The alternative to Kofi Annan mission…

by Bavafa

Some openly wish for Kofi Annan mission to fail, citing the number of casualties in Syria as a proof for their outrage about the loss of human life. One might ask, how many human lives were lost as a result of “air-tight” sanction on Iraq and the subsequent illegal invasion of that country. One might ask, why not wish him the kind of success that can bring peace + freedom to Syrian people instead of “air-tight” sanction which has nearly 100% guarantee for great number of lives lost yet zero guarantee for freedom.

But then again, their motives are unambiguously clear as their stands regarding peace, freedom and allegiance.

I wish the Syrians the same as for Iranians or the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Bahrainis which is peace, security and freedom not only from their own corrupt and backward dictatorship but the imperialist powers who enables and back those leaders with tools and arms to oppress their masses.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory



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دوستان: ممنون از اطلاعات و نظریاتتون


Rozbeh jaan:
I suffice to say that I could not agree more, could not have said it better specially in those fine Farsi words

Dear APFSD: 
We disagree much specially when it comes to Monarchy but find it refreshing that we can always talk without resorting to insult or way off the subject.  In general, I agree with much of your beliefs in regard to the super powers and their role vise a vie weaker nations.


Appeasing our own dictator is certainly your interpretation of my view, though you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  But national pride and [political] independence remains my motto for my mother land.

Albaloo aziz:
Thank you for your read and visit

Vildemose jaan: 
Thank you and keep providing all those links you provide to keep us all informed of events around us.

Based on reading your opinion elsewhere, we have just about ZERO to agree on, but I welcome all your thoughts as long as it is kept civil.  Keep them coming.

Soosan Khanom: 
Ba tashakor, I find most if not all of your thoughts very relevant, logical and patriotic.  I appreciate them and look for them.

MM aziz:
Thanks for joining me in my wish for the people of ME

Mardom Mazloom aziz: 
Kofi Annan, sadly, maybe very correct in his assertion and I find it heart wrenching for the men/women and kids who have to suffer as a result


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



RG Areh, dalilesham ineh keh vagan nafaman akhoonda

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Hitchi nemifaman joz badbakht kardaneh Iran, bisiasat biekhtesad, bi-fekr rooeh payeh kharkardan eh tarafdaraneshoon. Gireh ma ineh ke amrica va engelis o farnceham az adamaeh zayif fekr va khar agideh mesleh akhoond am asheg shodeh barayeh iran chonkeh hitchi nistan az har lahaz.


می خواهند بحران حقوق بشر را با بحران اتمی، جايگزين کنند!


کسانی می کوشند تا همچون نظام حاکم بر ايران، اما در موضع رقابت پياده با سواره، بحث دامن زدن به بحران ساختگی اتمي، و زمينه سازی حمله ی نظامی به ايران را با بحث اصولی ضرورت يا عدم ضرورت استفاده از انرژی هسته يی يکی جلوه دهند؛ و با تکرار لوس و دلقک وار شعار «انرژی هسته يي، حق مسلم ما ست»، به لودگی و مسخرگی بپردازند، و مخالفان حمله ی نظامی به ايران را مثلاً به اين شعار بچسبانند.
و يا به هرزه درآيی و هرزه نويسی عليه صلح طلبان و مخالفان عمل  زمينه سازی تجاوز به ايران، از يکديگر سبقت بگيرند و عنداللزوم نيز بنا به فرموده، گله وار، به آنان حمله ور شوند.
بر خود اين دلقکان بادمجان دور قاب چين و کاسه ليس، حَرجی نيست. چرا که به اقتضای طبيعت همه ی موجودات زبونی از نوع خودشان عمل می کنند. اما صاحبان اينان از دوم خرداد ۱۳۷۶ تا به امروز، پيوسته در فراهم آوردن امکان سرکوب خصم مشترک، يعنی مردمی که به نيروی خود باور آورده اند و می خواهند از شکاف های درون حاکميت به نفع خويش استفاده کنند، همدست و همکار اهريمن جماران بودند و هستند. چرا که در رشدِ باور مردم به نيروی مستقل خود، زوال فرهنگ وابستگی و آويختن به دامان دشمنان مردم را می بينند. زوال فرهنگ خود را. و عادتِ بدل به طبيعت ثانوی شده ی خود را.


USA/UK/France Must Support Regime Change In Iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Remove their support for extremists and Give RP2 a chance.

That the WEST does not do ANY OF THESE 3 actions is why I am anti-western Policy.

Not Pro Putin/Assad/China/IRI or their policies.



Mr. "APFSM" for Assad/Putin/China/IRI Press TV

by AMIR1973 on

I am ignoring you. Got it?


You can run and avoid, Amir1973 & Mousa67

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Assads Peaceful removal accepted unconditionally, so your uncivilized behavior of name calling IRR Lobby is rebutted. 

On avoiding the questions I put, please be my guest.

1) Did you condemn Israel when it killed over 1500 unarmed civilians
of Palestinian Origin, when Obama was about to assume office? 

2) Were you asking for the Leaders of Israel to be brought before
Human Rights courts and ejected from power as you are calling for with
Syria for taking on fighters in highly populated areas as Israel also

Shazde Asdola Mirza

USA to be blamed for everything ... Saddam, Assad, IRI

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Such a cliche! ... and our own dictators should be appeased, in the name of national pride and independance? 

You also have totally missed Fred's point ... where he hopes that Kofi fails to mishandle this situation, and turn it into another full fledged massacre like ... the examples that he has cited, where Kofi had "plans":



Assad & Sons should stay as long as IRI wants them to stay

by AMIR1973 on

The objections of the West-residing IRI lobby members have been duly noted. 


Vildemose, what you posted they do not even deny

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The ideoology of Martyrdom and victimhood are both taught to women so that they can be taught to the children and warp the culture. 

This is why every country the mullahs rule life goes back wards and into poverty, they are anti-culture, culture being the essences of excellence, it is what irans Monarchy struggled with for a thousand years and saved Iranians from to a large degree.  The reason they oppose democracy is because in democracy you can debate, oppose, insult vews and beliefs more easily and that undermines their control on peoples minds.  Monarchy is the worst of all worlds for them of course they hated the late shah, because as you know the most democratic societies are monarchies, extremisms exist there too, but far less than in republics.  Monarchies when coupled hand in hand with democracy create a larger middle class than republics and provide greater social progams.  The comparative benefits are endless. 

I laugh at how well lies/greed motivated deceit works in the USA, like when i listen to US radio about the terrible UK health care and then I fly back to the UK and get to see any local doctor i want of a choice of more than 500 within several miles for free in just 3 days and can get any complication seen to within a 3 months max and its the same experience for all. 

Unity Based on Iranian Culture is the Key to Victory.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy , well said.

by Albaloo on

amirparvizforsecularmonarchy , well said.


Yes Amir1973 I oppose means of removal based on violence

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that actvely use extremists and endanger both women and children.

These Issues don't matter for the USA/UK/France or Israel, because the human rights and democracy for these peoples future is of no importance to these powers.

Assads removal by peaceful means, for example by supporting secular democratic forces /not extremists I am sure everyone here accepts this unconditionally, so implying any one here is an IRR Lobby shows the ignorance of the belief and that it does not holds any real substance. 

2 Question to both Mousa67 and Amir1973, to get a sense for your honesty

1) Did you condemn Israel when it killed over 1500 unarmed civilians of Palestinian Origin, when Obama was about to assume office? 

2) Were you asking for the Leaders of Israel to be brought before Human Rights courts and ejected from power as you are calling for with Syria for taking on fighters in highly populated areas as Israel also did? 

Not only do I disagree with your views, I disagree with the methods you condone, and I also have doubts about your fairness.  Clarify for me please.  If we have biased and dishonest views being exchanged, lets bring it out in the open. One for me, One for you. right?


Congratulations to all Islamist women

by vildemose on


I am not making this up: Ayman Adh-Dhawiri's wife sends a message to Muslim woman congratulating them on the "Islamic spring" and calls for planing "love of death" in children by their mothers. Kid you not.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Naturally, IRI lobby members don't want terrorist Assad removed

by AMIR1973 on

Because they know that removing the Assad/Baathist terrorist regime will mean the removal of a key IRI ally and co-supporter of the Hezbollah terrorist organization (which is a key IRI ally in its own right). 


Mousa67 Seriously

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

What kind of free syrian fighters and rebels groups would fight the syrian governments forces in highly populated areas and successfully use those positions in highly populated areas to kill thousands of syrian soldiers??????????

If the FSA Got a beef with Assad, meet him in battle, don't pull innocent women, children and babies into the line of fire.  Thats the tactics of "moftkhor Islamists".   Why Does the USA NEVER condemn the unlawful tactics of the rebels????

While the US drone strikes kill hundreds of women and children, the USA finds fault with Syria's Assad?  The US is killing innocent people to in wars right now, how about stopping the USA.  Lets not start with Israels actions on innocents.



who would continue to support asad the chaid killer

by mousa67 on

after seeing the pictures of dead women & babies killed by mercenaries of asad, ahmadinejad, khameni?

a west residing shia islamist "moftkhor"

'airtight sanctions are the main key to victory'

Soosan Khanoom

And you know that

by Soosan Khanoom on

This dark fate was planned for Syria many years ago, it seems that everything is moving on based on the plan. well sort of...

If Nato interferes then it is going to be more bombings and killings but since it has the upper hand they shall triumph just like with the Libya.  If Nato does not interfere and west keeps arming the rebels, since, Assad has many followers among the people then we are going to witness a long civil war.  Now who is going to replace Assad?  Of course another Dictator or worse than that an Islamic one.  The only difference is that this one listens to his paymasters.  

I think, these talk plans with Iran is based on Iran's decision in giving up on Syria or not. Nuclear thingy is just a show !! As soon as Iran quits on Syria and Russia and China follow that,then,there starts the Nato bombings. If Russia loses Syria she will be allowed to keep Iran. It seems that those who cheer for Assad to go down have no idea that it may actually benefit Iran .... But for a short time ... after a few years the plan continues with Iran.... 

These people are smart, they use their brains, they plan and follow that while mullas are just walking down the streets and keep chanting their butts off with no plans.  

I feel sorry and sad, only and only, for the innocent people of Iran who are trapped in the middle, otherwise hell with the mullas and hell with the superpowers and their plans. May their plans stuck in their own throats and suffocate them to death.   

Soosan Khanoom

Many thanks dear Bavafa,

by Soosan Khanoom on

for this thoughtful and heartfelt blog.  

O Syria O Syria
What have you done
Your children are lying
There dead on the ground

Young as we are
We can't seem to follow
The sense of your anger
Against people and all

O Syria - O Syria
Our lives are too young
The love for our country
Must be true and strong

Stop shedding our blood
Wipe away our tears 
Teach us a new meaning 
Of love, not warfare

O Syria - O Syria
It's time to rethink
An end to this madness must be realized
Peace in our time, is what we desire
O Syria. O Syria, My Syria 

Juanita Nena RudonBeeke 


I'm with you Bavafa, no way to run a world.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Syria for me is a reflection of the Mental Decline of the USA, the UK & France.  Having no intention to tackle the IRI now or in the future, (with the exception of supporting their extremists for Iran and disingenuously labelling them as human rights, democratic, secular, capitalist champions, example MeK.)

Never having any true intention for human rights or democracy, see libya, iraq, afghanistan (except for themselves), the west is publicy/privately opposing the Annan Plan it is a party to, by encouraging armed groups to not abide by the Annan Plan, as their Arab proxies arm and pay them like in Libya and they make veiled threats against the Syrian Government.  We are told it is Syria that is not Abiding by the plan and the cause of this.  The Military economy and corporate fascists have been in charge of policy, since vietnam on both sides in the USA.  While the US is strong today, its mental decline will cause this to change in 10 years, but first lets see if the USA can get out of its depression in the next few years.

What is fascinating in all this is the unity of actions of Germany/Russia/China unlike the past in opposition to the US/UK/France.


Good wish for all - thanks, Mehrdad

by MM on


Mardom Mazloom

After meeting Assad

by Mardom Mazloom on

Kofi Annan said that Syria has reached the point of no-return !

The only way to have peace in Syria is that the no-neck guy be removed from power, one way or antoher.


Syria peace plan not

by vildemose on

Syria peace plan not working, U.N. envoy Kofi Annan says Kofi Annan tells the United Nations that Syria is headed toward civil war. Diplomats consider involving Iran in negotiations with Bashar Assad's government.



June 07, 2012|By Patrick J. McDonnell, Los Angeles Times 



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir