DVD RELEASE: David and Layla Starring Shiva Rose-McDERMOTT


DVD RELEASE: David and Layla Starring Shiva Rose-McDERMOTT
by Darius Kadivar
Warner Bros. digitally Releases Jay Jonroy's Romantic Ethnic Comedy David and Layla starring Starring Shiva Rose-McDERMOTT and David Moscow.

Official US Trailer:


Description: "SHIVA ROSE plays Layla, a Muslim refugee in New York, who sheds her headscarf to follow her passion to dance in freedom.  She decides her own destiny, including marrying a man of a different race and religion.

This first urban film about a modern young Muslim woman in Diaspora liberally uses the playful veils of comedy, sex and romance to touch upon the history and the joys and pains of recent refugees from our beloved but troubled Iran and the Middle East. Without being didactic, this Critically-acclaimed, 7 Awards-winning film, treats many sensitive religious and political issues.

The film celebrates Iranian, Jewish, Arab and Kurdish cultures- food, music, humor, artifact, folklore, tradition, wedding…

David & Layla is also considered as a ‘Love & Peace’ film promoting getting along with each together, with equality and joy as diverse nations and religions (not just with passive or condescending 'tolerance"!)

The film's rich sound track of 52 music cues features Jewish, Iranian, Jazz and Kurdish music - from Kayhan Kalhor and Sussan Deyhim to The Kamkars - as well as original composed music by Richard Horowitz (The Sheltering Sky, Any Given Sunday) and John Lissauer (Seven.)

DOWNLOAD available:   On iTunes, AMAZON VOD, NETFLIX. Also, Movies on Demand in 50+ million homes in US & Canada via 100 Cable TV operators & Digital sites, including TIME WARNER, RCN, COMCAST, COX, VERIZON FIOS, AT&T, Charter, Insight, Mediacom, Bresna. (Note on majors like TimeWarner and Cox, etc. the film is only available till Dec 3!)
Also, the DVD -with Special Bonus Features- is available at 15+ sites listed on movie site DavidandLayla.com "

Official Website Here

J Jonroy Avani Tel +1 212 757 4743 iPhone +1 646 752 4242.


Newroz Films
Parc Vendôme, Suite 3J
350 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019, USA.
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How to Give Ahmadinejad a Heart Attack? DVD: DAVID & LAYLA

by Iconoclast on

Someone should FedEx this dynamite romanitc comedy DAVID and LAYLA to Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei. It could end in double heart attack!

Awesome, funny, sexy, timely, cross-cultural love story film.

Shiva Rose is stunning- as VARIETY reviewed, she "Excels" in her role of Layla.

I and about 100 of us could not get into the Beverly Hills Music Hall premiere. Then, I missed the Theatrical release. So I first saw this film at Noor Film Festival in LA, with 400+ full house. Just saw it again on iTunes for $3.99!

And I will definitely buy the DVD to see Shiva Rose in behind the scenes The Making of the...and hear Shivar Rose's interviews and Director's Commentary...Deleted Scenes... all for $14.99 on AMAZON, BEST BUY... (Or if you want a posh gift wrap, you can pay $19.99 at Barnes & Nobles, and Borders!)

Also, folks can see it now as Movies On Demand via 100 TV and Digital sites including TIME WARNER, RCN, COMCAST, COX,... in US and Canada

This DVD makes a perfect gift to anyone, especially to your American and Jewish friends...