IMAGE & IMPACT: David Starkey and Jennifer Scott discuss the Royal Portrait


IMAGE & IMPACT: David Starkey and Jennifer Scott discuss the Royal Portrait
by Darius Kadivar

David Starkey, one of Britain's finest historians joined Royal Collection curator Jennifer Scott to discuss the fascinating subject of royal portraiture from Holbein to Mario Testino.

David Starkey and Jennifer Scott discuss the Royal Portrait:

Portraits have played a central role in shaping the image of Monarchy. They have helped legitimize claims to the throne, reinforced dynastic ambitions, cemented political alliances, accompanied proposals of marriage, and even offered a glimpse into the private life of the royal family.

The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact brings together iconic images of kings and queens by some of the most celebrated portrait artists, including Holbein, Van Dyck, Gainsborough,Lawrence and Freud.  It looks at the creation of a monarch’s identity through portraiture over the past 600 years, assessing the influence of patron, artist and audience.  The story is brought up to date with images of Her Majesty The Queen, including the work of the photographers Rankin and Annie Leibovitz, as the author considers the relevance of the royal portrait in theage of paparazzo photography and global media.

This event marked the publication of Jennifer Scott's new book for the Royal Collection, The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact (2010).

About the Speakers:

Jennifer Scott is Assistant Curator of Paintings at the Royal Collection and is the co-author of Bruegel to Rubens: Masters of Flemish Painting (2007) and Dutch Landscapes (2010).

David Starkey, OBE, is an acclaimed British historian, a best selling writer, a television and radio broadcaster and a Tudor expert. His most recent publication is Crown & Country: A History of England through the Monarchy (2010).

The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact is available from Royal Collection shops in London, Windsor Edinburgh and online and all good bookshops.  Price£19.95 hardback.  200 pages and over 180 colour illustrations.  ISBN978 1905686 131

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