I am glad Mobark did not resign on this date!

by aynak


Looking at a despotic regime, one can see the writings on the walls.   In the case of Mobark, he even specified a deadline.   Of course, everyone loves to see a despot go.   But I think a little later would be better than sooner, here are my reasonings:

 1:A country that has not experienced democracy, will need time to come together.   These are the freest of times for Egypt.   Because so many people are out on the streets, security forces can not focus on any group, and those who should organize, can.   To create an alternative to the only other existing organized group:  Akhvan-O'l-Moslemin, but as important to start the seed for political parites.

 2:The longer this struggle lasts, the more people can exchange ideas, be better informed, formulate their demands, work on writing a better constitution.....   Imagine, if Iran's revolution dragged for couple of years instead of 6 months.

 3:Sure economy will suffer, for a bit longer, but is it better to pay the price now, and get it correct? or leave it to the next generation?

 4:As long as things don't turned purly violent, which the Army has promised as such, this will be  good not just for Egypt but the people in the region.

5:Speaking of which, many of the Islamic Regimes sites, speculating that Mobark will announce his resignation, already were celebrating "Mobark leaving Egypt, on the day of revolution!"   It's just good to see it does not happen on 22nd of Bahman.   In addition it would have taken the air out of 25th of Bahman planned demonstration, in solidarity with people of Egypt.


Days of all despots will come sooner or later, best to think what will replace it and plan for that intelligently.


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Models in front of Egypt: Turkey, Iran or Pakestan?

by aynak on

Between now and September, when the elections are supposed to happen, Egyptians have one of the 3 models that they can adopt to, assuming they don't come up with something new.

Turkey and Pakestan both resemble the state of Egypt a lot more closely:

--Strong military (backed by U.S)

--Good amount of military aid (from U.S)

Because Turkey has a much broader middle-class and educated people, it would seem Egypt may try to gravitate toward that model.   But time will tell.  This is so amzing to watch.   In ways, this is Iran in 1979, without the armed uprsing.   Without Khomanee.   Also without any meaningful political party.

I am thinking of moving to Egypt just to watch all of this.   First revolution of 21st century, and how all moves forward:   Temporary government, new constitution .......   Most exciting place to be in, for the next year at least.

May we all have good dreams.


Well he did resign just a minute ago

by aynak on

I wished he waited 3 more days .....

But congratulations to the people of Egypt.   Hope the construction begins.

May we all have good dreams.



by yolanda on

I agree with Mehrdad!


I respectfully disagree

by Bavafa on

This is the moment and time that people are united with one voice and full of energy and purpose. Giving Mubark regime time, lets say to the end of his term as he has suggested, will run the change of taking the wind of the people's sail and his brutal police/system will have much greater chance in crushing the not so united any more people. It also gives those opportune groups more time to muster devious plans to steal this upraising in their advantage.

It is far too long for this dictator and his regime is incapable of bringing democracy and reform to Egypt much like IRI is incapable of bringing democracy and reform to Iran.