UN to vote on Palestinian State this week, what will happen?

by aynak

U.N. General Assembly is preparing to meet in New York this week.  One of the key motions before the U.N is the Palestinian bid for statehood.  On Friday, Mahmoud Abbas will address the General Assembly and request for a Palestinian Stat consisting of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, throught the U.N Security  Council.   It must be noted that peace process has not gone very far with Israel, will Israel is expanding its settlement.  (the reason for the move by PA authority leader in the first place).

What will happen?

 UN security concil consists of 15 members.  9 votes are needed for the statehood to be considered.   U.S officials are telling Palestinians they will fall short, while Palestinians are certain they will get the 9 votes.  If U.N security council approves this motion (i.e at least 9 votes) then U.S may step in and use its veto power.

The 15 members  of U.N security council and how they may vote:

1:Brazil 2:China 3:Colombia 4:France 5:Gabon 7:Germany 8:India 9:Lebanon 10:Nigeria 11:Portual 12:Russia 13:Sotuth Africa, 14:U.K 15:U.S

Some countries have already come out publically and stated their support for the motion:


While others like Germany and France are sitting on the fence.   This is going to be a very interesting week, regardless of the outcome at the U.N.


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IRI has to change...

by iamfine on

If Palestinians (including Hamas) get their seat in the UN and if Syrian government falls, the IRI has to change its current policy.


I am ever so hopeful .....

by Bavafa on

But have little doubt that it will be derailed one way or another, either thru coercion and deal making with other members to vote against or simply by vetoing it.  But either way, it is a very positive step forward for Palestinians as they are pushing to gain their freedom thru non-violence action. If the outcome is positive, a YES vote, then the role of democracy is strengthen in the ME and gives yet another ammunition to the oppressed nations to choose democratic way for their systems and deal with the dictators that rules over them.  It also take much wind out of IRI sails which will be a direct impact to the Iranians and their fight for their freedom.

 I am ever so hopeful.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Excellent anaylysis by Juan

by vildemose on

Excellent anaylysis by Juan Cole: 

Palestinians seek UN Moxie

Posted on 09/16/2011 by Juan

Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave a major speech Friday making it clear to the Palestinians that the PA will seek membership in the United Nations at this year’s General Assembly meeting.

The Palestinians (or more precisely the Fateh faction that controls the ever-shrinking Palestinian parts of the West Bank) are not going to the UN, as is often charged, to make an end run around negotiations with Israel. Abbas knows very well, and acknowledged in his speech, that only through negotiations with Israel can there ultimately be a change in the status of the Palestinians as largely stateless persons, a significant proportion of them descended from refugees created by Israel ethnic cleansing campaigns in 1947-48.

The reason for seeking recognition as a member nation of the UN is simply to gain moxie in those negotiations...."


Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Why is this a matter for IC

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well I asked it so maybe I should respond! Because it will deprive the Islamists of one more fake reason to divert attention. 

But I am afraid USA will veto it and Islamists will keep their diversion.


Oh, the US will veto

by Parham on

... and there will be another round of bad blood.


Oh, and what would you like to see happen?

by aynak on


what do you think will happen, or what would you like to see happen?   This will be our IC prediction :)

Personally, I hope the Palestinian will get the votes needed, and I hope U.S does not veto such move.    I think this will be the best move toward a true peaceful process, and will also tie the hands of exterimists on both sides.

I would not be surprised if someone blows up a bomb in that region, though, to try to derail the issue.   That would be very interesting, since we have not really seen much major violence since Ghaza war.