MANUEL VALLS : « French Socialists Adamant to Maintain Sanctions on Iran »


MANUEL VALLS : « French Socialists Adamant to Maintain Sanctions on Iran »
by Darius Kadivar

As France’s Presidential Future is in the balance between President Candidate Nicholas Sarkozy and Socialist François Holland, one question remains : What will be France’s foreign Policy towards Iran ?


One of the rising politicians in Socialist Candidate François Holland’s entourage is Manuel Valls a Spanish Born French Citizen and deputy of Essone’s 1st district. He has been a passionate advocate for Human Rights and has participated along with Bernard Henri Lévy in Think Tanks in Paris on how to promote Human Rights in Iran with exiled Diaspora Iranian activists notably the Boroumand Sisters as well as Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran. (See Blog: RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ...)


A Social Democrat Valls along with Benoit Hamon was also amongst the rare French Politicians to openly criticize the Right Wing French government of Nicholas Sarkozy for allowing the extradition of Ali Vakili Rad (who at the time of his libération had finished his 18 years sentence) in what appeared as an unofficial « exchange » for French teacher Clotilde Reiss accused of espionnage activities in Iran. ( See Related Blog)


In a recent interview on French talk show « On n’est pas couché » on France 2 Channel he was questioned on the issue of France’s foreign Policy if the socialist candidate was elected and particularly in regard to Iran’s nuclear program. His response was that France’s Policy towards Iran would not change and that the Policy of Sanctions will continue.



Socialists Adamant to Maintain Sanctions on Iran :

Manuel Valls to Laurant Ruquier: "Socialists Adamant to Maintain Sanctions toward Iran to halt it's Military Nuclear Program" ( Go to approximately 10min 26)




Manuel Valls (born August 13, 1962 in Barcelona) is a French Socialist Party (PS) politician, deputy since 2002 and mayor of Évry.

Valls was born in Barcelona and became a naturalized French citizen in 1982. He is a prominent supporter of F.C. Barcelona, the famous club whose anthem was composed by a namesake of his, who also happens to be the cousin of his father.

He was seeking the PS nomination for the President of France in the 2012 election. Finally ranked 5th of the first round, to call for a Francois Hollande vote on the second round. Valls is often considered in France as a representative of thecentre-right wing of the French Socialist Party, sharing common orientations with Scandinavian style Social Democracyand Blairism.










Manuel Valls - On n'est pas couché - 28 avril 2012 :

Manuel Valls est interrogé sur les thèmes de la campagne de François Hollande sur le plateau d'on n'est pas couché le 28 avril 2012











Quand l'Iran s'enfonce dans la dictature intégriste  (161 min)

Participants : L. Boroumand - mil. iranienne - J. Coumet - maire - P. Dastmalchi - politologue - C. Djavann - écrivain - S. Enayatzadeh - philosophe - A. Glucksmann - philosophe - S. Habchi - pdte. de ni Putes Ni Soumises -J.M. Le-Guen - médecin - C. Lepage - députée européenne - B.H. Lévy - philosophe - R. Pahlavi - fils du Chah d’Iran - M. Sifaoui - journaliste - D. Sopo - pdt de SOS Racisme - M. Taubmann - journaliste - M. Valls - Maire PS



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Sarkozy to sue over Gaddafi claim (bbc)


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In six days' time, he faces Socialist Francois Hollande in the second round of the presidential election.

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Sorry I am a little off topic but what do you think about allegations that Gaddafi supported Sarko's campaign with 50 mil euros?