Iranian of the month? Arghvaneh Rezai beats Venus Williams at Madrid Masters final!

by aynak

Congratulations to Arghavane Rezai for beating  Venus Williams, who is currently ranked number 2, in the world!   At the Madrid, Arghavaneh beat Henin and Jankovic two of the other top tennis players in the world.    She did it with non-stop grinding base line powerful strokes.

This is a great accomplishment, and will hopefully open doors and imagination of many girls back in Iran.

Go Arghavane and congratulations.



 Williams said. “I felt a little slower than normal, but I tried hard and I feel very good about my game. Sometimes you run into a player who’s red hot, they hit every shot, they don’t miss—and credit to them.”


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Ali P.

Adjust your "aynak"

by Ali P. on

I didn't comment negatively.

Maryam Hojjat

Me Too! I am so proud of her

by Maryam Hojjat on

She can be a good role model for IRANIAN girls.


I wholeheartedly agree, congratulation all the way

by Bavafa on

One of the very few times I wished I had a TV so I could watch the match. The portion I watched on Internet was just so great and I could not hold myself back for cheering every point she won with such grace.



Read Carefully Aynak

by divaneh on

When I viewed her video I also noticed the date that it was posted (May 2009). My comment here is about supporting a regime that discriminates against women, unless you insist that the Iranian women were free before the coup.



by yolanda on

Her website said she won 2 medals in tennis in Muslim Women Olympic Games in Iran. Her favorite player is Andre Agassi.



  Hey Ali P, and others commenting negatively

by aynak on

Hey Ali P, as far as her support for Ahmadi Nejad, this video has been the Pyranhan Osamn  for some folks..   It was taken prior to the coupe.  And usually sent to any thread regarding Aravane by those who have no idea who she is, never follow tennis, but can declare her traitor (in another site) and embarssment here.   You are embarssing yourself for making such statement without basic facts.

In effect, a woman like Aravane who competes at highest levels, uses her hardwork and talent to reach where she is, in practice and not in name carries what every free woman should appalud, and should be a source of pride except for pity thinkers.

Coincidentally, even though she was not born in Iran, she was willing to play for Iran, provided she gets support and of course freedom to wear her cloth which IRI refused.


How Embarrassing

by divaneh on

that a woman who enjoys and has benefitted from the freedom that a Western democracy has granted to women support a regime that discriminates against the Iranian women. She will be nothing but embarrassment unless she corrects her statement in support of AN.


یادآوری: ارغوان


یادآوری: ارغوان رضائی حامی‌ احمدی نژاد می‌‌باشد



Ali P.

What an athlete...

by Ali P. on

although she COULD work on her hejaab a bit  :-)

Must have missed :

Bad Hejab Complaints

at Tehran Friday prayer sermon



Darius Kadivar

Can't wait to see her at Roland Garros ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Congrats !


Power and mental toughness

by pas-e-pardeh on

She was amazing.  Losing the momentum early in second set and falling behind 2-5 & venus serving for the set, she somehow dug deep and found a way to win the next 5 games and the match.  What mental toughness.

She is a serious contender, but remember, she is a power player and power players do well on slow clay.  Hard courts (French & U.S. Open)  are much faster.  Forget about Wimbeldom on grass.  That is a fast surface.  I'll be watching her though. 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on


Re:She was Awesome and then Some!

by aynak on


Wasn't that something?   I did not expect to see such composure, particularly since all of her previous matches were played at almost empty stadiums.  So could not gaugue her emotions.   But she sure held on well.

Common French open!   It will be incredible if she can go deep at Roland Garros, we Iranian tennis fans will sure have added incentive to follow it.




She was Awesome and then Some!

by XsorpassoX on

I watched the entire match! What a display!! She was playing incredibly well and stayed mentally strong when she was down 2-5 in the 2nd set, and came back and despite 6 set points against her, won the match in straight sets. Congratulations Aravane!! I am so proud of you!