Mother of murdered Iranian protester willing to forgive the killer, Khamanee is not willing to ....

by aynak
This is by far the most inspiring news I have read in a long time:   Parvin Fahimi, mother of Sohrab Aarabi who was murdered during the election fraud protest last year, said on his sons anniversary:   The government security agents (Khamanee and Ahmadi Nejad torturers), came to my house  to tell me not to say anything on the anniversary of my sons murder, and I should stay home.      I tell them, I will only do so, on one condition:   Unconditional release of all political prisoners.   Ms.Fahimi thanked all the young people who have courageously stood so that the name of Sohrab is not forgotten. She added:    Oh my flower oh my flower oh my tulip!    In your sorrow, blood drips of my tears!    Where there is a fist to stand up, it is mine  too    Where there is a back that has been lashed, it is mine too     Where there is a shout for Freedom, it is mine too     In these shouts for freedom I breath 

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Sohrab's mother will have

by fooladi on

Sohrab's mother will have her day one day, soon, have no doubt. So will the mother of every single patriotic, freedom loving Iranian who has been murdered  by the khalifeh Khamenei and his regime. On that day these mothers will be the jury and there would be no shortage of volenteers as executioners......


Aynak jan, you wouldn't be expecting him to do so would you?

by Bavafa on

If he did have any sense of justice, decency or the good of the people at heart, he would not have imprisoned so many young and innocent people to start with. He is the Velayateh Faghih, i.e. rule by terror and force, doesn't know any other way.

Sort of remind me of the story of ghorbgheh or Aghrab, "neeshe aghrab na az bahreh kineh ast, azayee tabiatash in ast"




by yolanda on

The lady has a big heart! Thank you so much for sharing!

IRI does not care about this lady's grief.....only worries its own image and IRI is so afraid of another wave of protests!