Far Right Leader Le Pen at event Celebrating Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979


Far Right Leader Le Pen at event Celebrating Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979
by Darius Kadivar

Far Right Leader Jean Marie Le Pen ( father of current leader Marine) responds positively to an invitation to Celebrate  the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and Imam Khomeiny’s legacy. (Source: persianrealm.com)


The event was organized at the « Zahra Association » in Paris by Islamists close to Islamic scholar and activist Tariq Ramadan and controversial actor activist Dieudonné.


Notice the women interviewing Le Pen is clearly not even Iranian but rather North African.


Le Pen invited to celebrate Iran’s Islamic Revolution :




French Politiicians battle for Votes in France





Nicolas Sarkozy: no one thinks Marine Le Pen can govern France :

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says National Front leader Marine Le Pen's strong showing in Sunday's first round polls was due to 'crisis votes'.

Politicians battle for votes in France (Al Jazeera):

Contenders for the French presidency are competing for support in the country's north where the economic crisis has hit hardest. 

Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader, is trying to win new supporters there with her emphasis on jobs and industry



Sarkozy on the importance of moderating the wave of Immigration while respecting moral ethics (30th of June 2010):













Sarkozy confronts Swiss National , Islamist Scholar and activist Tariq Ramadan ( close to the Muslim Brotherhood) for trying to attempt to turn the Burqa issue into a mainstream concern.


Part I:

Part II :

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Madonna booed over Paris show for Political statements

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Madonna booed over Paris show (bbc)



French Madonna fans vent their anger after she performs for just 45 minutes at a show meant to celebrate tolerance.



Madonna fans vented their anger after the star ended a special intimate show in Paris after just 45 minutes.

The singer said she had "a special affinity with France" as she opened the last minute concert, but drew boos from many disappointed fans.

Some had camped outside the Olympia club since Wednesday in anticipation of the show.

The 2,000 tickets sold out in minutes, with fans paying between £80-£200 and some changing hands for up to £1,000.

Madonna was also criticised for talking about politics instead of singing, after revealing she had a message for France's extreme right-wing leader Marine Le Pen.

France's National Front is threatening to sue the star for using an image of Ms Le Pen with a Swastika superimposed on her forehead at a concert earlier this month.

"I know that I have made a certain Marine Le Pen very angry with me," Madonna told fans.





Madonna explains swastika image (bbc)


Darius Kadivar

French Far Right Le Pen vacations in Tunisia ...

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Jean-Marie Le Pen en vacances en Tunisie : réaction indignée du parti Al-Madj



Hammamet : Jean-Marie Le Pen prend ses vacances : Tunisie ...


Jean-Marie Le Pen, ex-président du Front ne semble pas s'inquiéter des alertes sécuritaires lancées par son ambassade aux touristes français. Il est en effet ici même en Tunisie, à 60 km de la capitale profitant du soleil.



Darius Kadivar

'I’m Arab, a Muslim, and I vote Marine Le Pen'

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'I’m Arab, a Muslim, and I vote Marine Le Pen' (France 24)



If French Muslims are largely left-leaning in their voting preferences, there are exceptions. France24.com spoke to three French Muslims of Arab descent, all of whom vote for the far-right National Front party. Here are their testimonies.



How low

by MRX1 on

A french nationalist would go to kiss ass of islamists.


Mr. Kamangir

by HHH on

It's spelled Anti-Semite and IRI is not Anti-semite but it's Anti-Zionist & Anti-Israel. The "Semites" live happily & as free as any muslim in Iran.

Arash Kamangir

My enemies enemy is my friend!!

by Arash Kamangir on

We all know how racist and anti-semist the far right in Europe is. Far right has always had a good relationship with IR because both are anti-semist.