The U.S. Should Take Control of the Strait of Hormuz


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

The United States should put a preemptive end to IR’s belligerence and take operational control of the Strait of Hormuz.  Why should the world be taken hostage to the threats of a terrorist and out of control regime?  Taking control of the Strait is extremely simple given the extent of American, British and French naval forces in the region.  The United States alone currently has two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.  Other Western nations also have destroyers and other naval assets in the area.  So why not just take control of the Strait?  The U.S. can position ships around the Strait and declare its intention to secure it.  It should then stop and search every Iranian ship passing through the Strait to ensure the IR won’t conduct a terrorist attack or try to throw in an obsolete mine or two.  That should put an end to IR’s threats and the civilized world can rest easy knowing a terrorist regime is in check, at least in that regard.

And trust me, if faced with the situation, the IR will only respond with precisely two things: jack and shit, just like it did (or didn’t for that matter) after Operation Praying Mantis, when half of its navy was destroyed in a matters of hours.  The U.S also shouldn’t be worried about China or Russia.  Those has-beens are no match for our firepower. They will hart-o-poort for a little while, but will then STFU when they realize who the boss is.  Plus, we have every right to do this.  The Strait of Hormuz is the bloodline of the industrialized world, and it’s being threatened with closure by a bunch of terrorists on a daily basis. 

So, what are you waiting for America?  Why do you take shit form these murdering terrorists?  Remember:  the only language that the mullahs understand is force.  They will never enter into a grand bargain with anyone.  Remember 1988?  Saddam destroyed half their cities when the grand akhoond drank the poison chalice.  Not that we should attack Iranian cities, but when it comes to showing the IR who’s in charge, the only way to do it is by force.  Remember that piece of advice and you’ll be all set.      


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Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon and Doctor jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I think part of the problem with this crowd is that they really haevn't understood what the blog says.  Perhaps they never even read it.  No one is calling for an invasion of Iran.  Taking operational control of the Strait, which, as Fesenjoon correctly points out, is an international waterway--that does NOT belong to Iran--does not invlove an invasion of Iran.  It will be a policing operation to bring stability to the world markets and to ensure that IR terrorists do not hold the world hostage by their daily bthreats to sabotage it and stop the flow of oil and other goods going in and out of the Persian Gulf.  



by jmyt17 on


How sad we all can be and hurt each other wothout thinking.

Let is learn some-things in our life.

Iran is belong to Iranian.


Hypocrites' Tissues!

by Demo on

are all wet out of massaging their foreign masters' backs 24/7!

PS. Quran has a full chapter on 'Hypocrites' if the below commentator wants to learn about his/her geneology in details. It also explains how to ID a treasonous character whether on cyber space or on earth. The book has been just puplished today & Mohamad is well & alive living among us!


Demo & Other opposing parties, FYI

by Azarbanoo on

Currently. US, Germany, UK and other few contries are in complete Control of Strait of Hormos.  Akhoonds and thugs have been only BSing themselves and can not do damn thing.  except OO, OO....


AO, Nobel, Great & First Time IDEA

by Azarbanoo on

You are absoluterly Right .  Why US has not taken such action yet? 

P.S.  Demo go read your Quran, you do not understand 21th century issues and still living in Mohamad's time.


American seizure

by Frashogar on

Of the SoH would constitute an unequivocal act of war as well as piracy under international martime law to which the United States could theoretically face international sanctions.


Mohammad Ala

by Fesenjoon2 on

The cowards are those who dont have the guts to live in Iran, and instead reside in the west and wear neckties, and yet have the audacity to come here and call anyone against that bloodthrirsty regime a "Coward".

Your pathetic Islamic Republic is so hated in the world that even our Afghan brothers are now burning flags of IRAN! 


Dr. Mohandes

AO jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Deess eeez a esptial massage ferom de hed quovarterz of our forces eeen iran okay?

My ferende you eynt seen aneeeteeng yet ok? vee have mokets...oops...i mean akerokets...(u houston rockets and hakeem olajavan...akh what a teem dey ver bak een de dayz...) anyvey....I lost my thoughts and tracks! ve fire you those rokets and u better run and hyde in hyde park, no keedeeng, hide een de basement of ur home. 

Ve attak esraeel and amerika all in one alredy told dat ajoozeh, heelary keeleenton to tell ahad barak, ke hey buddy...ur days are noombered...i forgot what the number was...but you katch my deereefft.

to make it short and not tall, vee veel not let this essteeryt go. vee veel klose it, vee have estaysioned soldiers to sleep een it, they complain about water being too cold, but vee tell them...khafe ella kotak mikhoreen (how you say that in eengeeleesh?)

Sarjoon ghoochali heemself checks on dem, every day. Een case you ver vondereeng i grajoated ferm barakley U top of my class (on the rooftop...they had to call the firefighters to get me down...areh...i vaz very good)

But seriously guys.

I have the utmost respect for everyone you fellow commenters on this threat and not to mention the man who has written this blog, and i thinks he makes a whole bunch of sense. This has nothing to do with giving our nation away, this only takes care of a bunch of loudmouth, selfish, ruthless, mama's boy terrorists who stop at nothing to carry out their goals and what is on their agenda. It is apparent in everything they do and say. 

Someone would have to teach them a lesson.

So please don't imagine the worst , and trust them to get the job done.  


The Strait of Hormuz is an

by Fesenjoon2 on

The Strait of Hormuz is an international waterway. It doesnt belong to Iran. Therefore Iran has no right over it. See:


In closing the strait, Iran would be claiming both the property of Oman and the UAE, but also breaking the agreement with regards to international waters between almost all maritime nations.

The US Navy is there to make sure that doesnt happen.


bring Mosa67 back

by مآمور on

and he will mobilize million of user ids to invade the Persian gulf and strait of Hourmoz!! it will be the next hot hit PS3 game!!

 persianssssss, the thousand user ids of Zionist empire have descended upon us!!

I wear an Omega watch

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

When one thinks a person cannot get any lower, there comes a surprise.  Iran has been hurt more by so-called Iranians than non-Iranians.  Would Iranians forgive cowards who betrayed or are betraying their motherland?


The Traitors' Hair Colors!

by Demo on

The 'blond' hair color was just like a 'password' to bring the readers' attentons to the oft-repeated of US patterns attacking/occupying other countries in the past with the support of those countries' traitors with different 'hair colors!' Now, here we one such example of that asking openly for US to take over part of our country! Comprehende now? And what is that got to do with GOD, 'Arbadeh in Square', and etc.????? Shame!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on





Anonymous Observer

Demo- it has nothing to do with anyone dying her hair blond

by Anonymous Observer on

It does, however, have everything to do with there always being a bigger fish....unless, of course, you're the only surviving superpower in the world.

See, I don't believe in the fictional God that you believe in.  I believe in the god of personal responsibility.  You stand in the middle of a square and "arbadeh," looking for someone to pick a fight with, and you can rest assured that someone bigger than you will find you and kick your rear end.  Japan did that by committing genocide and it received what was coming.  The IR is not (yet) committing genocide, but it is threatening to hold the world hostage by blocking the Strait.  And that is when it doesn't have (in military terms) a pot to piss in.  So, the bigger fish should prevent it from going nuts.  It's the least costly (in terms of life and property) than a full scale military conflict.  That's all.

Now, happy Ramadan to you.  Go eat your "sahari" or "iftar," whatever is applicable in your time zone. 


US Military View of 'Joons'

by Demo on

The whole world population of 'Joons' (i.e. humans' lives) have no meanings to the Tyrant US Military. And if it was OK for them to nuke Japanese civilians by hundreds of thousands in WWII per AO joon's opinion, why not let'm have it! After all are not we as Iranians already communicating in English? Are not our ladies in love with turning their hair colors blonde? is not the 'face book' spreading like a poisonous worm among our people? Are not we already OK with US navy presence in Persian Gulf? Is not Persian Gulf now called Gulf & soon named as International Gulf? Then why not with the ultimate sale offer of 'come on 'joon' boys, you can have it all!'   

Anonymous Observer

Demo joon

by Anonymous Observer on

what's wrong with a more responsible body having control over the most important international waterway in the world? I'm not talking about attacking Iran. Just taking control of the Strait. It will make life easier for everyone and perhaps even avoid war.
In fact, if I was a conspiracy theory person, I would wonder why the U.S. has not done so yet. Is it to keep the situation ripe for a military conflict?



by Demo on

No, No, No need to read the blog's content as its title speaks for itself & with a No, No, No surprise Your Majesty Cheerleader is already in love with it! And No, No, No wonder the Wilepedia correctly explains the bloger's logo as "thus always to tyrants!" Either straight way or strait whoremuz way!

"Science flies you to the moon (No, No, No!).  Religion flies you into buildings (No, No, No!). Ignorance flies you into darkness (Yes, Yes, Yes!)"





Yes Yes Yes! US + Israel should take over SoH!


If for nothing but for the sake of security and lower oil prices.

Shlomo is for US/Israeli invasion of IRR.