Michelle Nickelson filming in Iran

Michelle Nickelson filming in Iran
by Brian Appleton

Michelle Nickelson is in Iran making her film about the people. Here is a link to her blog where she is keeping a diary of her daily experiences.

I am so happy for her. She was suppposed to go there originally in 2009 but the post election protests stalled that endeavor. 


She is involved in finding funding for women film makers projects in the Middle East and has an office in Abu Dhabi.


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 She is basically a film producer and gets funding for films especially ones directed by women but she also directs her own films. Her company is called Mirage Holding Company. She is also producing a film called Antar which is an animation film about a pre Islamic Arab hero who was son of a king and a black slave.


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Rasool Aryadust

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Who is this lady? Intersting.


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Pictures including one who looks like you Michelle at the Islamist Rapists' "New Horizon International Independent Film Festival "