What is going on with Arghavaneh Rezai?

by aynak


If you are a tennis fan, you have definitely heard of Arghavaneh Rezai.   She is a promising Iranian-French woman who has done an outstanding job.  Last year, Arghvaneh was even ranked #1 women French player for a while.   This year though has been a disaster.   Arghavaneh has lost most of her matches, including one today to an unranked player.

I don't know what has happened to Arghavaneh, I know she has changed her coach, but that is the scope.   If anyone has any more info please update.    I know some people had issues with her pre-coupe  remarks, but my interest here is stricly sports.   So please keep them in that line.

 May be we can collectively send her a word of encouragment.  


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Thanks for updates

by aynak on

Thanks for updates, dear Red Wine I thought she is coachless and her new coach will be assigned by Frances tennis federation.   But I hope she will be ready for the French open.

  Bavafa Jan, It is baffaling that South African could forget their torturers but our fellow Iranians can not accept a 22 year old (pre-coup) stating an opionion.

 Who gives a damn:   This video has been floating as a single document to prove Arghavanehs guilt beyond doubt.   I hope she clarifies her position, now after all AhamdiNejad has done to Iran.

 Esfand Ashana,  from the description of his father, he is border line abusive if not outright abusive.   it would certainly help her standing had she clarified her position.

  Oos Fathollah:  She is young but average life of tennis player (active) does not go beyond 28 or 29.   So I hope she gets it together.

May we all have good dreams.


I wish her a great come back and all the success

by Bavafa on

On or off the court.


Esfand Aashena

You can't be an Ahmadi supporter and don't have problems!

by Esfand Aashena on

Even in Iran people who are his supporters have problems.  It's like a mental problem to support Ahmadi.  Who in their right mind would believe the bull crap he is saying day in and day out?

I like her to suceed too but she may or may not have had any idea of what she was saying at the time.  Maybe she was under pressure or whatever.  So since she has supported Ahmadi until such time that she clears it up she will always be mentally distracted and we know in sports you need both physical and mental readiness.

Or she actually meant to support Ahmadi which means she won't amount to anything! 

Everything is sacred



by Fatollah on

she's young and inexperienced, give her a break and time!


Who gives a damn...

by Observing_Iran on

 What that pro-Ahmadinejad, pro-IRI traitor is doing.




Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic

استقلال، آزادی، جمهوری ایرانی

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

She was training with his father and part-time coach but now is training hard for other Masters and Roland Garros. Give her time, the new coach is good and very demanding. have to wait and watch her play in Paris.

 I heard that she also has family problems (or a new bf..who knows !), also wants to live in Paris ... is all i know.