McCain, Guliani to Republican Jewish Coalition: We are prepared to use force against Iran

by aynak


The same folks who brought us the flourishing
democracy in Iraq, are now hard at work to see Iran
destroyed as well. Absent in all this presidential debate, is how
such attack would really benefit U.S? And would it bring more security
or less to U.S? When was the last time we saw a poll on this
issue? Last I checked, Jewish Republican are not equal to U.S, or
did we miss something?



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A few interesting reads,

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A few interesting reads, from Israeli raid in Syria and some theories on why it was done and more.


all are Israeli popets

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Clinton would use violence against Tehran: Hillary Clinton today moved to secure her position as the most hawkish Democrat in the 2008 presidential race, saying she would consider the use of force to compel Iran to abandon its nuclear programme.


Edwards: 'Iran must know world won't back down': Democratic vice presidential nominee, who recently launched a new presidential campaign, also said that Israel should be allowed to join NATO.
// Obama would consider missile strikes on Iran: U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama suggested Friday that the United States one day might have to launch surgical missile strikes into Iran and Pakistan to keep extremists from getting control of nuclear bombs.


Most of Jews in America are

by Free Iran (not verified) on

Most of Jews in America are Democrats for your information. They even have a say, " live like a republican and vote like Democrat"

Hillary Clinton has done the same thing meeting the same group. Hillary could not have been elected in New York without Jewish vote. Her biggest backer is George Soros the Jewish billionaire.

Know thy fact! Here are some suggestions:
The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics (Hardcover)
by Matt Bai (Author)

Clinton, Obama raise cash, stress pro-Israel views