What is the proper stance on Mojahedeen Khagh delisting efforts?


by aynak

These days there are many emails and articles floating around regarding the lifting of Mojahedeen Khalgh from U.S terror list, some pro some against.   A friend asked me about my opinion, here I share .....

First I start by saying:   Head of MK Masoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi are both criminals, if for nothing other than shaking hands with Saddam and agreeing to fight with Iran and killing Iranian soldiers.    If I had a wish list of people who should be put on trial one day, *ALONG WITH* many heads of Islamic Regime, like Khamaneh-ee or Rafsanjani, Rezai ...., I would certainly like to see these two put on a trail.    

However, this is not about MY wishes.   This is about Iran, and what is best for Iran and future of Iran.

In my opinion, there is only one petition worthy of signing:    A petition that makes lifting of MK from terror list contignet upon that organization, 1-renouncing violcence --for past and present and future, and 2-renouncing its cooperation with Saddam.   That's all.


a:This will make them join the non-violent forces of opposition to Islamic Regime for good.   I always wished MK's organizational skills could be put in a better use, and if they renounce violent means permanently and in its past, that would leave the sole other violent group  Islamic Regime as the promoter of violence.   This will also put verifiable restrictions on them no to carry arms etc.

b:Renouncing its cooperation with Saddam, which I think is also a *must*, will put the burden of proof of validity of their strategy  on their leadership.   What can be better for democratic process, if LEADERs, where held to account for their decisions?   Then Maryam can explain that for her supporters.

c:Regardless of their size, MK is a very well organized and motivated group.   Would we want such a group, endorse non-violent means or not, and what better way than have that as a pre-condition?  

d:As importantly, U.S government, must not and can not agree to anything less than the two conditions I stated, as her own foreign policy has officially revolved around these two.   With U.S demanding these two pre-conditions, it will insure some level of verification of MK's future activity.

e:Iran for all Iranian's is not just a slogan.   A democratic Iran, needs to be inclusive of ALL Iranians, regardless.   As I said, except for the leadrship, we need to get the MK forces helping Iran, in a constructive way.


In my view, any tools in our hand should and must be used for true advancement of tolerance and democracy and that means inclusiveness.   Not of those we already agree with or like, but also those whom we disagree with and may dislike.   MK is the best example.   Probably one can not find a  single Iranian that does not have an opinion/emotion about MK (bad or good).    The same way in U.S and many of the countries we have now taken as our homes, ALL groups of opposition (shy of violent groups) are tolerated, we must provide that route for MK organzation in Iran.  

To jump on signing an anti-delisting campaign, or unconditionally favoring a delisting campaign, does not help Iran.   I look forward to constructive discussion. 


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You provided some information, then you concluded that "I don't know".  Where are we going with that?

For the same reason that I support the green movement, I will support uplifting the group.  Their leaders are proud of their criminal backgrounds (review Moosavi and Rajavi's biographies) while their supporters are Iranians.  All we have to learn is forgiveness and non-violence attitude.


Going round in circles

by Reality-Bites on

I don't know how many discussions there have been on this topic, but regardless of the number they seem to be going in circles. People repeating the same points over and over.

Sadly for Iran and Iranians none of the protagonists deserve their sympathy. For what it's worth here is my observations of them.

MEK, especially it leadership and active members deserve complete and utter condemnation for their part to help bring the Islamic Republic to power and betraying Iran by siding with Saddam's war against their own country. Although I support their right to free speech, sooner or later their leadership will have to account for those acts.

IR, their disastrous and horrific rule over Iran needs no explanation, which is why despite my intense disgust at the MEK, I can't understand people who keep saying the MEK is worse than the IR, given what has IR done to the Iran and the sheer scale of it.

NIAC, an organisation whose true motives remains suspiciously unclear given its distinct lack of activity against the misdeeds of the IR, especially compared to the enthusiasm with which it campaigns against the declared "enemies" of the IR. Nevertheless, it is absurd to equate NIAC with the MEK, since no evidence yet exists that it has deliberately been active against Iran, as was the case with the MEK. Having said that, I would support some kind of investigation into their activities to establish their true motives.

Jebhe Melli, I'm only mentioning this long standing organisation since it has come up in this discussion. All I'll about them say is that, like the MEK, they played their part to bring the nightmare of Khomeini and co to power, when they were aware of what that backward and narrow-minded Mullah was all about, given his history in 1962 and beyond. So, I don't have much time for them either.

In conclusion, it is sad that these are the choices before the people. Somewhere, somehow Iran needs another solution and right now I just can't see where it is going to come from.


Conditional support.

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I also support lifting of the group from the US terorist list as long as (a) they prove their upcoming non-violence approach and (b) allow their members to be informative and encourage a life style similar to other human beings with their no harassment or force.


This will be a good indication to support Iranians image in the world.  That we are deplomatic peaceful people.  The members of the group are Iranians as well as IRI people.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Aynak jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Aynak jaan,

Per your request, I deleted my questions to Ms. Shifteh Ansari and asked them in my own blog.

Best regards,


P.S. I have fully discussed my views on the de-listing on the PMOI in my blog back in Feb.






by vildemose on

AI: LOL , precisely....

Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on

"I forgot to add...If Parsi were a clever politician,  he will take heed
and come up with a new petition, which demands the renounciation of
violence and militancy as a pre-condition to del-listing."

Great idea! The problem is that Trita is not a Clever politician. If He was, he would not have sued Daei:))))



Dear Aynak: Have a safe

by vildemose on

Dear Aynak: Have a safe journey. Be safe whatever you do in Iran...hope you're back soon...


Re: Dear aynak Jan+Viledmose

by aynak on


I would love your contribution on this thread, on the topic.  As an scholar you know that we need to stick to a topic to get results.   The topic I defined clearly:

to delist or not to delist or a 3rd option.

Is there a motion in the congress regarding the listing/delisting of NIAC?  COmmon my friend, focus on what we need to accomplish:

To present to both side, not a petty quarel but a way to move forward.   Why not comment on my proposal instead of focusing on NIAC.   Respectfully, if you like to turn this to another NIAC war,I rather not see that in this blog.

But if he have consensus, can we provide that feedback to NIAC as well as our reps in congress, on how to best handle this situation?

Dear Vildmose:

Thank you for your kind word.  I think we can checkmate both side of this equation with a good plan.   Can we do it, I am going to almost miss my plane......




Masoud Kazemzadeh

Aynak jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Aynak jaan,

Yek baam va 2 hava nemisheh. I am against hypocrisy. We need to have one standard applied equally to all. I am willing to fully support Ms. Andari’s call for investigation to the sources of the PMOI’s finances if she is willing to do the exact same for NIAC.

I do believe that my point is valid and I am hoping to hear from Ms. Ansari, for whom I have a great amount of respect. Your blog is about the PMOI. And Ms. Ansari made a comment and I want clarification on her position.

If you insist that I not discuss this issue in YOUR blog, please let me know and I will immediately delete it and write a new blog.





Political convenience is

by vildemose on

Political convenience is the over riding fact here. I feel sorry for all of us Iranians, be it on  MKO, islamist regime or any other "organisation''s  side, who are unknowingly  being used as  political pawns in  a game ultimately revolving around the question of ownership of our country's most precious mineral resource... 

RG: Couldn't agree more.


I forgot to add...If Parsi

by vildemose on

I forgot to add...If Parsi were a clever politician,  he will take heed and come up with a new petition, which demands the renounciation of violence and militancy as a pre-condition to del-listing.


I think quite a few of us are missing the point here.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The political/religious ideoloy of MKO is as irrelevant as our views about this organisation as far as the de-listing from the the state departments "terrorist list" (whatever that means.....) is concerned..

Political convenience is the over riding fact here. I feel sorry for all of us Iranians, be it on  MKO, islamist regime or any other "organisation''s  side, who are unknowingly  being used as  political pawns in  a game ultimately revolving around the question of ownership of our country's most precious mineral resource... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


 A bit late joining the

by vildemose on

 A bit late joining the conversation but I think you are absolutely right. Your plan will  pre-empt the nefarious wishes of the likes of Guilliani et al...

Best idea I've heard so far. Well-done.


Dear Dr.KazemZadeh,

by aynak on


In the interest of focusing on the subject, let's not  turn this into another war.   I have tried to outline a different prespective on a particular issue,  than the one currently being consdiered and am and hoping for a simple consensus, based on constructive exchange.

I hope I would hear your input for/against for a proposal and not the tired old NIAC/MK/IR/.....

With respect. 







Re: Mojahedeen's delisting

by aynak on


Dear Friends, thank you all for participating and comments.  In this case
I believe our input can have impact, particularly since the two options are
very black and white:  Delist or Not-Delist.  Furthermore, neither option
really helps the cause of democracy in Iran.  The former will simply make
U.S policy a hypocritic one, and the latter will only appease Islamic Regime.
More imporant neither will help to promote democracy for Iran.   I am off to Iran, shortly, so I would not be writing for a while, please do not consider my lack of response as anything but internet filtering :).

Mehrdad Jan:

Your suggestion to insure every person in the camp is given a choice to stay or
 leave is a great one.  I think this would come naturally once the camp is
relocated.   That move can not happen without intrnational observers.  If
any member want to leave at that point, with the international community in
place, they would obviously be welcomed to so.  The regime in Iran, will also
want to insure this will happen for their own purpose, so I would think it is
next to impossible if such right was not granted to MK members during relocation.

Dear Faramarz:

MEK is not a secular organization.   Their name is Mojahed, which has a very
well understood religious meaning, albeit with different interpretation.  Here
is where we need to separate our wishes, from what is possible.   But as your
valid concerns for motivation behind these moves, my sense is, we can not
nor we should, bother with hidden intentions,etc  of others.   All we can
do is to stick with good principles.  In my view, what ever helps in openness,
and transparency, would be helpful to Iran.   Also by not resisting and coming
to the aid of Islamic Regime, or the camp of Rajavi's we have a clear well
understood position:   Respect their rights, while endorse peaceful only action.

In my view, this proposal can stop the type of Guliani from taking advantage of
situation, because endorsment of delisting comes with well understood


I am affarid sir, you fancy a time that is a nightmare for many Iranians .  A
secularmonarchy, is exactly  what we had during Reza Shah.  I know certain
folks strive for those good old times, but the reality is, NOONE wants a
single person on top.  Even during sex, that gets boring sir.

Dear Mammad:

I think it is important for us not to side tracked.  I already stated, the point.
here is how to best turn this to the advantage of Iranian people and democracy. I like to give MK supporters enough credit that once Maryam said we made a
mistake in our arm-struggle and shaking Saddams hands and cooperating with a
criminal regime.   The problem is currently, not too different than Khamane-ee
supporters and soon  Reza Pahlavi (Again) supporters, these folks really believe their leader is infalliable.   Why is Khamaneh-ee so reluctant to accept open/direct talk to U.S?  Because he would be accepting his mistake and negating his own rhetorics.

Dear MM:
This is infact a wake up.  I do believe we need to bring ALL iranians around
democracy.  Political secularism, is just a aspect of a functioning democracy.
Our influence is only to voice a 3rd alternative to:
Delist unconditionally, or Not delist.   The problem of Iran is not Mojahedeen,
problem of Iran is how to become democratic with rule of law.

Dear David ET:
Of course Mojahedeen are not secular.  So what?   I too agree that IR and MK
are the two sides of same coin.  The question is what are we going to do
about it, and how would we make them --BETTER-- for Iran.

Dear Disenchanted:
MEK leadership to be prosecuted and along with him Ali-Khamaneh-ee.  But that
is not what U.S considering right now, so let's focus on the question of

Dear Shifteh:
I am sure everything you said about Mojahedin, and I fully agree them,
apply to Regime in Iran.  The question is, should we:
a:Support unconditional delisting
b:Reject delisting, (what is the gain?)
c:Come up with an alternative as I outlined/or any other.

Dear Shazdeh:
Renouncing their cooperation with Saddam would be a key demand, to address
the concern of pople of Iran who will have a legitimate concern due to the
*murder* of their kids in the war at the hands of Mojahedeen army.  In my
view this is the bare minimum they have to agree with. 
I know of people who were *drafted* to Iranian army and were
killed in Kurdistan of Iran, by MK's military action.  From U.S's view, they
would have a hard time selling a group as no longer a terrorist, when they
overthrew Saddam, primariliy because they feared his state sponsored terrorism,
yet a close ally of Saddam (Rajavi) is no longer a terrorist.   Shouldn't that
come at least with some level/degree of remorse?  Faramarz, also mentioned the
murder of U.S attaches at the hands of MK.  Doesn't there have to be a retraction from that action?






Masoud Kazemzadeh

self delet

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I have deleted my comments.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

To be DeListed, they only need to conform to 1 condition:

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

No Terrorism!

That's the meaning of DeListing ... for the Mojahedin and any other group (pro or against IRI).

To be supported by someone like me: NEVER EVER ... IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I only support freedom of speech and life for them, and every other non-terrorist person or group.


USA's real goal in supporting MEK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Is to make Iran Like North Korea.

Secular MEK is a funny one...

this video is funnier still //iranian.com/main/blog/amirparvizforsecularm...


Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization is a bankrupt and tired organization that is only being propped up as a viable and living organization by those whose political agenda is helped through the notion of this organization's existstence.

Camp Ashraf must be eliminated and individuals inside the camp should be allowed to be sent to various communities worldwide, just like the rest of  us Iranians in diaspora did.  They should be helped to get vocational training and other kinds of assistance to become integrated into living, productive, and free societies.  As a measure of safety, there should be worldwide restraining orders against any Mojahedin operatives who try to get near these people again.  Give them peace, give them a life and let them be.

Iranians must also be cognizant of the money trail that has supported this organization.  Wherever that money comes from is where an agenda against the interests of Iranian nation has been developing.  Mojahedin-e Khalgh by themselves are nothing to worry about, as they have no financial resources and no credibility and no real, free membership.  If the funding is cut off, their existence will end.  Who has been funding them for all these years anyway?  Find the source.

Masoud and Maryam should be given real labor jobs and expected to work for a living for a change.

The American politicians who were defending Maryam Jan a couple of weeks ago must be audited by the IRS and investigated by the FBI about ALL their sources of income for the duration of their political careers.  


MEK leadership to be prosecuted...

by Disenchanted on


       Members to mental hospitals and rehab centers...

David ET

Mojahedeen are NOT secular

by David ET on

MOJAHEDEEN MILITANT ISLMAIC MARXIST  IDEOLOGY: //it-it.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=217792074920355








I agree with Aynak, Mehrdad, mammad and Faramarz

by MM on


This is a wake up call for Jebhe-ye Melli to pull all the Iranian secular forces together, now.  Having their own small conference ain't doing it.

If you have any influence, please act.


Cousin Farmarz: A very good and valid point

by Bavafa on

For many if not ALL opposition groups to IRI a separation of religion and government is a must and any thing contrary to that would be a deal breaker.

Thanks for pointing that out

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



The leadership must be purged

by Mammad on

The most important reason for the MEK's numerous treasons is its criminal leadership. So long as that criminal leadership is still around, MEK will continue to commit treason, be a tool of foreigners, and insist on its Stalinist type of governance, which is the mirror image of the IRI.

But, then again, if the present leadership is purged, the MEK will disappear. Those who support MEK know this only too well, which is why it is never brought up.



If MEK is not at it's root notSecular, what good is it for Iran?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Having Conditions for MEK is a Joke,

it is exactly because they are not secular and will not allow free transparent elections that the EU and USA want them for Iran.

West just loves Islam in Govt for Iran.

For Laughs see video here





Bravo Faramarz!

by Souri on

%200 right!!!!

You nailed it very celeverly!

I have nothing to add.

Just, You-Got-It !!!


Aynak, Cousin Mehrdad

by Faramarz on

I full-heartedly agree with your conditions and would add the condition that MEK should commit itself to non-religious and secular democratic principles.

What makes me suspicious of all the recent de-listing activities is that none of the US lawmakers or former officials has asked MEK to renounce its terrorist past, apologize for the assassination and killings of General Price, Col. Paul Schaffer and Lt. Col. Jack Turner and scores of others in the 70’s. After all, all these activities were taking place when Rajavi was there; front and center. They could at a minimum demand that the Red Cross and CNN visit Camp Ashraf and see what’s going on in there.

Unfortunately, I believe that MEK is being legitimized to challenge the Regime and being a thorn in the eyes of the Regime. And MEK on the other hand is trying to out-smart those who are behind the scene supporting them by taking their money and force themselves on the Iranian people like the current regime is.

When you see Giuliani and Maryam Rajavi are smiling at each other you know that no good will come out of this!


Thanks for your blog.


There is one important condition is missing from your list

by Bavafa on

To allow for a free and unconditional choice to remain or leave this group/cult. Absent of very basic democratic and human rights, this group regardless of its organization skills can not join others if the goal is to bring freedom and democracy to our mother land.

One also need to account for years of brainwashing that these folks have gone thru and their participation in the future of Iran must be guaranteed only if it can reasonable be assured of their past brainwashing.

Of course the same should and must be applied to all current and past Sepah/Basij members.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory