DIAMOND JUBILEE ALBUM: Shah of Iran arrives at Guildhall 1959


DIAMOND JUBILEE ALBUM: Shah of Iran arrives at Guildhall 1959
by Darius Kadivar

Shah of Iran greeted with pomp and circumstance at Guildhall, London. Since 1411 this impressive building has been the centre of city governance. Great halls decked with magnificent statues, and a tranquil crypt that mustn't be missed. (Source: persianrealm.com)

Photo: Official Menu of Reception & Luncheon for his Imperial Majesty The Shahanshah of Iran Guildhall May 6th 1959.

Shah of Iran arrives in Guildhall 1959:

(Video Courtesy: frauenatz)

The Guildhall - London UK:


Flags were flying at Guildhall in honour of the Shah of Iran, and walking in procession with the Lord Mayor (Sir Harold Gillett), His Imperial Majesty proceeding to take his place in the Library. The address of welcome was presented in a silver casket by the Lord Mayor to which the Shah replied.
At Covent Garden, a distinguished audience included Mr Profumo, his wife Valerie Hobson, Sir David Eccles, Mr Gaitskell, Mr Duncan Sandys and the Foreign Secretary, the Prime Minister and Lady Dorothy Macmillan, the Duchess of Kent with Princess Alexandra and the Queen Mother accompanied by Princess Margaret. Her Majesty the Queen, with her guest, the Shah, and Prince Philip were received by Mr Selwyn Lloyd. The occasion, a gala performance of ballet at the Royal Opera House, was the last big event of the State visit.
LAS Front of Guildhall. The Shah and Lord Mayor, Sir Harold Gillet. MS The Shah seated. MS Soldier of the Honourable Artillery Company in Cromwellian Uniform. Audience. Lord Mayor presents The Shah with silver casket. The Shah speaking says: "I trust that my visit may help to strengthen the bonds which already exist between us, and I feel confident that the understanding between the Iranian and British nations will help in perpetuating the peace and prosperity which we so fervently desire to preserve for the benefit of both nations." Procession. Wipe to Interior foyer of Covent Garden. MCU John Profumo and Valerie Hobson. Sir David Eccles with Harold MacMillan and their wives. MS Hugh Gaitskell. MCU Duncan Sandys and Selwyn Lloyd. MacMillan and Lady Dorothy MacMillan. The Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra. The Queen, the Shah and Duke are greeted by Selwyn Lloyd. CU The Queen Mother followed by Princess Margaret in a new tiara. MCU Beefeater. BS Royal Party climb the stairs. LS Royal box zoom in as The Queen and Shah enter. MS The Queen & Shah during anthem. Royal party sit, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are behind the Queen.

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