SHIVA ROSE-McDERMOTT: Gharibafshar's daughter in "The Young and the Restless"


SHIVA ROSE-McDERMOTT: Gharibafshar's daughter in "The Young and the Restless"
by Darius Kadivar

Since January 21st a new character has joined the Crew of the Longest Lasting Soap Opera: The Young and the Restless. Shiva Rose is the daughter of Iranian Veteran Talk Show Host Parviz Garibafshar. She Starred in Jay Jonroy's Romantic Comedy David and Layla in 2006.

Watch Her Appearance on the Y&R here

Episode Description:

"Shiva Rose shows up at Restless Style's 'Men We Love' party. She's a pal of Chloe and Billy's from NY. Chloe and Billy both ask Shiva to keep the fact that they dated a secret."

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About Shiva Rose on Y&R: Article: readers will be graced with the presence of yet another beautiful and accomplished guest on The Young and the Restless, when actress Shiva Rose appears on January 21 as herself!

Shiva, recently divorced from popular actor Dylan McDermott, has two young daughters, Colette and Charlotte. She also has an impressive resume!

While still attending college, Shiva founded Resource, a program which helped to feed the homeless. She is a sponsor for VIP, which aids abused children, and is also active in the fight against AIDS, and in the effort to end violence against women. Shiva was also asked to be a spokesperson for Amnesty International's Refugee Program.

If that's not enough, Shiva is also a known fashion maven, who once worked for Betsey Johnson. She has done a handful of television appearances in Primetime, on shows such as CSI: Miami and Las Vegas, and also has an accomplished career in film. The daughter of the 'grand showman of Iranian TV', Parvis Gharib- Afshar, Shiva has had roles in nearly a dozen movies, including, The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest, Red Roses and Petrol, and David and Layla, for which she won two separate awards for Best Breakthrough Performance! is excited to see how Shiva will fit into the storyline on Y&R! It's always a pleasure to have a new, beautiful face turn up in Genoa City - even if it's only for a day!

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Does Shiva Rose support the Green Movement?

by Kaaveh_Aahangar on

Well, I guess what you all missed is that she is wearing a green dress.

 Does Shiva Rose support the Green Movement?



She's a timeless beauty.

by desi on

She's a timeless beauty.  Great style too.  

bajenaghe naghi

darius jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

A very good post. Thank you. 


Salam Redwine jan

by Souri on

Oh, I didn't know that! But nowadays this is a new fashion for the actress to say that their husband beat them, lol!

Anyway, I bet he is on drug and alcohol! Much possible :)

Thanks for the info.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سوری جان اولا سلام به روی ماهت ...

دوما باید بگویم که این آقای مک فلان دست بزن داشته و به کرات شیوا خانوم را به مورد ضرب و شتم قرار میداده است.

آن مرد که دست به روی زن خود بلند کند، دیگر مرد نیست و مارمولک است،حالا می‌خواهد ایشان باشد و یا شخص دیگر !



I feel sorry for her

by Souri on

She really deserve better than playing in such a bankrupt TV series.

She has lots of talent and is very beautiful. What a waste!

And Redwine jan, I don't share your opinion.

I think Mc Dermott was the best thing which happened to her in her private life. A man of dream! She became more famous because of her marriage to Mc Dermott. He is so powerful actor and so handsome:)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خوب شد که از آن مردکه طلاق گرفت، اصلا به هم نمیخوردند.

سپاس داریوش جان .