Ahmadi Nejad/Khamaneh-ee deadly tango with Israel


by aynak


Let's see.   Two Iranian warships are headed toward the Suez canal to pass through.    The goal, is , for them to  go over to Syria where supposedly they will train Syrian. 

The reality here  is that Iran's navy, pre or post revolution never  amounted to much more than a bunch of scrap metal.  Some of the navy ships even in the heydays of Shah's "military might", were the refurbished WWII ships which were sold to Iran at a premium, and his majesty would look as they would perform silly parades and exercises like shooting down a pigen etc.   You catch my drift.

The question though is, why would Islamic Regime, send these mightly force of two ships, that are more vulunrable than sitting ducks to pass through Suez canal at this moment in time?    That is, why after 32 years of not even attempting this, NOW a sudden urge,  to do this, and what are they trying to accomplish?

Well, for starters, ever since Egypt uprising the Israel's have been crying foul, as they see their position as the "ONLY democracy in the region" come under serious question.   I mean, if things move forward with Military giving in to civilian government in Egypt and say wew have a Turkey like government in Egypt, then what is so special about Israel?

 Time for good old Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad and Khamaneeh-ee to come to rescue of the old enemy Israel!  In this case, U.S is having to take a hard look at its annual budget with every penny spent under scrutiny.   Schools are getting squeezed out of money for teachers, health cares system, roads, state government, ...... everything has to give, because U.S is facing a huge budget deficit crisis.

In the middle of all this, someone has to also ask, what about the 3billion+ aid to Israel and 1billion+ aid to Egypt?   Egypts aid much like Pakistan aids, is mostly military.   So in effect it is the military industeraial complex that benefits from that aid.   In addition, who is the  enemy of Egypt?  And who is the enemy of Pakistan that requires them to get these huge military aid packages?   Last I checked Egypt is in peace with Israel, and plus, I doubt if U.S is giving Egypt the aid to counter Israel?!    Bottom line, will Egypt survive without U.S military aid? You to to be kidding if you dont know the answer to that.

But the aid to Israel, is directly or indirectly used to:

--Force Israel agression down the throat of Palestinians and of course the neighobring countries.

With very --unclear-- benefit to U.S interest, but mostly headaches.

Now the whole picture becomes crystal clear.   Islamic Regime, needs a threat of Israel, to supress its internal opposition.   A huge rally is scheduled for Monday, but there is more bewing. Things are looking very good for --democracy-- seeking Iranian, as the whole regions power structure is fundamentally being shaken by the people.  What could serve the Islamic Regime better, than another threat by Israel or may be even an attack?

 Israel can go to U.S and say, see we really deserve this 3B in aid, may be more.   They may also take this provocation,  to do a preemptive strike.  I mean what more evidence would they ever need?

 Islamic Regime would love an attack verbal but physical is preferred, to try to stir shit in the region and most importantly clamp down even harder on internal pro-freedom forces.   "Doshamn" as Khamanaeh-ee likes to call anyone who hates his idiotic rule, is attacking us, in the  found memories he has of the Iran-Iraq war, when for 8 years all opposition in Iran was pretty much dicimated by the then Khomanee.

A win-win situation for the two bullies in the region.   But who will pay the price?

Is there more intelligence in the world to stop this?



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Thanks for all the comments

by aynak on

Bottom line:   Islamic Regime is looking for a fight, and there are few others in the region who look forward to one as well.  Clearly Ahmadi-Nejad/Khamaneh-ee are hoping for a retaliation and a knee jerk reaction to their provocation.

We will see how things will unfold, Monday will be a big day.


This just out:  Egypt approved navy ships passage



May we all have good dreams.


Great POST, as usual, Aynak!

by P_J on

This ATTEMPT seems to be this DESPICABLE regime's last draw, trying HARD to DIVERT public attention both internally and EXTERNALLY/internationally!

Mr. Gilani, these are old tactics that have seldom worked!   People of Middle East are sick and tired of having to put up with these remnants of the colonial past and are doing something about it.

As Aynak correctly observed these “NEW” Colonialists are only interested in dominating the military, protecting their, ASSETS, the propped up dictators, i.e. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, rest of the leaders in Middle East, and STOOGES in Africa, Central and South America.   Military Industrial Complex plays a very HEAVY and important role here!    Selling military JUNK, to these propped up paranoid dictators that are already afraid of their own shadow, furthering their false sense of insecurity in exchange for nations GOLD in hundreds of billions!   They are also quite creative starting wars, whenever the military sale dwindles, as we saw in Iran Iraq war!

So the British STYLE imperialism is alive and well in place, only the name and the METHOD has changed.  

Jeesh Daram

Mr. Gilani

by Jeesh Daram on

well said and I agree with you.


Great blog and agree that IRI is looking to divert attention

by Bavafa on

Maybe an actual confrontation with Israel will help them to divert Iranian people's attention from the oppressive policies inside the country. I hope the West is smart enough not to take the bait and I hope Iranian are brave enough not to fall for the ruthless tactic.



A Distraction

by Faramarz on

The Regime tried to take advantage of the situation in Egypt and sneak a Frigate and a supply ship through Suez Canal to Syria, supposedly to supply Hezbollah.

Well, it turned out that they needed the Egyptian military’s ok to get the Naval ships through the Canal, which meant that the ships were going to be boarded and inspected. And the Regime backed down and did not ask for a permit and the ships headed back towards Jeddah and the Gulf of Aden.

These ships are not a threat to anything and can be sunk in seconds.

As for the Regime itching for a war, I believe that they are looking for a low-level confrontation, and not a war. A war with the US mans the end of the Regime in less than 2 weeks (ala Iraq, Yugoslavia.) However, a minor confrontation like the seizure of the British naval boat of a few years ago or even a limited give and take in the Strait of Hormuz gives the Regime some propaganda tools and a free rein to crush the internal opposition.


An obvious, pathetic diversionary tactic by the regime.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

whilst anti regime demonstrations are picking up pace and, regime is risking complete loss of control, all of a sudden we hear copule of Navy boats on their way to Suez canal! To do what? who knows and who really cares?! 

Friends, I urge you to ignore this stunt and focus on supporting the green movement by any means possible: publicity at places of work and study, attending demos in front of Regime embassies, signing petitions against executions, anything. I believe that things are going to get rather nasty and bloody back home in weeks and months to come, time for compromise and reform is over, if there was ever any indeed.......

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Maryam Hojjat

I agree with you Aynak &

by Maryam Hojjat on

COP.  Irr/IRI is thristy for another war.


Of course

by Cost-of-Progress on

The regime is itching for a conflict. That's their ticket for another 20-30 years of imposing misery and looting what's left of Iran. I've been saying that for a long time.

As for Israeli aid, they need not worry. The republican House - and Congress in general - will never pull that funding so, that's a non-issue.

By the way, your suggestion that the aid to Israel is to opress the Pals exclusively is off base. Right or wrong, the aid is primarily to ensure Israel's survival in an otherwise hostile environment. The Pals are simply an entity which Israelis have been dealing with, which has unfortunately turned brutal at times.

Hey, think of it this way, while the Israeli's are brutal to the Pals, at least they value their own people.  And it ain't none of beeswax either way!