987)

DIPLOMATIC HISTORY: Mehdi Karroubi Expelled From Mecca (1987)
by Darius Kadivar

Mehdi Karroubi, then Ayatollah Khomeiny's representive to Saudi Arabia is humiliatingly expelled From Mecca and arrives back in Tehran ( along with Khatami in far background descending plane). He is greeted by Prime Minister Moussavi. Iraqi opposition leader Mohammed Bakr al-Hakim in exile in Tehran has warned that UK minehunters en route for the Gulf could be targets for Iranian retaliation.Meanwhile Mahdi Karrubi has just returned from Mecca where he has been representing the Ayatollah Khomeini. (circa 19/08/1987)


IRAN LA Mahdi Karrubi (Ayatollah's representative Tehran to Mecca) walks down steps from 747 Airport accompanied by others towards & is greeted at foot steps TCMS Karrubi walks R-L thru crowd TMS Karrubi kisses line welcoming men ZOOM IN & PULL OUT as crowd around & man in b/g starts to chant SOF INT TMS Mohammad Al Hakim (leader Supreme Council of Iraq's revolution) seated at mike ZOOM IN TMS Three men seated on floor CMS Interpreter Speaking For AL HAKIM SOF (minehunters could cause retaliatory action) "If these -- CMS Al Hakim -- actions" NIGHT / EXT CMS ANDREW SIMMONS I/C SOF "It's clear -- whole world" + SIGN OFF

Date: 19/08/1987 


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