And that's how Jebheh Melli was born

by aynak

In this photo dairy, Mostfa Madni shows the events that ultimately led to creation of Jebhe Melli.  This all apparently started when there were massive frauds in parliamentary election, and Darbar (Valeeh Fagheeh of that time) would not listen to the objection.  Under the leadership of Mossadegh the efforts turned into a public movement as the Doctor called for a sit in at Darbar!   He combined this, with asking people for their participation and as the pictures show they obliged.



Hopefully this will be a lesson for those who are actively trying to bring about democracy to Iran, on how to press with the just demands for free/fair/open election.

I found the story amuzing but sad, as our plight since Mashooteh have had no results. 

The event where Mossadegh was leading the group to Darbar, where he said we will have a silent walk and someone jumped in and chanted death to Shah and long live Mossadegh, and Mossadegh ordered the guy to be removed, and insisted our walk will be silent had an eerily similar tone to the silent walk after the fardulant election.

Will we live to see the day, when what is taken for granted in the rest of the world, as far as freedom of choice in an election be realized?   I asked this of my late father some 20 years back, and he said, I don't think in my time.   Unfortunately, I am no more optimistic.   


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Farah Rusta

Elections were ALL rigged!

by Farah Rusta on

First, Aynak jaan, I must say I am glad that you went against your earlier wow and continued with responding to my comments which, ironically, is a matching theme to the subject of this blog: going against one's earlier principles. But don't take it to seriously, keep exchanging comments with me and in this way you help me remember many of the dark and dirty sides of Jebhe Melli and its leadership. So thank you for your contributions!

I mentioned the case of Sanjabi, Amir-Alaee and Shayegan because these fellows were remained "faithful" to Mossadegh and were named among those 20 men who took part in the sit-in with him in the Marmar palace.There were many other allies of Mossadegh who didn't join forces with the Shah but were only too happy to join in the same bed with Khomeini. The likes of Bazargan, Alahyar Saleh, Foruhar, Sahabi and many more whose names escape me.


You try to see only one side the story but there iare always two sides to each story. Why did Mossadegh's allies and Jebeh Melli leaders likes Baghaee, Haeri-Zadeh, Makki,  and most important of all Aytollah Seyyed Abolghasem Kashani abodonned him. and try harder if you want to distort teh facts. Kashani who was sent to exile in Lebanon after the failed assassination attempt on the lifeo of the Shah was first and foremost a friend and fellow Jebeh Melli Leader of Mossadegh. He was invited by Mossadegh to come back from exile in Lebanon with Mossadegh going to welcome him at the airport!! His route to Tehran was decorated by nearly 30 victory arches (taagh-e nosrat) . He was Mossadegh's chief ally and a leading force in oil nationalization for nearly four years before Mossadegh, falsely, thought he had support of the masses. This is what Wiki says about Mossadegh-Kashani relations:

کاشانی در دی ۱۳۲۶ زمانی که دولت
اسرائیل در فلسطین تأسیس شد برای نخستین بار مردم را بر ضد آن عمل دعوت به
تظاهرات کرد و طی بیانیه‌ای از برادران مسلمان ایرانی خواست جهت تجدید
قوای اعراب اعانه جمع آوری کند. سپس به اتهام هواداری از آلمان در جنگ
جهانی و همچنین دست داشتن در سو قصد به جان شاه دستگیر و در بهمن ۱۳۲۷ به
قلعه فلک الافلاک خرم آباد منتقل و از آنجا به لبنان تبعید شد. با بازتر
شدن فضای جامعه و جنبش آزادیخواهان و جبهه ملی در اوایل سال۱۳۲۹ به ایران
بازگشت. مصدق ملت را به استقبال از او دعوت کرد و شخصا به فرودگاه رفت.در
روز ورود وی از فرودگاه تا محله او «پامنار»، ۲۷ طاق نصرت بسته شد.

با اوج گیری نهضت ملی شدن صنعت نفت ایران، آیت الله کاشانی به حمایت از آن
پرداخت و در موفقیت و همگانی شدن نهضت نقش عمده‌ای ایفا ساخت. موضع گیری
کاشانی در مورد ملی شدن صنعت نفت، روحانیون به نام را به نفع آن برانگیخت.
آیت الله خوانساری، آیت الله محلاتی و آیت الله شاهرودی از جمله روحانیونی
بودند که به حمایت از ملی شدن صنعت نفت برخاستند.

با نخست‌وزیری مصدق، کاشانی طی پیامی که برای او فرستاد، مصدق را «برادر
لایق و دانای» خود نامید و خوشحالی زایدالوصف خود را از نخست‌وزیری مصدق
اینگونه ابراز کرد:

«یا هو، جناب آقای دکتر مصدق، پس از استعلام از مزاج شریف نمی‌دانم چگونه
زحمات و فداکاری‌های برادر کامکار و عزیزم را تقدیس کند. صبح وقتی نور
چشمی آقا مصطفی خبرمسرت بخش رئیس الوزرایی حضرتعالی را آورد، من یقین حاصل
کردم دعاها و التماس‌های این خادم اسلام در پیشگاه پروردگار قادر متعال
اجابت شده‌است و پیروزی و سعادت از آن ملت گردیده‌است. در ختم کلام جز
اینکه سعادت و سلامت و موفقیت برادر لایق و دانای خود را از پیشگاه احدیت
مسئلت نمایم، توقع دیگری ندارم ایام به کام باد. سید ابوالقاسم کاشانی.»[۲]

زمانی که دولت مصدق در مضیقه اقتصادی قرار گرفت و اقدام به فروختن اوراق
قرضه عمومی کرد، کاشانی از مردم درخواست کرد تا نسبت به خرید اوراق قرضه
ملی اقدام کنند. آیت الله کاشانی در پیامی خطاب به مردم آنها را به خرید
اوراق تشویق کرد و گفت:

«امروز است آن روزی که جهاد شما باید با بذل مال بعمل آید. خریداری اوراق قرضه بر ذمه آحاد ملت مسلمان است.»

اوج کار و نقطه عطف مبارزات کاشانی را میتوان در ۳۰ تیر ۱۳۳۱ جستجو کرد.در
رویداد ۳۰ تیر با نخست‌وزیری قوام مخالفت کرد و با نامه‌ای به دربار
خواستار ادامه نخست‌وزیری دکتر مصدق شد. استعفای مصدق و آمدن قوام
السلطنه، ملت را برانگیخت و آیت الله کاشانی ضمن دعوت مردم به راهپیمایی
علیه دولت قوام، در روز ۳۰ تیر طی بیانیه‌ای اعلام کرد که اگر لازم شود
کفن پوش راه می‌افتد. او در پیامی خطاب به شاه گفت:

«به اعلی حضرت بگویید اگر بی درنگ دکتر مصدق بر سر کار بر نگردد شخصا به
خیابان خواهم رفت و دهانه تیز انقلاب را با جلوداری شخص خودم مستقیما
متوجه دربار خواهم کرد». [۳]

او تا رویداد ۳۰ تیر به حق نقش خود را به عنوان یکی از دو رهبر جنبش ضد استعماری به خوبی ایفا کرد.

As for the question of elections and vote rigging how do you think Mossadegh or his fellow JM allies were elected? By internationally supervised elections? Or do you think they ran televised campaigns around the country? We are talking about a country whose populace were dominantly illiterate. ALL candidates, including Mossadegh, were elected on the votes that were cast by people who were told to cast their votes for them. They ALL cheated. The difference between some like Jebhe Melli members and others was that the JM did their cheating openly and shamelessly whereas other did secretly and discreetly.

Do not forget that Mossadegh presided over the most fraudulently conducted voting in the history of Iran (even worse than last year's) and called it referendum in which  there was no secret votes and the YES and NO boxes were placed in the far corners of the room with Mossadegh's agents brow-beating and intimidating those who wanted to vote NO. 

As for a solution for the future the message is simple: Jebeh Melli: NEVER AGAIN. 




Only Farah can reduce JM and oil nationalization to Sanjabis

by aynak on

and an indviduals  wrong choice ...... فرح جان :  خوب چرا از بقایی و مکی صحبتی نمی فرمایید؟  چرا از رفیق دیرینه
شاه جناب کاشانی صحبتی نمی فرمایید؟  و صد البته از دکتر فاطمی که نقشی
اساسی در ملی کردن نفت دآشت و شما و همفکران او را به قتل رساندید و بدتر
آنکه، امروز از از عمل خود پشیمان نیستید که هیچ، فکر می کنید دلیل سقوط
حکومت کمبود استبداد بود نه بر عکس. اول صورت مسئله را درک بفرمایید بعد 
خورده گیری.   صورت مسئله دستبرد در انتخابات مجلس بود که به گفته دوستان
جعبه  جعبه از تهران (مرکز) رای برای یک کاندیدا وارد میشد.    اصل مطلب که
از قرار معلوم چندان برای شما جالب نیست تقلب در انتخابات بود که از طرف
دربار و مهمتر نیرو های خارجی هدایت میشد.   جالب است که در نهایت خود ملی
شدن نفت درفاصله چند سال پس از این جریان صورت گرفت، و اگر شاه و شیخ بجای
بیگانه به کشور خود می اندیشیدند شاید شاهد  ایرانی بسیار متفاوت از امروز
بودیم.   ولی مشکل با شما این است که اصلا نفس اراده ملی ، برای شما
طرفداران جان به کف  شاه اول  میهن دوم  (یا ولی فقیه اول گور پدر  میهن )   مفهومی ندارد.  از درک
تاریخ و چرای اتفاقات در یک کلام عاجز هستید.  
در این به اصطلاح ایرا د - خرده می گیرید که چرا سنجابی
به دستبوسی شاه رفت، تو گویی مصدق و جنبش ملی  مسئول حرکات  و اعمال تمام
اعضا در تمام مقاطع تاریخی  در این مورد نزدیک به  ۴۰ سال پس از این جریان
است؟   در عین حال لابد ملی شدن نفت هم در ذهن شما که به فاصله دو سه سالی
از این زمان صورت گرفت اصل
فاقد  اهمیت.
اگر از نوک سوزنی انصاف
برخوردار بودید، مشکل آن زمان که دریافت سهمی  عادلانه از نفت بود، و با
تشکیل این جبهه و کوشش آن و حمایت مردم  به موفقیت رسید را لااقل مشابه
شریط کنونی که باز در انتخابات تقلب شده، منافع ملی از همه طرف در خطر است و
فقدان یک جریان سیاسی که به اصل اشتراک، همکاری تصمیم گیری دمکراتیک، در
بر گیری اکثریت (inclusiveness) و یافتن راه چاره با استفاده از خرد جمعی
می یافتید.
فرح جان، نوشته های شما به کمال تاسف نه در بر گیرنده راه حال بلکه
بیشترجنبه بیان  کینه و نفرت از جمعی خاص (از جمله مصدق) ولی مهتمتر فاقد
هر گونه راه حل برای آینده است.  خوب حتی اگر به مثال خودتان خوب دقت می
کردید، و می خواستید به جبهه ملی که امروز به آن نیاز است و شما به آن خرده
می گیرید، کدام عقل سلیمی است که نگوید: اگر معیار نتیجه گیری درست است،
ما حاضریم چنین  جبهه ای باشد و ریسک اینکه ۳۵ سال بعد یکی مانند سنجابی از
کار در اید را به جان و دل خریداریم.  بزرگترین  تحریفی  که از گروه شما
بر می خیزد، اتصال روی کار  آمدن حکومت اسلامی به جبهه ملی است.   حال آنکه
نه بختیار که تا لحظه آخر عکس مصدق در دفتر کارش بود و نه  سنجابی هیچ
کدام با نه و بله گفتن خود در اصل این انقلاب واپس گرا نمی توانستند تاثیری
در آن زمان ایجاد کنند.  


نفس بست نشینی


نفس بست نشینی به معنای پذیرش نهاد خودکامه، و تظلم به درگاه اوست. این پیشینه‌ای به درازای تاریخ ما دارد. اما رنگ و بوی اسلامی گونه‌ای از آن که در تاریخ معاصر ما حضور داشته است نباید از دیده بیفتد. فرهنگ حاکم بر «بست نشینی» همان فرهنگ عمومی جامعه است. «بست نشین» اگر به رونق رسد همان کسی می‌شود که انتظار دارد دیگران در تظلم به درگاه او بست نشینند. مصدقی‌ها تنها تعفن مظلوم نمایی را می‌بینند و از آن لذت می‌برند و نه هیچ چیز دیگر.

فرهنگ مدرن اما، از قماشی دیگر است.

Farah Rusta

خدا نکنه مدل جبهه ملی‌ بعدی اینها باشند

Farah Rusta



خوب حالا که دوستان از شرّ جناب سرگرد پیروز خلاص شدند اگه اجازه بدین بر گردیم به سر مطلب اصلی‌.

آقای "منصف" آرزو کردند که پنجاه سال دیگه به اوضاع سال پیش نگاه کنیم و بگیم جبهه ملی‌ آینده از اینجا شروع شد!! خوب آرزو بر جوانان عیب نیست. ولی امیدوارم از جبهه ملی‌ ۶۰ سال پیش درس عبرتی گرفته باشین. از میان انهایی که به مصدق یعنی که وفادار ماندند مهمترین آنها از لیست مقاله این بلاگ انتخاب شدند تا بدانید آنهایی که حاضر نشدند با شاه همکاری کنند در چه مزبله‌ای خود را به کثافت زدند:


شمس‏الدين امير علايی: قاضی، وزير پيشين

اولین سفیر جمهوری اسلامی در پاریس   

دکتر کريم سنجابی: استاد دانشگاه تهران، از رهبران حزب‏های ميهن، ميهن‏پرستان و ايران
وزیر امور خارجه در کابینه بازرگان 

دکتر سيدعلی شايگان شيرازی: استاد دانشگاه تهران، وزير پيشين

به دستبوس خمینی رفته و از احداث جمهوری اسلامی ستایش کرد

این گروه از یاران مصدق از رهبران جبهه ملی‌ بودند که از شوق فرصت طلبی با افراطی‌ترین جریان اسلامی که عملا  در براندازی مصدق دست داشتند همخوابه شدند.

حال شما دانید و جبهه ملی‌ یا ضدّ ملی‌ آینده!


کلاه مخملی

پس اینطور ... ؟ :)

کلاه مخملی

سعی شو کردن .. !




Aynak Jan we have alot of work

by Fair on

I do get tired of this idiotic exchange, even though I never ask for it.    I am sorry your wonderful blog had to get hijacked by our resident fascist forces.

Indeed we need a revived 21st century JM.  The problem is, the melli cause took a huge setback 30 years ago.  The previous regime was a dictatorship, but the concept of melli was much more accepted than today.  TO be melli was a good thing, even under that government.  Today under the IRI, melli is a bad word, and is in direct contradiction to the system which is an unnationalistic one, and one which spends humongous resources trying to disspell the virtues of being melli, even though it has failed. This is the good news, as the people have loudly and clearly said so on the streets and in the dungeons of the fascists.

For the next contribution, we have a lot of work to do.  And the work is mostly cultural.  Until the dominant political culture in Iran is not melli, it doesn't matter that oil is nationalized, it will be in the hands of an anti melli government which is not answerable to the Iranian people and Iranian interests.   Our goal in the 21st century should be to promote the ideas of melligaraee, mardomsalaree, degarandeeshi, and jameeye madani.  We have to reach those in our society that believe in this wherever they are and give them all the support we can- be their voice and provide material, political, social, and moral support.  Jonbeshe sabz has already taken a huge step in this direction, and we should continue it.  Such a huge flood of enlightenment cannot be resisted by even the most vicious of fascists and ignorant elements of our society, we will prevail there is no doubt.  50 years from now we will look at the events of last year, and we will have another blog, "This is how the new JM was born".  When these ideas are accessible to the majority of people and not the elite educated in the west, that will be a contribution and an accomplishment far greater than the nationalization of any oil or resource.  It will be the nationalization of our brains.

In the hope of that day. 





What is our contribution for this century? Which1, 20th or 21st?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


I have no choice but to conclude

by aynak on

Most commentators on this thread are suffering either from

-attention deficit disorder,

-trying to systemically  block a legitimate discussion about a historical event that has great parallels to todays event.

Since does not allow editing of threads (if it did, I would have deleted all the posts related to SP exchange).

That a supporter of this regime would not want to have a normal discussion, it is understandable.   In Iran, they close the newspaper and put the writers in prison and torture and the rest we know.   It would only be natural for him to attempt to disrupt that exchange.

But the supposed "Anti-SP" folks, apparently have no problem falling or continuing on this exchange?   Did I hit a nerve by brining Pahlavi's to the mix?   Sorry, if you are not capable of seeing the parallels between rigged election then and now.

Do you guys never get tired of this idiotic exchange?   Can't you form a facebook group or text each other, and get a dosage of daily bashing?

I started this thread,  not to stop at just looking for parallels, but look for and discuss a 21st century JM, that would be/could be formed to be inclusive of forces for true democracy and freedom.

JM, as a movement and not a political party was the force that brought about oil nationalization, arguably our biggest national achievment in last century.

What is our contribution for this century? 


eSpit it out Sargord, cry ur heart out, let it out, we'll listen

by Anonymouse on

Reza Shah beat your grandpa?  Ahhhh it's ok, you can cry, it'll make you feel better.  Mohammad Reza Shah bother some other family member?  Ahhhh go ahead cry, it's ok, it'll make you feel better.  Grab a carton of tissues and let it out, cry and find some solace. 

Everything is sacred


My Daddy's Car is Faster than Yours!

by Faramarz on

Fast and Loose with the Facts

The only war and misery that the average Iranian has endured in the past century has come thanks to Khomeini and the Islamic Republic with contributions from another murderer called Saddam Hussein.

Reza Shah was a patriot and a brave soldier. He was planning a battle with the Allied forces and his strategy was to fight in the mountains of northern Iran where he was familiar with the terrain. But General (Sarlashkar, Airforce) Nakhjavan and General Riazi (Sartip, Zamini) had dismissed the soldiers already. The soldiers who were mostly from the villages, took their uniforms off and ran home!

In a famous exchange, the furious Reza Shah tells his driver to bring his gun and take him to Nakhjavan. The young Shah who was standing behind his father signals the driver not to do so because Reza Shah was angry. And Nakhjavan survived that day.

Aside from the British influence in Iran, the other major factor was the western-educated Toodeh party members that infiltrated in all aspects of the Iranian society and were supportive of any kind of linkage to the Soviet Union. Reza Shah was caught between the British spies and the Soviet sympathizers. The Iranian officers who were trained in Germany were arrested by the order of the Brits and sent to a prison in Egypt. They were released later on but their plane crashed on the way back in western Iran. The only survivor of the ordeal was General Zahedi who sent to Egypt by ground.


A question for my learned fellow ""ers:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

with no affiliations to the islamist regime:

Why do you allow this half carzed character hiding under user ID "Sargord Pirooz", to hijack, distract and degenerate your fine blogs by answering him? Dont you realise this is what he is paid for by his paymasters and  precisely what he wants to achieve? 

Just ignore the idiot!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

Sargord Mark

by Anonymous Observer on

My great grandfather beat your great grandfather and made him his b***h.  :-))


این سرگرد هم با این فّک و فامیل عتیقش خفمون کرد!


Everything is sacred

mash Ghanbar

But hey LOL

by mash Ghanbar on

LOnging for the day when sargord won't start a line with "but hey" LOL.  But hey... But Hey...

But hey... Shit. The thing is addictive,


Darius Jan Indeed you are right

by Fair on

Een adame badbakht mamlo az kambood va adam-e-hoveyat ast.  Eenghadr khode kharesh geej ast keh majboor ast be ajdade khodesh benazad.

Ma Iraniha yek masal dareem keh gooyaye halate een afrad ast:

"Man kasee hastame keh Rostam yali bood az Seestan"

What can I say about such a pathetic confused stateless person?  We have said it all.

Bechareh ammash:)

Darius Kadivar

And SPink You Owe an Apology to Aynak for Highjacking his blog

by Darius Kadivar on

and distracting attention from the main subject of his interesting blog ...

Now go and play in your own league ...


In fact I do vote in two countries

by Fair on

So you can go and jamesh kon badbakthe bevatan.  It takees a lot more than voting to serve your country. 

Of course, from a stateless terrorist like yourself, I know it is too much to expect to understand this concept.  You need to have a country first.  Badbakhte beechareh, taghsire khodet neest. vaghti bozorg meeshodi kesee beto hoveyat yad nadad.  To faghat yeh Amrikaee zadeh hastee keh Amrikeehaye deegar ra dar foroodgah metarsoonee.

Have a nice ride, aimless wanderer:)

Darius Kadivar

Fair Jaan SP despises Peasants But then claims to be Republican

by Darius Kadivar on

Liberté Egalité Stupidité !


Jooneh Amash ... If He has one that is ... LOL

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, I vote in two countries, Fair. Do you? No.

You were the one that ran from your country with his tail between his legs- not me! 

Cut and run is all you people are about. Pathetic. 

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan Go Enjoy Your Double Somersault ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Just make sure to Get it Right this time :



Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, well that's

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, well that's understandable from people like you, Darius; people that don't have the same collected sense of family history that mine do, on both sides.

I'm guessing that just three or four generations your family were peasants and goat herders? Otherwise I'm sure we'd have heard an earful about your family. Or maybe they servants, you seem to be so quick to worship.

But hey, it's to be expected from rejects of a developing country that nobody even heard of prior to 1979.  


France owes America nothing

by Fair on

badbakhte bevatan.  If France had not helped America would not even exist, and the Brits would have kicked your colonial derrieres. Big time.

As far as heroes, you wouldn't be able to spot one if he or she were 6 inches in front of your ugly face.  FYI, (I know it is beyond your comprehension capabilities) the REAL heroes are the youth and women in Iran who come out with empty hands for the whole world to see, faced with a stateless terrorist army of low life scum like yourself, and demand our basic universal human rights.  Of course, being the domestic terrorist you are, you turn your back on such heroes, while you are riding motorcycles in the USA (the land of your maternal grandparents allegedly) on your fat derriere.

So put a lid on it, and good luck finding a country:)

Darius Kadivar

Yeah Sure and My Great Grandfather was Napoleon Bonapart

by Darius Kadivar on

While My Mom Wrote the Lyrics to Waterloo ...


An Appropriate Title For the Upcoming Defeat of Your Air Head Republic ...




Please forgive Colonel Sanders

by Fair on

He doesn't realize that it really is not the issue who your grandfather or ancestor was, what matters is what you are.  For example Mossadeq's ancestors were members of the Qajar dynasty, one of the most incompetent rulers in Iran's history, almost as bad as the stateless terrorist mullahs that Colonel Sanders kisses up to. But that does not detract one bit from the achievements of this great Iranian.

The lost stateless chicken colonel clearly has a severe identity crisis.  On one hand he claims "it's the American in me that will not tolerate historical losers".  On the othe hand, he says his grandfather was a "loyal servant" to the very same historical loser.  Just like he is a loyal servant to the current day historical losers, except that Reza Shah did way more for Iran than any mullah or ape currently in power than the lost colonel chicken kisses up to.

Looks like being a loyal servant to a dictator runs in Colonel Sanders' family:) How unAmerican indeed. At least the chicken's grandpa could speak the language of his master, the little chicken however is another story:)

Happy motrocycle riding badbakhte bevatan. Hope you literally run into your fellow  basijis hezbollahi motorcycle riders, which given your collective stupidity is not beyond imagination:)

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

More links to other people's YouTube's video from the man that worships the not-so-great, or those many times worse.

But that's to be expected from someone whose country my maternal family helped bail out (re:liberate) during two world wars. My great-great uncle, while serving in the US Army, was injured during a German gas attack in France, World War I. And my great uncle was killed in action fighting Germans, while also in the US Army, in Alsace, France. You owe us, Darius.

Those are real heroes, Darius (and Fair). Not the phony baloney you're so keen on worshipping. Face it, pre-79 you people had losers for leaders. Utter llosers. Post-79, Iran's leaders have successfully resisted to date, the US, USSR, the EU, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, France, combined.  

But do post another YouTube link, Darius. It seems to be your only means of coping with what you are so obviously incapable of rebutting in an articulate manner.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

How can a mutt breed be loyal?

just asking no disrespect sure they were surronded but so many that may have been the cause of their fall.

Their (pahlavi's) legacies should be always reguarded with utmost respect Mr.mossadegh included .             Maziar

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan Say what ? ... Do Us A Favor ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Stop Bragging To Hectic Proportions about Your Treacherous Pedigree and We will Promise Not to Tell the Truth About Them ...



Sargord Pirouz

Hey, my family were loyal

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, my family were loyal public servants to Reza Shah, particularly my paternal grandfather, whom Reza Shah remarked from exile that he was the only one he should have trusted following the 1941 military debacle.

But Reza Shah "the great"? Come now, Darius, no leader could possibly be called that following the absolutely pitiful performance of Iran's armed forces in 1941.  

You people are so desperate to elevate pre-79 leaders, you're willing to elevate the historically uneven as well as the wholly unsatisfactory and disreputable.

I don't know, maybe it's the American in me that will not tolerate historical losers (Reza Shah) and loser-stooges (Mohammad Reza Shah). Being French, perhaps that comes more natural to you, Darius.


My Point of View

by Faramarz on

These are fascinating pictures from an interesting time in our not-so-distant past. Mossadegh’s relationship with the young Shah is quite interesting. The more I read or listen to the folks who were around those days; a fuller and more complex picture emerges.

Mossadegh was a skilled politician and as Farah Khanoom says he knew when to faint to change the situation to his advantage. But he suffered from an illness too. Also, Mossadegh lived on Kakh Street not too far from the Shah’s palace, and this was not a MLK or Gandhi like march. Some time earlier, Mossadegh whose life was threatened took refuge in the same palace and set up a tent in the yard where academics and intellectuals would come and visit him.

Mossadegh wanted Shah to be a constitutional monarch and leave the governing to him. But the late Shah wanted more power. The clash came to a head when Shah wanted to appoint the Defense Minister himself and Mossadegh refused.

The Brits and BP played a pivotal role in all of this. One of the more interesting figures is Mr. Hossain Maki (picture 15) who was a close associate of Mossadegh and delivered a fiery speech in Abadan during the nationalization struggle. Eric Drake, the General Manager of BP fled to Basra and ran the operations from there. Mr. Maki fell out of favor with Mossadegh and later on Mossadegh appointed Mr. Bazargan who was a thermodynamics professor at Tehran University to Iran’s oil top post.

Picture 14 with dog watching the crowd is the best! 

Darius Kadivar

Strange the PM never Removed Fatemi for Similar Death Rants ?.

by Darius Kadivar on

Against his Sovereign whom he called a Traitor along with the Founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty: Reza Shah Known to this Day as "the Great" ...

See Dr Hossein Fatemi Bio Here

You know the Husband of the Following Slut : Parivash Fatemi

The Lady who Attended the Conference in Tehran for Iranian Expats given by Our PREEEEEEZIIIIIIIDEEEEEEENT Mahboub !

But I guess that is where the Iranian genius resides: In The Art of Getting Our Priorities WRONG !

We Call for Revolution when We should have called for Reform (i.e: Have the King Reign But Not Rule according to the Constitution) and Call for Reform ( i.e: à la Khatami) When We should be Calling for Revolution ...

But well I guess the Francophile in you should be familiar with the French expression:

Qui Se Ressemblent S'Assemblent ...

Mais malheureusement pas pour le meilleur mais souvent pour le pire !

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