NIAC fund raiser Los Gatos, California Oct 23rd 2011

NIAC fund raiser Los Gatos, California Oct 23rd 2011
by Brian Appleton

Stephen Kinzer gave a great talk about the Iranian people and about Iranian Americans and what a great culture Persian culture is and what a positive contribution it can make to American society among other things while at the same time addressing the evils of both the IRI and the US government.


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Brian Appleton

what makes you an authority on crap?

by Brian Appleton on

I guess it takes one to know one!

Kinzer has written the first book in English about Mossadegh. You would think all you embittered expatriates with simmering inferiority complexes who anglocize your names would appreciate that he is trying to educate your fellow Americans about Iranian modern history and the role of the CIA and US foreign policy in creating the impasse which exists today between our two countries so that a bunch of Red Neck hill billys with wives with beer fortunes who run for president of this ever stupider consumer population don't keep singing Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran. 

 What crap have you written lately and gotten published? Were you ever the head of the Istanbul Bureau for the New York Times?

Brian H. Appleton


Rasool Aryadust


Stephen Kinzer is evil

by seannewyork on

his writing is crap