Is changing direction?


by aynak


 It is no secret that the bulk of Iranian visual media is run by either Islamic Regime or the Saltant-Talbs.   The internet media, where relatively less capital is involvled, (and reading an comprehension is more required than viewing and listning) has been an exception with  sites such as gooya, balatarin ... and

However a disturbing trend that has been developing over recent months, is the penetration of both reactionary forces in intenet media.  In the case of, I see more and more the influence of Salatan-Talab forces.   This started to show more particularly after the tragic death of Ali-Reza Pahlavi.   In the same time period I monitored both Balatarin and Gooya as well as   While balatarin and gooya, paid some coverage to this issue as a news item,  devoted obsessive amount of coverage, both as blogs that made it to front page as well as articles.  I think in the eyes of most Iranian (particularly those not in favor of Pahlavis), this was something toremain quiet about where as hit some controversial posts not very sympathic to the event to excuse even more coverage for the ultimate beneficiary :  Reza Pahlavi.

Of course, being part of revolution generation, I suspect anything and everything.   So I dismissed my concern as paranoia.   However, I found it alarming when my blog regarding 29th of Esfand the day of oil nationalization, which I said in the post is the brightest day of our history, message of JM as well as Bani-Sadr in the regard, where quickly removed.   I had a discussion with Jahnshah off line and his take was I had done cut and pasting!  Even though, I had put my view on why this was so important, and along the way cut and pasted JM's article from inside Iran  which to me still had my own views sprinkled in there.    So like a good movie lover of law related films, I looked for exceptions.   I had to look no furhter than 2 posts by what I consider regular spammer (I know for some he may be the source of all knowledge, except they propably have not learned to search the web), Mr.Kadivar.

So since I could not get a satisfactory answer from Jahnshah, even after I gave him the worst insult I could offer him,  by calling his treatment of my post vs Kadivar as --Double Standard-- and he basically ignored my remark:

I like to refer the readers to the post:


where basically Mr.Kadviar has copy pasted even the speech, yet somehow this has escaped the editorial delete bottom of Jahhanshah.

 of course this appears right above 2posts below  by the same poster:


If you can find any "added value" or personal ehnacment by Kadviar which makes the original link any more  informative please let me know.   In the meantime, many blogs never make it to the front page.   How is that decision really made?   Do we have a right to know?


 Everything said and done, we Iranians have been victims of our own created rulers who have in turn created ARBITRARY rules, through out our history.   That's how dictators are born.  In the age of information, to use internet  as hype and media manupulation tool, to form illusory concenus, popularity ..... is no different than to help what we all --think-- we dread.   I hope can remain a free/unbiased outlet,  otherwise can skip the middle man and  visit




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The hyper-connectivity spammer

by ComraidsConcubine on

 It is a mental illness of profound  psychotic substance, and of course the spamming on a daily basis is just a symptom, but I am probably as liberal as you, it's just that when I click on something end up , yet again, in farrokhzad land, wasting my time , it's just...


Oh and ,it's the usual eyerainan style disfigurgement. To make themselves look better, for financial and  other reasons, the two-faced, who describe the illness as knowledge, actually mean...  


Re:It is ok.

by aynak on

Hirre, please note that my concerns were as follows:

1:The exact criteria for a post getting deleted.

2:The exact criteria for a post getting promoted to the front page blog.

3:Different treatment of seemingly same content (i.e Not personal opinions but links/cut paste from differnet sources).

For all I care, IC can add a corner to the front page, exclusive to Kadivar and people can just enjoy his post to the fullest 24/7.   I hope my point is clear.

May we all have good dreams.


It is ok.

by hirre on

Aynak, IC is a platform where all kinds of people meet and discuss. It has no direct political agenda like the other sites that you mentioned (except for a Iran without the mullahs).

The only videos of an Iran without the IR are from the shah-era, many of them showing different social advancements and playing with nostalgic feelings. But I can assure you that there are a lot of people who watch those videos, that aren't royalists and don't comment in the forums. For many people history is simple interesting no matter where you stand in politics.

As for the headlines (pictures) most of them are focused on culture and IR ranting. This usually attracts most readers, many "normal users" find e.g. the latest hardcore green-movement discussions boring. But there are other forums for those kinds of discussions as well, where people are identified (no nicknames etc) and generally more qualified.

Many of IC's readers don't wan't to get involved with endless discussions, which is often the case between royalists and sane people  :P

If you look at media there are no general discussions about the green movement vs royalists because most people support the green movement (incl RP), so "everybody" has taken the green movement as the current people-supported opposition. What is discussed here on IC is just a parallel track for a group of commoners.


A very good observation and sad trend for IC

by Bavafa on



Aynakollah & hajjieh sidekick ::))

by SamSamIIII on


It seems that when every thing fails for hezbo trash post-june15 they all turn to peace loving mossadeghists as new cover. or should i say post-omaru bankruptcy professional fence sitters ;:)).


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Soosan Khanoom

Right on point

by Soosan Khanoom on

that is why you are incpable of progressing beyond 2nd cetntury A.D,  but  it is 2011."



Re: I've had issues ....

by aynak on

You certainly have issues.  Not sure why you use the past tense. That must be the understatement of last year.   This is not about JJ being narrow or open minded.   That's a subjective matter.   It is a matter of spelling out clearly, what makes to front page, what does not and  what/why something gets's deleted.   I know for you pre-historic type random rule is the way of life, that is why you are incpable of progressing beyond 2nd cetntury A.D,  but  it is 2011.   

May we all have good dreams.


I've had issues with Jahansha J but

by SamSamIIII on


him being narrow minded is certainly not one of them. I can say without a shred of a doubt that if it wasn,t for Javadsha's relative tolerance of views then independent non-conformist folks like me, AO & few other Neo-kiaani pilgrims would not get a time of day in any of the dime a dozen Omaru ommatie status quo cyber sites like "Husseinieh Balatarin" or "Hajji trader fed Gooya". %95 of Cyber space is made up of 5 groups of Hezbo trash, former hezbo trash turned Banni abbass greens, former hezbo green turned mossadeghists , former leftists pimping hezbo trash & Ommatie sonnatie monarchists turned motreb/paparazi. is the rare platform in mass mainstream cyber media in which it gives the much needed voice to the so called 4th dimensional fringe, independent minded, non-status quo new voices such as our kiaani friends here not reflected elsewhere .

As for "husseinieh Balatarin".. friikin kidding me?..I heard its invitation only.looool, invitation by buncha post 79 brainwashed ex bacheh hajjis turned greenies  turned mossadeghists post-june 15 to do inclusive rozeh-khoonie among themselves.

In short, private JJ may not share my views yet the public JJ(webmaster/shaikhmaster :) is fairly tolerant of the same views. So yes this charge is outta order, case thrown out, Next Rozeh khoon!!!



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


روز ملی شدن نفت


دوست محترم

با تشکر از نکته شما ، همانطور که میدانید، از بدو پدید آمدن حکومت اسلامی،
۲۹ اسفند مانند خاری در چشم بنیاد گرایان بوده.   در مجلس پنجم، این دسته
تمام نیروی خود را متوجه تغییر تقویم کرد تا بزرگداشت ۲۹ اسفند را به خیال
خام خود از تاریخ ما محو نماید.  روز ۲۹ اسفند، روز ملی شدن نفت را که
میتوان با روز استقلال آمریکا و یا روز جمهوری هند از نظر اهمیت ملی 
مقایسه کرد و چه رژیم شاه و چه حکومت واپسگریان اسلامی کلیه درآمد خود را
به آن مدیونند، همواره  یادآور دست آورد راستین ملی بوده، و از این بابت
مورد تنفر حاکمین.   در شصتمین سالگرد این روز افتخار آفرین، نتنها
کوچکترین اشاره ای به ان نشد، بلکه مانند بلاگ من در اینجا بلافاصله
برداشته هم شد.   این روز ملی که سرانجام در دوره احمدی نژاد از تقویم
حکومت اسلامی برداشته شد، خود نشانگرماهیت  واقعی حکومت سیاه اسلامی و
توافق آن با مرتجعین سفید سلطنت طلب بروی نفی دست آوردهای جنبش ملی است



May we all have good dreams.



by freenet on


عینک  عزیز:


بنظرمیرسد اشکال  در اینجا در مرحله اول عدم وجود قوانین شفاف درمورد قبول و یا عدم قبول نوشته ها  تحت عنوان بلاگ است.مسلما اگر در این مورد قوانین شفاف نباشند، موضوع درج یا عدم درج نوشته ها در سایت وابسته به سلیقه خاص سردبیر و یا مستول سایت میشود.

ازطرف دیگر موضوع باعث نگرانی وجود سانسور و حذف نظرات است. برای اینکه چنین شبه ای بوجود نیاید لازم است  مستول  سایت  قوانین مربوط به درج نوشته ها  فعالیت؛ اسپم و...را برای کاربران و نویسندگا ن مطالب روشن نماید.


در ضمن عدم اختصاص دادن یکی تیترهای اصلی به موضوع مهم ی مثل سالگرد ملی شدن نفت در 29 اسفند هم سوال برانگیز است.این در حالی است که تبلیغات طرفداران نظام سلطنتی ( احتمالا با همان 62 میلیون دلار! کذایی  هر روز ابعاد گسترده تری میگیرد