War with Iraq and now Iran, who wants it?

by aynak

"....whereas by later in 2002 and 2003 the evidence is overwhelming that Israel and particularly the Israel lobby were pushing hard for the war (against Iraq)..."


"... The U.S. political right does not, of course, want to acknowledge that the relationship with Israel has grown so close that the U.S. would actually go to war at the behest of or for the benefit of Israel. Nor does it want to own up to any of the other actual motivations for the war ..."

"...The left, on the other hand, very much wants to believe that oil, and perhaps secondarily the imperial drive, constituted the only motivations, and that Israel played no role at all...."

Senator Liberman has been one of the main advocates of a US war with Iran. While this may be to the best interest of Israel, as a U.S senator shouldn't he be more concerned with the best interest of U.S first?



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We should think twice before commenting about war

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

If war happens, the middle east will explode, oil will be $200 a barral, and everybody will lose. We should not allow the extremist to come to their conclusion.


>Bomb the mollahs >FREE

by peace (not verified) on

>Bomb the mollahs

Like IRAQ is so free after boming Sadam?


A friend of Iranians....

by Hector, The Red Neck (not verified) on

I am a 6'6" big American red neck guy who likes to help Iranians to fvck the mullahs and their supporters in the ass...

Particularly, I would like to stick it to Qumars Blourchian and Danny Pourkossali.

God Bless America


You are wise!

by Farnaz (not verified) on

Your eyes are wide open! The issue facing Iran is the threat of Israel. Unfortunately, given the recent comments of Iran's president, Iran is now viewed as number one enemy of Israel and America. Many people in Iran have no clue of the situation and will be suprised by the nature of the upcoming war. There will be many aspects to the war which some say it has already started. The initial stage is of psychological war! You may say who wants it! The answer is clear! Keep your eyes wide open!


Bomb the mollahs FREE

by Anonymousss (not verified) on

Bomb the mollahs