Who assasinated Dr. Ali Mohamadi? Answer whoever owned Takavaran-Tondar.tk


by aynak

In the aftermath of the most recent assassination of Iran's nuclear scientiests, the question has been raised as who is behind these assassinations? I suspect that the answer may lead us to not a single entity, but actually different groups/organization. Here, I focus on the first of these killing, Dr. Ali Mohammadi. Dr.Ali Mohammadi was a nuclear scientiest that was assassinated in front of his house by a remote bomb. Unlike the last two assassinations, the revolutionary guard (Sepah) did not go on a full alert and immediate investigation, and the case is open to this date. What we do know is that he had signed a petition for Mousavi and was a green movement supporter. Interestingly enough, minutes after his assassination the following site took responsibility for his murder:


There a picture of Dr. Ali Mohammadi appeard with a big red X on his face, stating that an IRI agent was assassinated by this group. (I personally visited that site and that is where I saw the picture). Right then it seemed suspecious as to why such a group (Anjoman Padeshahi) would be interested in killing a nuclear scientiest and not say, one of the many Pasadar/Basij leaders who are killing people on a daily basis? As it turned out there is another Tonadar site which predated this one, and is the real Anjoman Padeshahi, which vehemently denied the murder, and associted the assassination to Sepah Pasdaran: (a number of supporters of this organization, which is apparently also armed have been murdered by Islamic Regime since). The following is Anjoman Padeshahi's response to Dr.AliMohammadis murder:


So after the latest two assassination, one may be tempted to go back to Takavaran-Tondar.tk site, to see what is their take on it this time? Except, that site no longer exists! (see below). Then the question becomes, if someone took responsibility for the first and not second and third assassination, doesn't that lead us to believe these assassinations were commited by different entities?

My theory: IRI knows there are moles in their nuclear organization, (like Sharam Amiri) but obviously not the identity. Masoud Ali Mohammadi was a low hanging fruit. He was useless to them as he had signed petition which automatically made his life worthless to Sepah. So they murdered him, in this clumsy fashion both to send a signle and get a rid of a potential whistle blower. But the latest two murders have a different footprint. From the assassination of Dr.AliMohammadi to murder of Forouhars to Mousavis newphew or Dr.Sami, these murders happened near the house of these people. That is a signature style of IRI intelligence officers way of murdering their victims. That is because these forces can study for a long time the pattern, but also can directly and indirectly control the whole KNOWN surronding. The state HAS the full ability to conduct such Controled operation.

In the latested two assassinations, these were done in public and as these folks were commuting to work. So the assassins, felt more comfortable in a crowded situation, than near these scientiests home. Interestingly enough, an emergency committe was formed to investigate this murderesright after the news! To my knowledge no such urgency in investigation was observed in the case ofDr.Mohammadi. The fact that these assassinations happens after revelation of WikiLeaks about Arab states hate for Islamic Regime, makes it even more plausible. These two appear to have been pre-targeted for assassination and someone was waiting for the opportune time. Of course here I would think Mosad would be the number one suspect.

Of course Islamic Regime, having been formally convicted of many assassinations of Iranians, have no way of proving this was the work of outsidere.

If you try to go to the takavaran-tondar.tk site, this is what you get. Now the question is, who registered this site? Can't interpol find this simple fact? Registering a domain like this MUST have a contact person. Doesn't that provide enough information?


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