Urgent, confirmed: Mir Hossien and Karoubi are in Heshmatieh prison

by aynak


According to Mousavi Websites:  kaleme.org:


 Mir-Hossein, Karoubi and their spouces have been arrested and are in Heshmaiteh (a Military) prison.   Witnesses said, on midnight of last Thursday, security forces entered the parking of Karoubi residence and minutes later left with him in custody.   Mousavi's daugher have also stated, they have been unable to contact their parents in their residence (denied access), and are now certain they have been moved to the Heshmatieh priosn.

 The order for their arrest according to Karoubi's spokesman have come directly from Khamaneh-ee.


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Closing Pts.

by Demo on

Thnx Aynak for your final fine explanations & for your patience. You are 1000% correct. That is how a right justice system must work. But it has never been like that in our homeland. As for my part I believe strongly that there must a life after death to quench the human's natural thirst for the ultimate justice to take place. Therefore I am fully devoid of any hatred for anybody even the worst of the worst per say. I just ask myself often what if I had been long imprisoned in Even prison for just expressing my opinion, for instance, what would have I reacted with the current homeland situation? Never mind the answer, of course. But as for the closing pts. I personally believe that the "security & safety" priorities for our "hamvatanees" under the current turmoil in ME is more important than anything else & unfortunately they will not bother to rise up in support of Moosavi & Karoubi or anybody else for that matter. That is again personal & thanks much again for your kind responses & for your follow ups.


Re: Demo

by aynak on

I am only continuing this conversation, hoping you really don't understand what you are saying for whatever reason, and can re-evalute your initial statement.

1:If you are accusing Mousavi and Karoubi of certain crimes, then in a civil society you will bring charges against them, or the families of victims who thing they are directly or indirectly responsible for any crimes are taken to court of law.

2:The court will listen to your side and their side, and then make a ruling

3:If guilty, they would NOT BE TORTURED but imprisoned for their crime.

You don't seem to get it, if you wish or desire to inflict the same on Karoubi and Mousavi, as YOU THINK they have done to others, then what is the difference?

In your view, it is not the crime or torture that is bad and horrendeous but who does it and for what reason!?   That is why you go as far as wishing Mortazvi the sick MF who have done so much pain and suffering on other innocent people on this guys!

I hope there is hope for you.   You don't have to direct your anger by repeating the same crime as you say you detest.

Capture and possible torture of anyone should not be a source of joy for a nomal human.   Even Saddam or Khamaneh-ee.

May we all have good dreams.


Dear Aynek

by Demo on

Sorry for the spelling errors. Not trying to debate you @ any way. It seems though there is a communication problem with my comments. Honestly dear, had not the Kahrizak prison been closed only & only because an “elite’s” son, i.e. RuhoolAmini died there because of the torture, would anybody have guessed what had been going on there under Motazavi’s supervision & before that? All I am saying is that neither Moosavi nor Karoubi are qualified to claim “innocence” of the past regime crimes including feeding inmates “Vajebi”, their raping, their mass executions, and etc. They were both on the top & should have known better. Therefore rather than playing as greenish “dissidents” perhaps they deserve to be tested with the same kind of treatments as many prisoners have been going through for ages?? Any problem with that?? Is Karoobi  an “Akhoond” or an “Angel” under his “Aynak?” How about Moosavi himself? What is his real character under his “Aynak?”  They are the ones who need serious psychological help then a simple “commentator” on IC in search of “dignity” & the real “truth!!” That is all!

Good luck with your “Green” fortunes, though!!!   


Re:"Charachter Assissinations!"

by aynak on

  Demo wrote:

 " In fact the regime has to reopen the Kahrizak prison right
away & place the 2 there & place Saeed Mortazavi in their charge..."

Only a sick, torturer or torturer wanna'be  would suggest sending people to Kahrizak and  have Mortazavi serving them, and say it as if he was getting pleasure from the sight.    You are one sick  lunatic.    Adding akhund and islam into your disturbed thoughts  wont make your post any  less dangerous.

Seek help.  Seriously.

May we all have good dreams.


Charachter Assissinations!

by Demo on

Read the comments carefully you the "ignorant" bloggers/commentators!

When one comments that these 2 elite "Akhoonds" who both have no feelings with what really a "political prisoner" means, should go to prison themselves to learn how the incarceration really tastes, is that a "sick" suggestion? These 2 among many other IRI's "Khavas!!!" have been quiet for the past 31 years over many heinous crimes of the regime. Thus only the & only the "ignorant" with & without wearing glasses will trust them!

This commentator of course quotes "Quran" & that is beause that book is supposed to be one & only reliable "Islamic" reference for the so called "Muslims" & how else you could argue with a bunch of "ignorant" akhoonds about "Islam????" 


This demo character

by Cost-of-Progress on

posts Ghoraan versus here. Where do you think his allegiances lie?





Re: Demo

by aynak on


Demon write:

 "Give us a break! What is urgent here? It is long overdue. They both
deserve it. In fact the regime has to reopen the Kahrizak prison right
away & place the 2 there & place Saeed Mortazavi in their charge
& serve them "Vajebi" as their meals! That is how they will taste
the real meaning of being a "prisoner."

I don't know who/what you are, but whatever your political affiliation, you are a very sick individual.   You need help.   The picture of the thug with face mask who removed it after beating a few demonstrator in the adjoining street, is what I picture of you with that remark.

May we all have good dreams.


Not an action, but a panic reaction by the regime.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Also the follow up denials by the regime that they are not arrested, but "kept at home". More and more regime is losing the plot, and reacting to opposition, rather than acting on some strategy. It's all good if you ask me!


My appreciation to both Shifteh and aynak for their effort

by Bavafa on

This arrest [IMHO] is important and more of a sign that the regime is really fearful of what is taking place in ME in general and on the streets of Tehran in particular. Unfortunately for them, this only leads to more anger and demonstration on people's part. The regime's best option, if they were smart enough, is to jump ship as soon as possible as this ship is drowning and will take all of those on board with it.


Shifteh Ansari

Bot Shekan

by Shifteh Ansari on

When you follow the news closely on an important news day, the title of "urgent" signals something different and terribly important.  For a blog in the Blogs Section to repeat something that was reported as news several hours ago was anticlimactic and I merely provided my reaction of it.  A little growing up isn't a bad idea for all of us.

بت شکن

Is Shifteh jealous of Aynak?

by بت شکن on

I don't know either of you two but this was a childish reaction by Shifteh unless she can show she has done something in those 15 hours on this site. Even if she has, what's the problem with a reminder? Shifteh khanom, grow up.



by Demo on

Give us a break! What is urgent here? It is long overdue. They both deserve it. In fact the regime has to reopen the Kahrizak prison right away & place the 2 there & place Saeed Mortazavi in their charge & serve them "Vajebi" as their meals! That is how they will taste the real meaning of being a "prisoner." Otherwise it will not be fair to be in a so called prison with all you can eat buffets, sauna, and jaquzi there!


They need

by Raoul1955 on

NOT worry as their deity allah is with them.   And if they are killed, they will enjoy the islamic paradise with all the amenities and 'pleasures' that have been promised...   LOL


The news may be 15 hours old

by aynak on

But it was confiremed by Kaleme minutes ago.   Still, I don't see with so much irrelevant news here, what harm is in letting people know "15 hours" old news.

May we all have good dreams.

Shifteh Ansari

Old news!

by Shifteh Ansari on

Sorry, this was urgent news of about 15 hours ago!



by yolanda on

Thank you for the update! It is all over the news! I hope this is the catalyst for IRI's demise!