Survey: Are you in favor of/against targeted assassination?

by aynak


Before you read further, please mark your answer.   It is important to do so, and hopefully in one-two weeks time you can reenter your opinion, should heaven forbids :) your opinion change as a result of discussion.   I have written mine and will also put forth mine as well.

A discussion on another thread regarding the assassination of the two Iranian scientiests prompted me to seek  general sentiment of IC residents on this topic.   In that thread, some expressed joy and happiness on actions to eliminate top IR officials.   To be honest the only time in my life I truly wished somoone was dead was toward the end of Iran-Iraq war.   Then it appeared the only force who was able to say end it, and wouldn't was Khomanee.   And he wouldn't do it.   To be clear, I never wanted to kill him myself, but I did wish him dead.   That is about the only time when I thought physical elimination of and indivdual could make a difference.   This in my view was more just for a specific goal:  to end the war and misery that was continuing.   As it turned out, he himself accepted to end the war and the war ended.

So I am not going to make this survey easy, that is why there is a "may be" clause.

Now the question is:  Would you have favored his assassination, say 2 years prior, knowing that could have ended the war earlier?

Although this survey is presented with 4 answers to make it easier for participaiton, obviously sharing the trend of thought that leads you to that conclusion is most welcomed.

Just to throw some issues to consider:  would it be a fundamental belief one way or another?  would it matter who/how it was done?....... ok that should be enough for a hopefully interesting discussion.



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by Parthianshot91 on

All of the islamic regime members need get assasinated. Cut the head of the snake and the rest will be useless.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


Results so far

by aynak on

Thank you all for your participation, here's the count as of today:

1:Yes:Simorgh5555  (1-vote) (and thank you extra for sharing your
thought process)
2:No: Rea, R.Gilani,Anonymouse, aynak, (3)
3:May be: Bavafa (1) for now  (and thank you extra for sharing your
thought process)
4:I don't know (Do I need this option with us Iranians :))

maziar 58, DirtyAngle, Sargord Pirouz:
I am too dumb to understand your responses, please clarify if you wish
to be counted in this simple poll.  (no it wont make you sound ordinary,
if you stick with one of the 4 possible responses) :) :)

marhum kharmags:  I am tempted to put your answer as 2-No, based on your
quotation of me (I thank  you for the honor) :), but need your approval
first. As for JMI, I know many people in JM who think very much in the
same line as I do, and some who do not.   JM was never a political
party, but a national movement.  If we want to remain true to the spirit
of JM as Dr.Mossadegh envisioned, I could say with certainty he would
not condone assassination.   He had many opportunities to do that, prior
to the coupe, like it was done to his best comrades AfsharTous and
Dr.Fatemi, after the coupe.   That was not what he believed in.  

marhoum Kharmagas

Calibos like mentality (to aynak)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

aynak said: "The hypocricy and double standard that is introduced by putting postivie
value depending on --WHO-- does it rather than --WHAT-- has happened,
should be a true  delimiter.   As we say in Persin, not every round
thing is a Walnut.    Ends never justify means and that should be self

Aynak, if I am not mistaken you are a JMi. It is good/refreshing to see that not all of you think like that Mossad AIPACzadeh. It seems that many in this site from the very reds, to the ultra right fascists have Calibos like mentality.


My vote is No.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I think she (D A) meant khash-khash-ination.

may mean give'm all teryak to death. 

A win win situation for all .          Maziar


Thanks Aynak: here is my response

by Bavafa on

And I will try my best to stick to the guidelines of the blog


My answer is 3 with the following qualifying response.

Well, considering that I am totally oppose to death penalty, I believe it would be some what hypocritical of me to say any thing but no. But I think there are circumstances that I do see a target assassination permissible, if (not limited or in any particular order)

1- It is done in with the objective of saving lives rather then advancing one's political or strategically position and view

2- Avoiding such action will result in the loss of many innocent lives, in another word it will have direct result in saving others lives which otherwise would be destroyed unjustly.

3- The decision is as a result of careful consideration by a group of counsel/elders/knowladgables which has the greater goods of all in mind, rather then based limited and/or personal belief/agenda

4- It is on a very limited and rare case and the target is a decision makers and not the low level operatives.

As a qualifier, I believe taking one's life is an extreme difficult and hard thing to do, if the proprietor is remotely sane or of a conscience. Many of us wish death on others but it would be interesting to see if we can ourselves be the one to pull the trigger should we have the chance.


P.S. I will resever to change my response but only based on reason and logic.



by Rea on

Let's be precise about spelling.

Bonne nuit, ma belle. ;o)


Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

I'm for k/hashk/hashinations.

"What's three times worse than war?" "Three wars?"

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

can we say :  5) All of /none of the above ?            

the regime's time has been BEEN EXPIRED long timeago.   Maziar


Assassinating my neighbour's dog

by Rea on

that killed all my hedgehogs last summer.

Or assassinating Hitler, had I lived 70 yrs ago. There is a big difference.

If, why, whom, when, what. A lot of growing up to do, no offence intended. ;o)   


Ali P, Sargord

by aynak on


Ali P:

That is the whole point.   It is targeted assassination, by one party against another party.    From 30,000 feet above, that is the action, perhaps at 10,000 ft you can give it the  context.   If you fall on the may be category, you can explain your thought, under what situation you favor it or dont favor it.   As it stands I consider yours as a "may be".


Sargord Pirouz:

I would very much like to know your view on this as well.   Like I promised your friend simorgh, I will see the shrink no worries, but please answer the survey.

Ali P.

I dunno...

by Ali P. on

"Before you read further, please mark your answer."


Survey: Are you in favor of/against targeted assassination?


It would be like asking "Are you in favor/against shooting a weapon?"

How can anyone answer that, without knowing who is doing the shooting against whom, and for what purpose.

And even if they did answer the question, what conclusion could be drawn from that?

Sorry for not answering the question. Just thought I give u my opinion.


We can always depend on

by Simorgh5555 on

We can always depend on Bavafa a.k.a Mehrdad to sort out the mullahs. He claims to have experience of real fighting against the mullahs.


Here's the survey again (Dear Bavafa, something got dropped)

by aynak on


Here's the survey again, (I can't modify the original post or it will drop from day topic), thanks for pointing out

1-Yes  (I favor targeted assassination)

2-No  (I am against targeted assassination)

3-May be (It depends)

4- I don't know (I have no opinion)


Present vs past

by Rea on

Are you in favour? Would you have favoured ?

Anyway, once in my life I did wish some people were assassinated. NOW I know better. Eye for eye is not good. It only leads to more bloodshed.


Yes. I am the person Aynak

by Simorgh5555 on

Yes. I am the person Aynak is referring to 'on the other thread'. I would like to see top officials of the IR being assassinated if they cannot be captured and brough to trial for their crime.

The IR are not representatives of the Iranian people. They are terrorist occupiers who are anti-Iranian and put Islam to the core. They are inhuman and as people like Khamenei, Larijani and Ahmadinejad are bilogical plasticine. They are not human for me to have any sypathy even on a basic human level. 

Further, a sustained targeted assassinaion campaign may be a better way of liberating Iran that a full carpet bombing. 


Am I missing the survey?

by Bavafa on

"Although this survey is presented with 4 answers to make it easier for participaiton"

Where are those 4 answers? or am I missing your point?


P.S. I will respond upon clarification and I hope those who respond, they do it thoughtfuly rather then emotionally.


No I am not in favour of. Quite the opposite.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I wish the leadership of islamist regime, from low ranking to very top, from "moderate" to "conservative", good health and safety. As they are doing Iran a great favour by discrediting their evil system and ideology by their stupid actions, and  speeding up the inevitable collapse process of the islamist so called republic. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Get over it already, fellow. Move on. Or join group therapy. That's my advice.


Just as a courtesy to all including yourself

by aynak on

please do not attack any other poster in this thread no matter how convinced you are of his/her "evilness" .   Should you decide to participate in this discussion, please  limit yourself to expressing your opinion on the subject without detraction/insult or what may change the focus on to other interesting but none-related topics.