JUBILEE ALBUM: Iranians celebrate Pahlavi Dynasty's Silver Jubilee (1965)


JUBILEE ALBUM: Iranians celebrate Pahlavi Dynasty's  Silver Jubilee (1965)
by Darius Kadivar

Iranian Capital Celebrates Silver jubilee of Reza Shah Pahlavi's accession to the throne , marking 40 years of the young and Modernizing Dynasty's existence, Tehran, Iran,1965. (Source: persianrealm.com

Photo Caption: Model of Imperial Crown stands outside Army Bank in Tehran


Silver Jubilee :

Footage Shows celebrations marking the Silver Jubilee of the Pahlavi Dynasty and preparations for the Shah’s Coronation 3 years later






Coronation Preparations




Iran’s Capital City Tehran Prepare’s Shah’s Coronation  - French TV report (1967) :


Stock Footage :

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Another fine observation Amir

by anglophile on

I concur with you.


whats interesting about some signs i see in london

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I went for a kebab in bayswater and saw pictures of the late shah on the wall as a sign of support, the same thing in another place on edgeware road and a large 10 foot flag Irans shir khorshid in the large window of a home in west hampstead displayed for all to see.  All these coincidences in the last month.  I got a feeling that may or may not be correct, my view is it is, that Iranians are deeply wishing for unity based on their culture, without looking to the USA/UK/France any longer for permission regarding who they love and therefore the mullahs don't even have a few years to go.  The people are gearing up for a big change and this next election will be the last for the IRI.   


Another great find Darius jan

by anglophile on

  Here is the link to the collector's site for the stamp issued to mark His Imperial Majesy's Silver Jubilee in 1965:    http://iranstamp.com/shop/stamps-1965/25th-anniv-of-h-i-m-s-reign-1965/prod_135.html