BETTER OFF MUTE: Mitt Romney as "The Artist" on The Chris Matthews Show ;0)


BETTER OFF MUTE: Mitt Romney as "The Artist" on The Chris Matthews Show ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

This Sunday on The Chris Matthews Show we celebrate Oscar Weekend with a movie trailer of our own, "Mitt: Better Off Mute". Much like the perfect silent picture star whose career was thwarted by the emergence of sound in cinema, Mitt Romney has stumbled when he's had to open his mouth...


Mitt Romney as "The Artist" on The Chris Matthews Show, Feburary 26th 2012 :

Romney Jokes That Waitresses Grabbed His Butt :









Mitt Romney as "The Artist" on The Chris Matthews Show (Huffington Post)


Chris Matthews took a trip to the movies on his Sunday syndicated show, using Oscar favorite "The Artist" to make a parody trailer about Mitt Romney and his many verbal gaffes.

"The movie's about the perfect silent picture star who faces his downfall when he has to open his mouth," Matthews said. "And that made us think of a certain Republican frontrunner out there."

The trailer is for a movie called "Mitt: Better Off Mute," and, just like "The Artist," it's a silent, black-and-white affair. Over shots of Mitt Romney greeting seemingly adoring crowds, title cards read:

"Meet Mitt Romney - The PERFECT Presidential Candidate. A real crowd pleaser - right out of central casting! He just LOOKS like a President! But - A terrible problem... He'd be better off as a silent movie star..."

Cut to Romney talking about the height of trees in Michigan. The parody was filmed before Romney said that he knew lots of NASCAR team owners, so that gaffe didn't make the cut.

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Mitt Romney backs Israel on Iran

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Mitt Romney backs Israel on Iran (bbc)


US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would respect an Israeli decision to use force against Iran over nuclear concerns, his adviser says.

Darius Kadivar

London mayor hits out at Romney for Olympic "gaffe"

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The mayor of London has hit out at US presidential candidate Mitt Romney for comments suggesting Britain is not ready to stage the Olympic Games.

Boris Johnson fired up a large crowd in Hyde Park, saying: "There's a guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know whether we're ready. Are we ready?"

Earlier, Mr Romney backtracked after meeting UK PM David Cameron and predicted a "very successful" Olympics.

The Republican will take on Barack Obama in November's election.