UN to vote on Palestinian State this week, what will happen?

by aynak

U.N. General Assembly is preparing to meet in New York this week.  One of the key motions before the U.N is the Palestinian bid for statehood.  On Friday, Mahmoud Abbas will address the General Assembly and request for a Palestinian Stat consisting of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, throught the U.N Security  Council.   It must be noted that peace process has not gone very far with Israel, will Israel is expanding its settlement.  (the reason for the move by PA authority leader in the first place).

What will happen?

 UN security concil consists of 15 members.  9 votes are needed for the statehood to be considered.   U.S officials are telling Palestinians they will fall short, while Palestinians are certain they will get the 9 votes.  If U.N security council approves this motion (i.e at least 9 votes) then U.S may step in and use its veto power.

The 15 members  of U.N security council and how they may vote:

1:Brazil 2:China 3:Colombia 4:France 5:Gabon 7:Germany 8:India 9:Lebanon 10:Nigeria 11:Portual 12:Russia 13:Sotuth Africa, 14:U.K 15:U.S

Some countries have already come out publically and stated their support for the motion:


While others like Germany and France are sitting on the fence.   This is going to be a very interesting week, regardless of the outcome at the U.N.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

One thing

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is a difference between a state and a viable state. A state is like Vatican. It is not viable without the consent of Italy. A viable state needs access to resource and a set of basic rights. Which one are we talking about.


Agreed OnlyIran...

by Bavafa on

"On another note, I can't wait to see how the IRI will vote on the issue.  Are they going to support Mahmoud Abbas?  That's like writing a big "g#h khordam" across their foreheads.  On the other hand, if they vote "no," they will be one of the only countries that join Israel and the U.S. in doing so.  What a delicious situation to put the IRI in. I'm loving it! "

I am also wondering about the same thing and which ever they vote...it would be a big defeat for IRI. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



There is nothing wrong with discussing this issue

by Onlyiran on

We discuss everything else, why not this one?  Personally, I agree that Palestinians getting their own state, especially under a secular government, will be IRI's worst nightmare.  I wouldn't doubt it if the IRI is even working with Natanyahu to avoid that situation.  So, I wish them luck, and hope that the resolution passes.  It will be good for Palestinians, Iranians and even the Israelis themselves.  It will bring the issue one step closer to a possible closure. 

On another note, I can't wait to see how the IRI will vote on the issue.  Are they going to support Mahmoud Abbas?  That's like writing a big "g#h khordam" across their foreheads.  On the other hand, if they vote "no," they will be one of the only countries that join Israel and the U.S. in doing so.  What a delicious situation to put the IRI in. I'm loving it!


Dear aynak: Thanks for the link...

by Bavafa on

And keeping those of us who are interested in the events that will have an impact not only in ME and Iran but also US as well as justice and peace in the world as a whole.

 I will remain hopeful for a YES vote and getting one step closer to peace and justice for Palestinians AND removing one of the ammunition out of IRI and other extremist arsenal.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Simorgh5555 on

Why do you care either way? How about a poll to show how many Americans are willing to launch strategic strikes on the Revolutionary Guards and Basij bases in Iran? Why are Iranian human rights less important than Palestinians?


Latest poll of U.S citizens on the issue

by aynak on



Should US recognize Palestine as an independent state:  42% yes 26% No, 32% No opinion.

--The poll was conducted Sept. 15 to 18, among a random sample of 1,006
adults. The results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5
percent points.







by Simorgh5555 on

The New York Times writed an articke criticisng Obama for criticising Israel.
The Israelis are bastards who ethnically cleansed Palestinians. This is even acknowledged by sone on the Israeli Right.
I'm curious why you are so emtionally attached to their plight and whether it is rexiprocated. You and Aynak make Palestine sound like a continent when in fact it is no bigger than the stretch of Urumiyeh to Sanandaj in northern Iran. Again why is this more.important than Sudan?



by Mammad on

Agree. I am utterly disappointed in the man.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not even going to address most of your point other than "3". Obama has failed on so many points this is just one more.

He failed to regulate Wall Street. To provide a real health reform. His plan for jobs is to have people work for free! He does not stand to Republicans. He demoralized his base. He never had the "right" and has lost the "left" and "center". What do you expect of a man whose primary ability is to give in to the right.



The opposition gives cliche answers

by Mammad on

The pro-Israel, pro war, pro-sanction on Iran gang here on IC only gives cliche answers and makes cliche comments.

"Iran is more important." Who said it is not?Does that mean that we should stop thinking about anything else, or have an opinion?

"Why don't write about this or that?" While we should care if we are true defenders of human rights, no people in this world has been opressed and robbed of its national heritage, land, and resources than the Palestinians, not Iran, not anyone else.

"My problem is not Palestinians." Then you cannot call yourself true defender of human rights. Human rights are universal values that transcend national boundaries. No one who claims to care about human rights can shrugg this off.

Here are some facts:

1. There is no "peace process" between Israel and Palestinians. What there is is creeping and continuing confiscation of Palestinian lands and natural resources, particularly water, by Israel. 55 percent of all the water used in Israel comes from the occupied territories. Go figure.

2. So long as extreme right, like Netanyahu, and racists like Lieberman are in power, there will be no true peace, but suppression of Palestinians' national aspiration and oppression of their rights even as occupied people.

3. Obama has utterly failed to move this forward and with election in 14 months, he will not do anything but kiss the pro-Israel lobby behind.

4. Seeking recognition by the UN does not exclude any possible true peace between the two sides.

5. Israel is terrified by the recognition because it gives the Palestinians the legal tool to pursue war crimes cases in international courts against Israeli leaders.

6. U.S. will veto the membership resolution in UNSC. Do not hold your breadth.

7. Did you see yesterday's one-page add in the New York Times attacking Obama over Israel? It criticized Obama for criticising Israel - yes, for criticising Israel. Of course, the AIPAC lobby and their minions here at IC believe that the only nation that cannot be criticized is Israel. One way of preventing that is attacking anyone who writes or comments about the issue.



Dear aynak/MM:

by Bavafa on

A Palestinian Statehood will remove one of the most contentious issues of Al Qaeda and the IRI                      It can be argued, reasonably, that removing such contentions and by extension weakening the enemy’s cause (be it IRI or Al-Qaida)  would be another reason that the hawks will not want to happen as if there is no enemy, they cannot [easily] justify their own policy of war and occupation.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Re: MM

by aynak on


you wrote:

"A Palestinian Statehood will remove one of the most contentious issues
of Al Qaeda and the IRI, and therefore, I am in favor of it.  However, I
do not think that the IRI will vote for it since she won't be able to
use it as an excuse to marg bar.... and the IRI has always said that she
favors a one state solution.  And, of course, the US may use her veto
power in the Sec. Council."

Absolutely.   This is the law of convergance of exterimists.   The leaches need each other in order to justify their own existence.  As I have outline in the past on a number of occasion, Islamic Regime needs the excuse of homeless/countryless Palestinians to drum up their own misguided policies.   The Israeli government policy in war and treatment of Palestinians also makes them welcome all the idiotic remarks of Ahmadi Nejad and Khamaneh-ee for destruction of Israel as a welcome song.   Makes their illegal actions look legitimate.   Again, this issue is not religous but both extereme are perfectly happy to make it a religous issue for their own purpose.

 Two state solution, actually ties the hands of both groups.   It also creates a real path for solving the issues.   But it will be very interesting to see warmongers all unite and be on the same side on this issue.







Good information

by Abarmard on



by Simorgh5555 on

My last piece was not specifically written in response to your questions and I am pleased you answered them.
Yes human rights of every one is important but as I mentioned below I am not going to let the Palestinian issue eclipse more important issues, namely Iran. I am not slating you for holding a position on this conflict and maybe I should have been more clear. Its jusst that I have never seen you write a single post about another country whose suffering is just as comparable or certainly no less agonising than the Palestinians. Have you picketed the Sudanese embassy or the Russian one for that matter? Have you ever looked at the size of South Sudan? The whole Darfur regionalone where thousands where Bashir's army and paramilitary supporters have commited genocide against native Africans and even taken.them into slavery is bigger than the whole of Palestine. As a humanitarian why isn't this important to you? Are you not ashamed that the regime which proclaims to be representing the peole of Iran is supporting this genocidal regime in Sudan and giving it money to it?
Why is Palestinian suffering such an affront to you that you have dedicated yourself completely to this cause at the expense of energy which shoukd be dedicated to fight the number 1 terrorist regime on the planet?



by MM on

A Palestinian Statehood will remove one of the most contentious issues of Al Qaeda and the IRI, and therefore, I am in favor of it.  However, I do not think that the IRI will vote for it since she won't be able to use it as an excuse to marg bar.... and the IRI has always said that she favors a one state solution.  And, of course, the US may use her veto power in the Sec. Council. 

HOWEVER, there is one issue that no one talks about, i.e., "what makes a territory a country?".  I do not know what the UN convention is but according to two geography conventions (The Montevideo and The Declarative theory of statehood) (note 1), you are a state if you have:

(a) a permanent population;

(b) a defined territory;

(c) government; and

(d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

If the US and Israel were smart, they would vote yes (note 2) to a Palestinian statehood since part (a) may remove the right to return issue and part (b) can be argued as the present boundries (occupied territory? Jerusalem?).  Although, on the other hand, the countries who vote "no" may use parts (a) and (b) as the reason why they voted no on the question of a Palestinian statehod.

Note 1: The third theory, The Constitutive theory of statehood, says that you are a country as long as enough other countries recognize you as a country, so, no one may care if the US vetos the issue.

Note 2: The US may be forced to vote yes if there is an overwhelming support for statehood from the general assembly.


Be Realistic

by darius on

There will never be an independent state . For Israel to survive , it has no choice but to expand and even  go beyond recognized boarders. Read the news,  US senate already is  introducing  a resolution to allow Israel occupy the West Bank( if PA authorities  insist) . Palestinian are left with no choice but in gradual pace move to other countries and start a new life. Palestinian already have felt the change, it is only matter of time to see a brutal chaos or submit to the fate decided for them.  Also ,Israel may look strong and solid on the surface, but underneath struggle to survive the future uncertainty is as obvious as a day light. Good Luck to both Palestinan and Israelis. 


You can only speak for yourself Simorgh

by aynak on


How typical, you asked me pointed questions, and I gave you answer on each one.  Then I ask you questions and instead  you write this nonsensical essary, and signed it off with the following Jewl:

"On behalf of the noble people of Iran, I wish to apologise to the people
of Israel for the stupidity and ignorance shown by some of our
compatriots. "

 Who died and made you representative of Iranian people?   Anyone can certainly speak for himself/herself, but on behalf of nobble people of Iran?









Arguing for a Palestinian

by Simorgh5555 on

Arguing for a Palestinian state alongside Israel or even a bilateral state shared between Jews and Arabs are entirely legitimate debates. I can even see the logic of how the creation of a Palestinian state may, as one person just described it, 'take the wind out of the sails' of the Islamic Republic and minimise the chances of a full scale war between Israel and Iran.
However, what I object to is the incessant, almost obsessive compulsive attention Iranians, even those seemingly anti-IR, dedicate to this issue. Lets not kid ourselves the Palestinian problem is not Iran's problem any more than Tibet, Rwanda or Georgia is our problem The real reason why any Iranian takes such strong sideson this issue is the years of poisnous indoctrination from the Islamic Reublic and an evil Islamic ideology handed down generation to generation which views non-Muslims, especially Jews as Najis. If.you were a humanitarian, or genuine Muslim for.that matter you would dedicate half your hatred of Israel towards Russians who have invaded and savaged Chechnya, Afghanistan and our own territoty following the Turkamanchai Treaty. If you were a real Muslm or humanitarian you would expect the Islamic Republic to.denounce the ethnic cleansing of Africans in Sudan and the occupation of Kashmir by the polytheist kaffir Indians. The IR has excellent relationships with most states which brutally kill Muslims, subjects them to.torture and removes them from.their home
There is absolutely no practical or historical reason why Iranians should be anti-Israel. on.the contarary, under the Shah Israel and Iran had cordial relations and Golda Meir even visited Iran secretly in the nineteen.seventies. Iran's national interest is served through bilateral trade and military ties with the Jewish state and even the Mullahs realise this because they are still engaged in secret trade with its alleged arch enemy.
Iranians shoukd learn from the Palestinians who put their national interest first and whose leadership under Yasser Arafat supported Iran's foe Saddam Hussein. Most of you Israel haters have no issue with Palestinians supporting Saddam but have a beef with Masoud Rajavi for doing the same thing. Let us remember also the Palestinians support of an Arab charter renaming the Persian Gulf as the Arabian Gulf and disputing Iran's territorial sovereignty over the islands of Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Trunbs.
Before you cry a river for the Palestinians remember a number of things: 1) They do not have toblive under the tyranny of an Islamic Sharia law such as in Iran. 2).They do not live in a state where the election is rigged and protesters are killed, raped and sent to prison where wardens are given condoms to rape both men and women. 3) Under the Oslo agreement Palestinians were at least semi autonomous, they had an airport, civil system and police force-something their Muslim Ottoman.occupiers as well as the Jordanians who controlled the whole of the West Bank and East Jerusalem never allowed them to have. Historical Palestine also consists of what is now the West Bank and Jordan so in essence Arabs still control the whole of the Middle East.
On behalf of the noble people of Iran, I wish to apologise to the people of Israel for the stupidity and ignorance shown by some of our compatriots. Israel is not Iran's problem and never had been until the evil Islamo-fascist regime of the IR exploited the Palestinian issue for its own self interest.



by Arj on

I totally agree with iamfine and Tabarzin. Statehood of Palestine will be a giant step towards a peaceful solution for the ME conflict which will in turn, deprive IRI of one of its existential mantras and result in its further weakening and isolation!

Yet, likelihood of such an outcome is close to zero. For in addition to U.S. who always vetoes all resolutions condemning the Israeli expansionist policies, other members of the SC, such as Britain and Sarkozy's France, are supporters of Israel who would vote down such a motion and coerce other weaker nations into doing so. Not to mention that it will definitely be vetoed by the U.S. even if it passes the SC vote! Indeed, U.S. has no other option considering its unconditional capitulation to Israel's demands!

Here is an example of the American president, Obama repeatedly apologizing to AIPAC for using Israel and the 1967 borders in the same sentence:




On Palestinian /Israeli conflict and why I care

by aynak on

 Simorgh, I am answering your questions and you can answer mine which are highlighted.

>Why is it so important to you?

That's a good question.     I firmly believe, unless there is a just settlment to this issue, (the longest running conflict in the world!), it will overshadow and influence EVERY other issue in the region, and by that token Iran.   We already saw this in uprising in Egypt, where among the first question, was NOT dictatorship of Mobarak but how his down fall will play a role visa vis Egypt relation with Israel.  So this also has a huge impact in advancment of democracy, in the region.    

 In my view, the inability of the world to resolve this problem peacefully and rationally has only allowed the exterimists forces and those who profit from war and not peace to take advantage.   This is true both from Islamic exterimists (which did not really play a role prior to the 80's in the region, as well as a war machine that sucks up the resources of U.S, as we have witnessed particularly since 2001.)

 One has to be either or fool or pretend to be a fool not to see the linkage and the relevance it has to Iran.

 On a different note, if human rights, freedom and justice is important to you, Why isn't it important to you?  

>If Israel was dismantled and all Palestinian refugees were allowed
>to.return to.their homeland what blind bit of difference does it have >on

I have no idea why you should project your own mind set on my thinking?   Your view here is either of ignorance of my view or a delieberate distortion.   Show me one post where I advocated for destruction of Israel? Here I am favoring 2 state solution, one that is advocated by many but definitely NOT by those who seek destruction of Israel.  If YOU would like to view 2 state solution as same as only one state solution, that is your right, except in your camp there are only 2 groups:   Islamic extrimist who want NO Israeli state, and Israeli exterimists who want NO Palestinian state.  Why do you so unequivocally support Israel?


>What do you thino of the partition of Sudan? Do you have an >opinion?

I favor it very much.   It has been voted and accepted by majority,

>Good or bad how does it make one iota of difference to your life.

 Yes, it will remove the agenda of exterimists forces, arms producers and hellp the region.   It will make a HUGE difference.   Do you beneift from the continuing violence?  Do you think there should be a solution?   Do you think one side has an inherint right to do as it pleases because ....?

>Have you seen what Palestine/Israel looks likes?

  Yes, both.   I have close friends in both categories.   It may be surprising for you but both are  humans :), and both group love Persian food.

>Why is this issue so close yoyour heart?

I truly and geninuinly believe a just settlement to this conflict will help advancement of democracy, cool off extrimism and as importatnly cut the profit of many of the weapon makers.   Why are you for it to continue? and Why do you not care?



Tiger Lily

Tabarzin, PLEASE,

by Tiger Lily on

don't waste anymore of your time on what is most politely called 'thugs'.

Suffices to say that out of the claimed over 10 000 registered users only a tiny percentage of people still bother to post here, precisely because of these kinds of encouraged behaviours. 

In the meantime I feel rather sorry for Aynak who has put foward a legitimate question, which under different circumstances, i.e. a non-aggressive, non-violent, persistantly harrassing atmosphere, which could justifiably be reported for criminal investigation, I would have liked to have contributed to. I am certain that very many others feel very much the same way.

Just not worth it. 


No, you don't get off that easy

by Tabarzin on

Anyone who remotely disagrees with you, you immediately jump on your McCarthyist bandwagon and label them "hojjati" and "islamist agent." You are on record for having done this to a poster here who in real life is actually a monarchist - and I am not talking about me. One person described you in private email to me as a "sicko" and I do agree with them, but I believe there is more going on with you, so you don't get away by trying to wrap yourself in a nationalist flag because I personally don't even believe you are Iranian in real life. And given that, I am on a mission to out people like you! I've already done it on Facebook to several individuals.


"Tabarzin" calls me a "MOSSAD agent and Neocon"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

So I double checked my offending comment on this blog to see what made him/her call me a "MOSSAD agend, neo con"

So, if saying:

 "Long Live Iran.

Long live solidarity between  all people of middle east regardless of creed and religion.

Down with islamist regime and all it's terrorist lap poodles.. " 

If making above statements makes me a "neo con" and a "Mossaad agent", then yes Mr/Miss tabarzin, I am  both a neo con and a MOSSAD agent and proud of it!

Now perhaps you can explain to the rest of this blog who you are and what your agenda is...



by Tabarzin on

A little perspective goes a long way. The Palestinians have been subjected to the most atrocious and most systematic forms of state sponsored abuse since 1948. They have been used and abused by every state and government in the whole region, including Iran. As stateless entities, this compounds the issue. Iran is in a bad state right now, but still comes nowhere near the destitution the Palestinians have been subjected to by everybody around them. They deserve a state of their own. They have a right to this, and the big powers in the region and beyond who have used the Palestinian cause - for or against - in their games of one-upmanship against each other, need to sit back and shut up, and let these people have what is rightfully theirs.

Now, as I said before, the issue of Palestine goes to the very heart of the question of Iran as well. If a secular Palestinian state were to be formed, this would pull the rug from out under the feet of the mullahs. It is actually in the best interests of the Iranian opposition to support the Palestinian cause. Once this question is resolved, no more do the mullahs have this cause celebre and sword of damocles to hang over everyone's head. A secular Palestinian state is actually a win-win situation for those who wish rid Iran of the present regime.

Open your eyes.




by Cost-of-Progress on

The humanitarian crisis is more urgent in Iran than anywhere else with the anti nationaslist regime bent on our eventual destruction. More and more people (who can) are leaving Iran due to the anti-everything policies of this hated regime.

If more folks had the kind of zeal they dispaly for the Pals for their own motherland, may be Iran would be in a different shape today. 






Neo-Con & MOSAD agents

by Tabarzin on

Forever muddying waters around a humanitarian issue, and an indigenous people long denied their own homeland, jump up and down about the mullahs and their regime, not realizing that the issue of Palestine has been a sore point in the region long before the mullahs regime.

Now Lord only knows what these native informer Neo-Con/MOSAD agents mean when they say "creating a situation where the creation of Palestinian (sic) state can be vetoed," when the majority of the member countries of the UN General Assembly have indicated they would be favorable in voting for  it - that is, btw, the same UN General Assembly who has repeatedly condemned Israeli atrocities and blatant violations of international law, even once formally decrying Zionism as racism - when it is also the secular Palestinian Authority under the presidency of Mahmoud Abbas who is pushing for it, and not HAMAS, and when it is Israel and the US who have stymied and dragged their foot for 20 years over the proposition.

Long live Palestine! Down with the agents of Anglo-American Zionist imperialism!


Islamist regime has caused great damage to

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

the just cause of palistinian people and peace between jews and Arabs in general.

Islamsist regime and it's agents on one hand scream long live palistine, and on the other hand create an atmosphere where the creation of a state of palistine can be vetoed.

Long Live Iran.

Long live solidarity between  all people of middle east regardless of creed and religion.

Down with islamist regime and all it's terrorist lap poodles..  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Agree with Tabarzin

by Reality-Bites on

And I would add that the Israel/Palestinian conflict and Israel's actions in particular have been one of the main causes of Islamic extremism around the world.

The sooner these two nations can come together to make peace and live side by side, the less excuse the morons of the Islamic Republic et al have to divert attention from their own actions.


More than likely...

by Tabarzin on

The Security Council will attempt to block the move while the General Assembly will overwhelmingly vote for it.

The question of Palestine hangs like a malignant boil over the entire Mid East situation. Until it is resolved, much of nothing else will resolve either. If the secular Mahmoud Abbas becomes the figure to get Palestinian statehood happening, this will also pull the rug from out under the feet of Islamists such as Hamas. A validated Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas with a Palestinian state will mean the regime in Iran has one less excuse for its very raison d'etre.

Long live Palestine and a Palestinian state!



by Simorgh5555 on

Why is it so important to you?
If Israel was dismantled and all Palestinian refugees were allowed to.return to.their homeland what blind bit of difference does it have on you? What do you thino of the partition of Sudan? Do you have an opinion?
Good or bad how does it make one iota of difference to your life. Have you seen what Palestine/Israel looks likes? Its just tiny strip of land surrounded by all Arab countries.
Why is this issue so close yoyour heart?