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by bahramthegreat

What is it that makes me think about Iran everyday? I have been away from my motherland for so many years and thousands of miles are between us, yet the force of attraction is strong and is getting stronger as time goes on. The gravitation is so strong, it forces me to login at every day, sometimes several times a day, to see if Iran is free from turmoil. I feel like I have become addicted. Yes, it is all in my mind, and I believe must be related to the years of my youth in which I was in Iran. Those good and bad memories have nestled themselves in my cells and there is no way I can set myself free from it. I have no choice but to deal with it and keep visiting I am sure many of you are have the same feeling and understand what I am experiencing. You see, the quality of my daily life is dependent on the material posted in the


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May 10, 2010
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by yolanda on

I am not even Iranian......but I am here....your blog is a compliment to IC! Just hope things are improving in Iran!

Thank you for your heartfelt blog!


totally addicted

by humanbeing on

and not even iranian. i may soon have to take extreme measures.

Real McCoy

Same here

by Real McCoy on

I can't agree more. The security of the digital shield - be it real, or an illusion -  is one main attraction for me. Although sometimes I am not happy with JJ's "golden finger", but I can't stop dropping by.