BATHING BEAUTIES: Shahbanou Farah and Friends In Bathing Suits at Caspian Sea Resort (1974/75)

BATHING BEAUTIES: Shahbanou Farah and Friends In Bathing Suits at Caspian Sea Resort (1974/75)
by Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Farah (Far Right) and Friends take a very Esther Willams pose in Front of Sea Port at a Caspian Sea Resort. (Circa 1974/75)

Esther Williams- Bathing Beauty:

Esther Williams: Princess Mermaid:

What's my Line? Esther Williams-1960's:

That's Entertainment-Donald O'Connor Introducing Esther Williams Carreer:

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Very refreshing.

Darius Kadivar

Even if Iran was a Secular Republic We would've had a Revolution

by Darius Kadivar on

of the Religious Kind.

The traditional Forces against Progress and social emancipation were simply Too enormous for any regime to overcome.

Added to the Mumbo Jumbo Leftist Mindset that was seducing the Intelligenstia.

THE RED AND THE BLACK: Shah of Iran denounces the Unholy Alliance (1977/78)

pictory:Yazdi Meets Castro, Cuba (1980's)

HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution

I think Revolutions in all societies are inevitable. They will occur at some point or another in a nation's history. But they are not necessarily recommendable.

They are even at times irreversible particularly when they failed miserably to deliver a more just ( or deemed Just) social order ...

HISTORY FORUM:Monarchy - Revolution -Republic -Restoration with David Starkey (6 Parts)

What the '79 revolution proved is that the social order that we aspired too was vague and inconsistent with the ideas of progress in all fields.

Azar Nafisi said it best in her recent interview with Fariba Amini:

From Tehran to Lolita:

I did not think that the Islamic regime or the Shah were the only forces responsible for what happened to us. I wanted to know what right did the rest of the society play in bringing about this revolution. I still think that different groups with different views should have an honest assessment of their past mistakes, not other people’s mistakes but their own. This is not about blaming ourselves or others, but in order to understand where we were in order to know where we are going.  


I think both young people in America and in Iran should resist the temptations of the times, the shallowness, the celebrity culture, the greed, the lack of respect for genuine knowledge and to learn to fight for freedom of thought and independence of mind as much as they fight for political freedoms. In America our crisis is not just economic but also a crisis of vision and of imagination.

Is Crisis Good for America? - Azar Nafisi:

Lastly I don't buy the argument by those ( A la Hamid Dabashi) who often like to point down to the Pahlavis as Stupid or Blind to what was happening or of ignoring the challenges of Iranian society at the time.

On the contrary Not only I don't think the Shah was Stupid but He was Way ahead of his time and extremely ambitious for his country.

When the Shah was starting to look at KISH as a way to draw investments he was criticized as being Megalomaniac when in fact this was simply copied to Exponential proportions by the neighbouring arab Emirates like Dubai today :

pictory: French TV present's Kish Island (1977)

I don't even see the above initiative as Corruption. If foreigners come and spend their money on an Island aimed at becoming a kind of Monaco on the Persian Gulf, generating money for the country what is wrong with that ? Look at all the Arabs or Americans who rush to the French Luxury Hotels in Paris like Maxim's, The Ritz or Crion.

Why is it that the Shah's regime despite all it's accomplishments continues to be regarded by many as Illegitimate and corrupt ? ...

They say it takes 30 years for the Truth on a given era to emerge in History. By Truth I do not mean merely the events or how they took place. This is not about Revisionistic History but trying to objectively evaluate the social, political and psychological elements that shaped a given era or period in history.

Coup or Counter Coup ? Parviz Rajji, Mashadullah Adjoudani, and Abbas Milani:

The recurrent argument of the so called Coup brought about the revolution or was the only reason that triggered it does not convince me in this regard anymore and I am not certain that it is an argument which will last the Test of time.

The Real problem of the Shah was not lack of intelligence or vision but the fact that Power Isolates ... particularly when one's regime is not pluralistic as it was or could have been :

pictory: Political Pluralism and Freedom of Press in Pahlavi Iran (1961)

But other than that what you see in this photo is not corruption not even close to frivolity because everybody had that social freedom to do as they please both in private and in public.

pictory: Promotional Film on Women during Pahlavi Era (1970's)

If this right was limited to a privaledged few it would be a different matter ...

Mostafa Tajzadeh:Former deputy Interior Minister's speech a month before June 2009 elections ( Arrested Since):



Farah Rusta

I'd better say nothing

by Farah Rusta on

Partly out of respect for the author of this blog and partly for not disrespecting my namesake.

Otherwise, my views on Shabanu are recorded elsewhere on this site.



از شما، رسیدیم به تو. ایستگاه بعدی رو خدا می‌دونه...





ببین حاجی جون هنوز عزیز

نویسنده این بلاگ، توی خوندن فارسی یه کمی‌ کُنده. میترسم حوصله‌اش سر
بره، شروع کنه به بد و بیراه گفتن، یا بد تر از اون هفت هشتا ویدئوی فرخزاد
بذاره. شما بیا و یه آقایی بکن، یه بلاگ بنویس. غلط غولوط هم بود خودمون
دوتایی درستش می‌کنیم. تا ببینیم عدالته یا اینکه مدالته.

Anahid Hojjati

DK jan, I agree, The Shahbanou was certainly not the Reason

by Anahid Hojjati on

I have to say that I am no Shahi but I see so many outrageous statements on this thread.  For instance, the one about Shahbanoo. The way I remember it, many people had favorable opinions about Farah.  I remember one day when I was in Junior high, they lined up kids from our school to cheer as Shah and Farah in their cars would go by for visit of French president.  Kids were displaying positive feelings towards Farah. My impression about Farah was that she seemed like a classy lady.

People, please be fair.

بت شکن

باز هم شما توده‌ای اظهار فضل کردین؟

بت شکن

حالا تقصیر من چیه که فارسی‌ نویس ذریه رو با ز می‌نویسه  وقتی‌ تو بفهمی بقیه هم میفهمن. این کلیشه‌ها را هم بذارین کنار دیگه بدرد نمیخوره. ملت ایرون مسلمون بودن نه کمونیست اول اسلام بود بعد عدالت مدالت .


اولا که ذریه با ذال هستش




ای بابا، شما هم با اون فاطمه زهراتون. به فرضش هم که بگی‌، همه چی‌
زیر سر دربار بود، اما کسی‌ واسه چادر چاقچور انقلاب نکرد. اگه همون "دختر
فراری"‌ها که به قول شما، توسط فرح و دربار و فرهنگ شتاب زده غربی، به
اصطلاح، منحرف شده بودند، میتونستن از حمایت قانونی‌ برخوردار بشن و سر از
"شهر نو" در نیارن، من و شما الان سر خونه و زندگیمون بودیم. عدالت
اجتماعی، پدر جون، عدالت اجتماعی... 

Genghis Khan

After 30 years...

by Genghis Khan on

Taking an inappropriate pose, in a scanty dress like a teenager might be forgiven.

Forcing the ill, and distressed King to recite His suicidal note which declared the people's revolution a valid cause, remains a treacherous act.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

بت شکن


بت شکن

فکرش بکنین این خاتون که خودشو زریه - دختر -  حضرت فاطمه زهرا  (علیه السّلام) معرفی میکرد ییاد با پرو پاچه لخت عکس بندازه و یه مشت دختر مردم را هم از راه بدر کنه؟ همین کار را رو کردن که انقلاب شد دیگه.

Darius Kadivar

Mehrban Jaan Aren't you being 1 Dimensional in your judgments ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Mehrban Jaan Aren't you being One Dimensional in your judgments ? ...

What about the Qajar Nude Princess' or depictions:

Even if I see your point and even happy you bring it up because I think it says a great deal about our perception of modernity and progress in relation to national customs, traditions and religious beliefs ... but personally I see nothing wrong with this Photo nor attitude.

Do you see Corruption, Greed or Cruelty ? ...

I see none !

I don't even see it Undignified ...

Certainly Much less than The Baba KAram which All Iranians seem to enjoy:

She was young, Pretty and Certainly Far Less Frivolous than her predecessors: Soraya or Fawzia.

How many Similar Photos did you see of Her Majesty In such private circumstances anyways ?

During Hoveyda's Trial they also used a photo of him where he had arms around Two Women: One being his wife and the other a family friend. Not to say accuse him of corruption for merely placing an Orchideh Flower on his suite.

Does that justfy an execution of Public slander of being Corrupt.

The type of reaction we have had towards the Pahlavis throughout their reign was and continues more or less  to be triggered by personal social insecurities in regard to to what we deem as westoxication.

How come we don't say the same regarding neighbouring Secular Turkey ?

I'd like to know what all the Iranians  from Iran or the Diaspora who go to Dubai today for vacation to enjoy themselves or do concerts have to say when the same would criticize the Kish Project which was merely copied and turned the Emirates into a Monaco of the Middle East.

Why isn't the same outrage expressed in that regard ?

"But Oh Wow the SINFUL Pahlavis Don't Ever Mention Them ..."

TRue the Pahlavis did have a great deal of indulgence for Western Social behaviors and attitudes but in the same way Peter the Great of Russia imposed Western Values and behaviors on Russia to bring it out of the Middle Ages. In his case even went Further and imposed "French" as the Official Language at Court.

But We are victimes of Islamic Moral Standards as much as Europeans and the Western World have been with Judeo Christian inhibitions.

Our Attitude towards Sex and Sexuality is Pure Hypocrisy. Islam has TRuly created a National Trauma and a generation of Frustrated not to say Sick Male Chauvinistic mindsets in our country that still lingers on in different degrees.

In the same way as our attitude to what we deem as Freedom. We Wish it for ourselves and enjoy the movies :

Iran"Googoosh & Saeid Kangarani in Dar Emtedade Shab" 

Iran"Behrooz Vosooghi,Foroozan-Darioush" in Deshneh 


Nostalgia: Aref and Goldie Hawn Tehran 1970's

Nostalgia: Aref Horny ;0)

but refuse it for others on weak Moral Grounds .

Oh But Making a movie like GAV and insisting on social Misery as an Excuse against Social Progress "A La Pahlavi" is seen as groundbreaking from a moral or rather "Moralistic" Standpoint:

MON CINEMA: Dariush Mehrjui discusses "THE COW"

Ignoring in the process that we also had Sepah Danesh or Kanoon to bring education, health and cultural activities to the most remote regions of the country:

pictory: Documentary film on Kanoon Institute (1973) 

EMINENT PERSIANS:Lily AmirArjomand Managing Director of Kanoon (Andisheh TV)

Eminent Persians: the Men and Women Who Made Modern Iran, 1941-1979  a Conference by Abbas Milani Library of Congress

Same thing for the way so many Lefty Caviars would Blast the Shahbanou for Jashneh Honar just because of ORGHAST a Modern Play by Peter BRook that was misunderstood but Forget that the Same Festival Promoted Shajarian ( turning him into a Star only to see him become a Revolutionary Enthusiast in the early years of the Islamic Revolution) or Parisa the great classical Vocalist whose beauty would make any Western or Westoxicated Iranian blush to shame:

pictory: Beautiful Jaleh Kazemi interviews Parisa

And besides ... So What ? It's part of History now. That One plays with the images and the ideas and impressions they provoke in me or others won't change anything will it ?

Just look at neighbouring Afghanistan and see how much showing a little Skin is deemed as dangerous to social peace ...

Many Things are Responsible for the Shah's Downfall ...

The Shahbanou was certainly not the Reason and trying to depict her as some Kind of Marie Antoinette is Ridiculous ...

La Preuve:

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shahbanou Farah visits Persian Gulf Compatriots (1974)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Helps Clean Village Sewage System (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shahbanou Farah and School girls (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Greeted by "Bandari" People of Persian Gulf (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE:Farah chatting with a local lady in Gilan Province (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah visits Nursery in Tabriz (1960's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Pays Respect to Baloutch Sunni Minority (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Comforts Tabas Earthquake Victimes (1978)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah visits village wives and children (1970's) 

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Greeted affectionately by girls in Luristan Province (1975)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah and Quashgai Kids (1976)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah and Soraya Share meal with worksman's family (1956)




به این میگن زن زندگی




شما‌ها فکر می‌کنین واسه خود ملکه یه مملکت ۲۵۰۰ ساله آسون بودش که
بعد از چار تا شیکم زاییدن، بیاد مث مانکن ها، جلوی دوربین، لخت و پتی بشه.
ایشون در حقیقت، قصدشون سرگرم کردن ...نده درباری‌ها بودش، که نتونن حواس
اعلیحضرت رو پرت کنن؛ مبادا که کِشتی به گِل بشینه...


It doesn't help that it's a

by benross on

It doesn't help that it's a picture of 70s. Look at the movies of 70s and see how cheesy they look now!

I don't think the conclusion you draw Mehrban is accurate. You are quite right that it was a major factor of demise of the Shah. But it was not coming from her. It was coming from the whole society, and its shallow understanding of modernity. They are still many, who think having modern 'things' equates modern 'thinking'. Just look around and you see a lot of them.

The point though, is that if there was not such drive toward modernity, we would never have noticed its shortcomings. Historically, modernity is not a native thinking. It was first introduced to us by 'seeing' things in the West. And we started to imitate what we 'saw'. This is not a new thing. It is how it started, back in Ghaajaar era. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not sure if this picture had much to do with it. The problem was a lack of respect for Persian things. The Shah valued Westernization above Iranian things. I have lived in the West for 30+ years off an on and still spend my time reading old Persian scripts and books. The Shah on the other hand loved anything Western. He wanted to modernize Iran and make ut be like Paris but forgot that we are Iranians at heart and nothing should replace it.

Jashne Honar was a prime example. He brought a lot of incomprehensible art? into Iran. But ignored real Honars like:

  • Persian Music
  • Poetry
  • Painting
  • Hand craft: Mina; Khatam and many others
  • Persian Calligraphy
  • Persian rug making.

If he had stuck to the above people would have embraced it. That is all history now. The IRI also ignores Persian achievements and worships Islam. We need a leader who puts Iran first not Islam and not the West. Western technology yes; but under Iranian / Persian culture and value. That will work.


Shahbanoo Farah was a vital element in the demise of the King.

by Mehrban on

sorry DK jaan but to me this picture is further proof of that fact.

Real McCoy

Some grandchildren never left the boat

by Real McCoy on

The spirit of grandma's exhibitionism still lives on.


a regal appearance, and a p.s. to midwesty

by humanbeing on

hats off for proudly standing in a swimsuit , after having four kids, and still outshining the four spring chickens with her in the picture.

p.s. midwesty, no need for an ic swimsuit competition. i think we have a winner.

خلفای راشدین

شایدم منظورم معصیت باشه

خلفای راشدین

اعوذ بالله، عجب ...ی