Reactions to the passing away of Ezatolah Sahabi


by aynak

Condolense message from coordination committee of Greens

Tahkim Vahdat:

Shirin Ebadi:  (Condolense letter)

Bani Sadr: (Sahabi, passed away, but he will always be here)

Reza Ali Jani,  (Last breath near Evin prison)

Sudden Change of venue for Sahabi's funeral

Mehdi ArabSahi,  (Good by integrity of my land)

F.M.Sokhan  (The great teacher we lost)

Ali Keshtgar (In memory of the love he had for Iran, and the pain he suffered)

Haleh Sahbai (He was very hopeful about Iran's future)

VOA Ezatollah Sahabi passed away

Behnood: No place like prison to get to know him better, where he spent 20 years of his life


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Maryam Hojjat

Sahabi & bazargan suffered because of mixing

by Maryam Hojjat on

Their faith with their nationalistic feelings (meli-Mazhabi).  They must have known better that these akhoonds with their Islam are anti-Iranians. It has been for 1400 years struggle between nationalistic Iranians & these bastard Akhoonds who after 1400 ripping IRAN & IRANI still love their Arab culture for more plundering IRAN & Irani.


Thank you for gathering such great links and keeping us informed

by Bavafa on

May he rest in peace



RE:what ever his cooperation

by aynak on

Dear MM, there is a lot of misrepresentation of what took place during revolution.   Basically, we went trhough a period where people said enough is enough, we have had it with Shah.   But those who were against Shah, did not, ever, want a system like the one that prevailed.

The proof to this statement, is Bazargan and Sahabi (Senior) where among the first to separate from the regime BY CHOICE.   They could have simply bowed to Khomanaee and could have stayed in power.

But that was not their goal.   I respect this type of religion, when the believers also have tolerance.   We need more of them and less of Khomanee-Khamaneh-ee kind.  Sahabi's (father and son) are both on record saying they do not want a religious state and clerics must not govern.   Sahabi paid for this with many years in prison.

But the sensativity to people like Sahabi, here, is really due to the totalitarinism of the Saltant-Talabs, who have not changed one iota over the past 32 years.   In their non-existing brain, people had no right to object to the oppressive system that ruled Iran.   In their mind, because people overthrew Shah, therefore they deserved Khomanee.   Nothing could be farther from the truth.

So it is not really Sahabi's or Bazargans religious belief or his cooperation with IRI (what cooperation?)  that bothers them but why they stood up to Shah, in the first place?   That is why, true nationalists like Mossadeghs are also in their bad-list, where we know in reality, what the position of Mossadegh was about rule of clerics in government.  That's also why, they welcomed the help of the Fadayian Islam and Kashani and had given blank checks to clerics during Shah, to preech what they wanted, while no one else could talk.



May we all have good dreams.


what ever his cooperation

by MM on

what ever his cooperation with IRI in the begining, and regardless of how religious he was, it appeas that he saw the light and he changed to a critic of the regime as an opposition figure.  RIP

What is the excuse of the current thugs?  Money?... Power?... or the fact that it may be too late for them?