The U.S. Should Take Control of the Strait of Hormuz


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

The United States should put a preemptive end to IR’s belligerence and take operational control of the Strait of Hormuz.  Why should the world be taken hostage to the threats of a terrorist and out of control regime?  Taking control of the Strait is extremely simple given the extent of American, British and French naval forces in the region.  The United States alone currently has two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.  Other Western nations also have destroyers and other naval assets in the area.  So why not just take control of the Strait?  The U.S. can position ships around the Strait and declare its intention to secure it.  It should then stop and search every Iranian ship passing through the Strait to ensure the IR won’t conduct a terrorist attack or try to throw in an obsolete mine or two.  That should put an end to IR’s threats and the civilized world can rest easy knowing a terrorist regime is in check, at least in that regard.

And trust me, if faced with the situation, the IR will only respond with precisely two things: jack and shit, just like it did (or didn’t for that matter) after Operation Praying Mantis, when half of its navy was destroyed in a matters of hours.  The U.S also shouldn’t be worried about China or Russia.  Those has-beens are no match for our firepower. They will hart-o-poort for a little while, but will then STFU when they realize who the boss is.  Plus, we have every right to do this.  The Strait of Hormuz is the bloodline of the industrialized world, and it’s being threatened with closure by a bunch of terrorists on a daily basis. 

So, what are you waiting for America?  Why do you take shit form these murdering terrorists?  Remember:  the only language that the mullahs understand is force.  They will never enter into a grand bargain with anyone.  Remember 1988?  Saddam destroyed half their cities when the grand akhoond drank the poison chalice.  Not that we should attack Iranian cities, but when it comes to showing the IR who’s in charge, the only way to do it is by force.  Remember that piece of advice and you’ll be all set.      


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by zolfali1 on

or all this anger, hatred and frustration with jews will raise your blood pressure to mortality level!

BTW, i very much doubt you are even iranian.

Immortal Guard

Always the easy way out!

by Immortal Guard on

Just resort to name-calling and offensive language.

I think that it is perfectly okay for the Jews to invest all their money and effort in the neighbouring Arabs in order to have peace. 

You advocate military attack on Iran and then you want all the Iranians to agree with you?

I bet if you could arrange for the annihilation of Iran in order to make definitive peace with the Arabs in exchange then you would do that. I just don't understand why you pester the Iranians.

Ya just continue your venemous Iran-bashingand please yourselves.

Dr. Mohandes Jaan it is amazing that Iran despite all the sanctions and villifications still ranks much higher then Egypt when it comes to GDP.


Should? US already control Hormoz, Persian Gulf, Oman sea...

by MM on

That is why we hear some Iranian navy vessels being moved to the Caspian sea.


Illusion of War pays bills.

by alimostofi on

The US could have taken over the Straits of Hormuz in 1979. But it does not and will not because it will be worse off.

In my article // you will see the argument I am presenting.

The US military needs the illusion of war to keep the military jobs. And the same is true for the IRGC.

Once you have any situation where the IRGC are not a good excuse for the US to scare its people with, and vice-versa then the people of US or Iran will not have any reason to support extremists.

What I am saying is not new.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

Dr. Mohandes

I hear you pal

by Dr. Mohandes on

and i believe you 100%.

it is a disease that has afflicted our brethren unfortunately. some  just don't want to detach themselves and like a psychotic patient continue to harp on it, as if their livelihood depends on it.

No wonder other nations are on a fast track to progress and advance and we are still...trying to get our sh...together on the most basic and primitive concepts in life.


Anonymous Observer

DM jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Really, I don't need to teach the Palestinians anything my firend.  They're doing just fine on their own.  They know how to handle the Israelis without being antisemitic and belligerent.  Seriously man, all of my Palestinian friends (and I know quite a few) are reasonable and realistic in their approach to Middle Eastern issues. Much more than I can say for my Iranian friends.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


Dude, if i were you man, i would welcome the offer and take the job at the and put some sense into their readership as well.

This could be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity of a lifetime offered to you by the great great enemy:))))))))))

Just take the offer.

P.S. Would you happen to think that our buddy here had anything to do with this new Iranian athletes are allowed to compete against Joooooo jooooes of israel? 

Anonymous Observer

Listen Auschwitz Guard

by Anonymous Observer on

This blog has nothing to do with Jews or Israel.  Take your Jew hate somewhere else.  Listen to yourself disparaging people on racial basis in the 21st century, "Jews and Arabs are both Semitic people."  Who even thinks like that in the 21st century aside from a miserable racist?

Immortal Guard

Go to

by Immortal Guard on

You don't like Iranians criticizing Zionist Jews then go and post your blogs on

Jews and Arabs are both Semitic people and as such better understand each other!

You Zionist Jews have such a low tolerance threshold it does not surprise me.


Thanks much AO

by Demo on

Your posted video was awsome! Thanks much for it & thanks also for the complement. Demo certainly doesn't desrve it.  Hoping you as well as all the dears below would forgive me for any of my overreactions. You are no longer anonymous  in my book & wishing you the best to come. Always.

Anonymous Observer

Zolfali, Azarbanoo, Amoo jaan, ILI and Demo

by Anonymous Observer on

Zolfali, Azarbanoo, ILI, Amoo Jaan: Thanks for your comments.

Demo: since you posted a video on my blog, I feel obligated to return the favor.  Especially since you're my favorite Hojjat-ol-eslam val moslemeen and it is Ramadan after all.  So, here you go.  I dedicate this, a song by one of my favorite bands, to you.  Note the title of the song, since we're on the subject of ships, water, etc.:


Anonymous Observer

Seriously Fesenjoon

by Anonymous Observer on

Dude, these degenerate antisemites...makes one embarrassed to be an Iranian.  We have GOT to be the most antisemitic nation on this planet.  Hardly, if ever, do I have a conversation with an Iranian--of all walks of life--without it devolving into an unprovoked Jew bashing session by that subject.  By contrast, my Palestinian friends are not antisemitic at all.  They have their problems with Israel--and rightfully so.  But they are in no way deranged Jew haters like a lot of Iranians are.


Keep Open Straight of Hormuz (KOSOH) Operation....


will begin this Fall. And, IRR will fall this Fall as well.

Shlomo loves to stick it to IRR


Immortal guard, baba relax

by zolfali1 on

Dont believe whoever told you that you are immortal! all this hate and anger of jews must be raising your blood pressure to explosion level, and will eventualy lead to a heart attack in farang! then you'd become a "dinasour"


Dainasur and amu maad agha

Thanks Demo for your ample love for Iran and other people!

by Dainasur and amu maad agha on


thanks for sharing the link. I wonder who the beautiful voice belongs to .

I read your comment on Maamoor's blog and I was really moved by that.thanks again! 


hey AO

by Fesenjoon2 on

Dude, you should write a blog about guacamole recipes, and watch how the blog eventually starts getting posts from some low-life posters attacking Jews and Zionists!

Immortal Guard

Persian Empire in the making!

by Immortal Guard on

You are right Amoo Jaan (or is it Aim You Jew Now?)! Everybody came and went but the Persians remained. I cannot say the same thing about Israel. I am sure that once the Jews lose the governmental power in Israel most Jews will leave again like in the past. Then Jews can only live off of others.

Now exactly because of the Jews' lack of strategic thinking a Persian Empire is slowly forming. They have started by initially referring to it as the Shia Crescent. Just be a little bit patient. The name might evolove as well.

I think the U.S. should do something about the increasing number of random shootings on its territory. By the way why are such shootings so prevalent in Virginia and Denver?

And here is an example of U.S. military position on Iran:


Calmer heads shall prevail. I think the real tough question to ask is not whether Israel will survive in the Middle-East in the long run but how long the Zionist Jews will be able to keep the majority Christian population as hostages in the United States!



No Apology Needed!

by Demo on

It is cyberspace after all, Dear Azarbanoo. But it is still very kind of you & thank you. Whether we like it or not Arabs are our neighbors. We can't be in war with them forever. Rather than fighting with them & putting them down, perhaps we could set aside our senses of superiority & leave at peace with them. And if Mohammad & Ali names were Jesus & John the Baptist accordingly, we were still going to blame them for our own shortcomings. Weren't we?

Anonymous Observer

Faramarz -- I agree, but

by Anonymous Observer on

The U.S, should be more "in your face" with the IR.  Just to shut those terrorists up once and for all.  That's how you have to treat these gangsters.


Demo, Thanks for Utube Song

by Azarbanoo on

It was beautiful and very great one.  

I apologize for my earlier comment to you.  I just do not understasnd Iranians who are very much into ISLAM and Arab personalities such as Ali & Mohammad who have done so much harm to IRAN & IRANI.  That is only my confusion which is not explained.

Dr. Mohandes

AO and Faramarz

by Dr. Mohandes on

Azz you kan seekh ...see...Our ajant who leaved the last comment has put the last screw in the box and has told it like it is. The see camel they don't see kamel. Vay to their daily lives if they even deereem oif hamleying us (what was the word for in hamla be koofte tabrizi?)

so anyways. Our agents are very quick andcome toroo fora us all the time. we  know we can rely on them. So afarin to this one. your grade is a 20. agent joon, when you come back to the center. your pizzaa will be on me (literally speaking) for your gift and prize.

I must go now, i am getting some new enssterok-shen from the big kahoona ...yes sir. yes sir. i am comeeeng. let me find my dampayees...


What a great idea

by عموجان on

Iranian trust American more than anybody else?

It seams since Persian Empire was gone we never had control of it, every body come and go as they please at least they can keep it safe from IR 

Immortal Guard

This is just hypothetical talk!

by Immortal Guard on

This is just hypothetical talk!

But even if it happened here is the answer:


I think that the Zionist Jews will see an invasion of Iran only in their dreams!


Attn: Real 'Iranians Joons'

by Demo on

Even though the real  'Iranians' seem to be non-existant on this site, but what the heck, good things are to be shared even with the 'hypocrites' & the 'traitors:'


Keep on truckin!



It's already been done

by Faramarz on




For all practical purposes, the US military is in complete control of the Strait of Hormuz. That's why in spite of the occasional threats by the Regime the oil flows freely through the Straits and the Persian Gulf and the price of oil has come down.

As a good law enforcement exercise, you stay out of sight to keep things calm, but ready to come in and kick some ass when needed. Also, please note that the Regime despite all the hot air, has stayed close to the Iranian shores and has not even once come close to the US ships. They know quite well that if they get reckless, they will get a warning, then a shot across the bow and then a quick meeting with their creator!



Good blog dear AO

by zolfali1 on

Many good and valid points. go easy on regime cronies. they all have been trained in wrestling in the hozeh before getting on that plane to toronto, london or LA!

Anonymous Observer

Ala should read this blog

by Anonymous Observer on

// See how people value their Iranian passports?  And you raised your hand and swore allegiance to the U.S. just to get a passport.   Tsk, tsk, tsk...what a traitor.... 

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Mr. Ala

by Artificial Intelligence on

Again very sad to see your repeated hypocrisy displayed below. You only support IRI and their apologist. Its people like you how give a bad name to Iran and Iranians. It is shameful to see a "professor" giving direct & indirect support to the IRI which has  done more damage to Iran than the British, USA, Russians and Arabs combined.

IRI supporters and apologist  give a new meaning to the word Khaen! 



Anonymous Observer

Demo joon - don't stress yourself too much

by Anonymous Observer on

With zaboob-e roozeh and everything.  Go take a nap and comment after Iftar and "do'a va sana."

Anonymous Observer

You're right in a couple of ways Ala

by Anonymous Observer on

Like here:

Iran has been hurt more by so-called Iranians than non-Iranians.

You're right.  Look at you for example.  You hold an American passport, post a picture of yourself with a tie, make your money in the U.S., yet you're a mouthpiece for the most oppressive regime that has ruled Iran in its modern history.  You also portray a negative image of Iranians by your support of antisemites and racists such as your BFF ILoveIran.  

And here:

Would Iranians forgive cowards who betrayed or are betraying their motherland?

I don't know.  Will they?  Look at yourself again for another example.  You brag about being on IC since 1998.  Can you point us to single comment or article of yours during that long tenure that is critical of the IR?  I bet you can't.  Now, that's the dictionary definition of a coward. You are scared to say a single negative thing about the IR because you travel to Iran on regular basis.  Either that or you're totally deaf and blind not to see what the IR has done to Iran.