Can Sarkozy's 'Mediterranean Union' Boost Middle East & North African Democracies?


Can Sarkozy's 'Mediterranean Union' Boost Middle East & North African Democracies?
by Darius Kadivar

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is in Morocco to oversee the start of construction on a new TGV high-speed rail link. The agreement between France and Morocco to build the line was signed during Mr Sarkozy's first state visit to the country in October 2007. Is this a first concrete step towards the inception of the Mediterranean Union ?




Mediterranean Union



Inside Story - Mediterranean Union ( Aired on Oct 24th, 2007 :

The French president outlines his plan for a union of the littoral states of Europe and N Africa.

Part I :


Part II:




France’s Constructive Mediation

In The Palestinian Israeli Conflict

And Libyan Upheavel



Sarkozy urges UN to admit Palestine as non-member state (AFP):

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Wednesday on the United Nations to admit Palestine as a non-member state, upgrading its status as simple observer but opposing an Immediate Palestinian bid for full membership

Libya: Sarkozy, the people's hero (Euronews)

Libyan people thanked Nicolas Sarkozy for his support asthe French President visited Tripoli with the British Prime Minister David Cameron....
No Comment | euronews







Sarkozy Greeted by King Muhammad VI for Inauguration of Construction Project ( Sept 29th, 2011):

Sarkozy In Marrakech Speaks to Moroccan Parliamentarians (2009):

Moroccan TV Promotional Clipon TGV :

Euronews French Interview with André Azoulay (advisor to King Muhamad VI) on the Union of the Mediterranean project:

Nicolas Sarkozy visits Morocco for TGV rail-link launch by By Nora Fakim, Morocco (bbc)

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is in Morocco to oversee the start of construction on a new TGV high-speed rail link.

The line will connect Casablanca with Rabat and Tangiers.

The agreement between France and Morocco to build the line was signed during Mr Sarkozy's first state visit to the country in October 2007.

The project's budgetis estimated to be $4bn (£2.5bn) and the trains are due to start running by 2015.

The Moroccan government says the project will further enhance economic relations between the two countries. Officials also hope the 350km (219-mile) rail link will boost infrastructure.

However, Morocco's former finance minister Mohamed Berrada says the project is simply awaste of money.

He says the funds should be spent on more important issues such as fighting the high illiteracy rates and poverty in the country.

Morocco had to borrow an estimated $2bn from French banks and Saudi Arabian development funds for the project.

According to Karim Tazi, a sociologist, the rest of the borrowed money will have to be paid for by future generations.

Some analysts question whether or not it is really worth Morocco going into further debt in order to reduce the train time between Tangiers to Casablanca from five hours, to two hours and 10 minutes.

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Hollande pushes human rights at Francophone forum

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Hollande pushes human rights at Francophone forum (france 24)



France's President François Hollande pushed for human rights and called for an end to the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo at a summit of French-speaking countries in the capital Kinshasa on Saturday

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France's Hollande hails ‘new chapter’ between France and Africa

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Hollande hails ‘new chapter’ between France and Africa (France 24)


In a much-awaited speech in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, French President François Hollande said it was time for new, “sincere” relations between his country and the fast-growing economies of Africa.

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China pledges $20bn credit for Africa at summit

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China's inroads into Africa (bbc, VIDEO)

China has pledged $20bn (£12.8bn) in credit for Africa over the next three years, in a push for closer ties and increased trade.

President Hu Jintao made the announcement at a summit in Beijing attended by leaders from 50 African nations.

He said the loans would support infrastructure, agriculture and the development of small businesses.

John Sudworth reports from Shanghai 

Darius Kadivar

Stupid French: Sarkozy had the idea but Obama takes the credit ?

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Obama unveils US Africa strategy (bbc)


Begeyraz Irooneh Khodemoon Mellaty Olagh tar az ma Faransavyha meeshenaseed ?


FRENCH MISTAKE: Newly Elected French President Visits the YOU ESS OV A ;0) 

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Obama unveils US Africa strategy

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Obama unveils US Africa strategy (bbc)


The White House has announced a new US strategy for sub-Saharan Africa, which focuses on the continent's economic potential.

It also explores issues related to democracy, security and development.

President Barack Obama said African democracy had improved but corruption was endemic in many countries and state institutions were weak.

The strategy comes as China's presence on the continent continues to grow through investment and trade.


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What will Francois Hollande victory mean for Africa?

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Equal at last? (bbc)


How will Hollande's victory change France's relations with Africa?


Following the election of Francois Hollande as France's new president, analyst Paul Melly asks whether a new man in the Elysee Palace will mean a new policy in Africa, where France retains strong enconomic, political and military ties with many of its former colonies?


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Sarkozy urges French to 'take the lead' in Europe

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Sarkozy urges French to 'take the lead' in Europe (France 24)



French President Nicolas Sarkozy called upon the French to take the lead in defending the "European way of life" on Sunday in an hour-long speech at a giant campaign rally in the northern Paris suburb of Villepinte.

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Morocco opens North Africa's biggest car plant

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North Africa gets giant car plant (bbc)


The biggest car factory in North Africa, run by French firm Renault, is officially opened near the Moroccan city of Tangiers.

The plant is in Melloussa, a small town on the Mediterranean near Tangiers, in an area close to Europe which offers tax benefits to manufacturers.

Low-cost cars will be produced under the Dacia brand for emerging markets and Renault executives say up to 10% of the production could be sold locally.

It employs about 2,000 local staff and intends to triple production by 2015.

The BBC's Nora Fakim in Tangiers says this could boost staff numbers to 6,000 and create up to 35,000 jobs indirectly.

In recent years, Morocco's economy has been expanding thanks to free trade deals with international partners, but unemployment remains an issue - especially for graduates, who hold weekly protests outside parliament.


Morocco's King Mohammed VI attended the inauguration in Melloussa, along with the country's trade minister and the head of Renault.



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Emirates Invest massively in Morocco

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Golf investors look to Morocco (CNN, VIDEO)


Living Golf visits North Africa to see how the game is developing in Morocco.