A CHACUN SON IDOLE: Mansour Bahrami and Shahbanou Farah ( Roland Garros-2007)

A CHACUN SON IDOLE: Mansour Bahrami and Shahbanou Farah ( Roland Garros-2007)
by Darius Kadivar

Tennis Champ Mansour Bahrami Greets Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi at the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament. This photo is from Bahrami's recently published autobiography in French entitled Le Court des Miracles in which he recalls his life and his challenges to become one of the most popular Tennis players in France and his friendships with fellow tennis icons from Bjon Borg, Yannick Noah to Illie Nastase who wrote a preface to this excellent book. Available on Amazon.fr

Bahrami/Fleming vs Leconte/McNamara Funny Moments:

Some funny moments from the doubles match at the Royal Albert Hall between Mansour Bahrami and Peter Fleming against Henri Leconte and Peter McNamara

And Opposite Yannick Noah- Toulouse:

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DK jaan see if you can get him to talk about Aravane!

by Anonymouse on

Perhaps you can ask him to ask Aravane some questions.  You said he is a regular commentator on Roland Garros?  What better time and opportunity! 

Everything is sacred.

Red Wine

آقای بهرامی بزرگ مرد است

Red Wine

آقای بهرامی بزرگ مرد است .. بی‌ نظیر که ما شانس این را داشته ایم که به خدمت ایشان برسیم،خدا ایشان را برای ما حفظ کند.

سپاس داریوش جان.


Darius Kadivar

Loved your Groucho Marx link ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

He is really popular in France. I didn't know him until a French classmate at the University mentioned him to me between our finals back in the 1990's.

Then I saw him on Roland Garros as a regular commentator. Would love to meet him. I know a few people who know him well so maybe I will try.

If you get a chance to read his book, it is really interesting and honest.

He came from one of the most poorest backgrounds and made it to the Top thanks to his sense of humor, intelligence and good heart. That is what I call the true definition of Nobility !

A True Gentleman. I would knight him anyday if I were Grand Chambellan ;0)


He has a familiar face!

by Anonymouse on

He looks like Groucho Marx or Bahman Mofid or someone!  It escapes me who he looks like more! 

Everything is sacred.