THE COURT JESTER AND I: With Mansour Bahrami on the Set of Manoto's "Welcome to My Life"


THE COURT JESTER AND I: With Mansour Bahrami on the Set of Manoto's "Welcome to My Life"
by Darius Kadivar

Last September I had the chance to meet the Incomparable Mansour Bahrami on the set of  an Episode of Manoto TV’s "Beh Zendeghyeh Man Khosh Amadeed" aka "Welcometo My Life" which I helped produce.

Produced by Maryam Teherani Directed by Sam Talei and Damian Kwasnik at the Camera, we spent two memorable days with the Internationally loved and admired Tennis Champ who has just released his memoires inEnglish under the title "The Court Jester: My Story" ( See here).

With exclusive insights into his life (both personal and professional), Mansour proved tobe a wonderful and generous host beyond our expectations. 

I hope you will enjoy this documentary.

Welcome to My Life: Mansour Bahrami:

Executive Producers Kayvan and Marjan Abbassi, Produced by Maryam Teherani Directed by Sam Talei, Cameraman Damian Kwasnik, 

editor Farnaz Davoudi, Online Editor Peter Thompson

Part I:

Part II



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Manoto TV is one ofthe two new Television channels launched in Summer 2010 by Marjan Television Network. It will target young Persian speaking adults with fresh, energetic and relevant original programming ranging from reality shows to documentary piecesand featuring interviews, viewer created content and a whole host of other entertainment created exclusively for Persian speakers.

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