Is war with Iran avoidable?


AmirAshkan Pishroo
by AmirAshkan Pishroo

What are the chances of the US and Israel taking part in any military strike against Iran? I am speaking of war, of flame, and of ashes. And of what, for Iran, avoiding war means. In another sense: is war avoidable?

What does the US say at this time. In a word, in two words, in a word or two, a certain number of activities will have to be avoided by Iran. Among them, enrichment of uranium.

For two decades, Iran hid its enrichment program. And, visibly, the suspicion was that Iran was trying to proceed from atom to bomb in obliqueness. More or less secretly, it goes without saying, and that is why we must tell the secret, not reveal it, even if it is the secret of a non-secret, a secret which is a secret for no one.

Let’s not beat about the bush: what is at issue is the concept of right, and of knowing whether or up to what point one can rely on it. Iran says it is simply exercising its right under an international treaty on nuclear weapons known as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allow it to develop nuclear power, including the technology needed to fuel power stations.

No one would dispute the very strong “logic” of this response if Iran was trustworthy. And this is exactly the point at which the US violently denies the Iranian right to nuclear technology: "we don’t trust you, stop enrichment activities."

But this time, it is not higher level of enrichment nor lower level enrichment to be avoided, but war. All the strategies of avoiding war come down to talking to enemies, using force without using weapons: negotiation is a form of engagement—like war, but less dangerous and much cheaper.

Talk is always truly “cheap.” It empowers itself by having a force as cheap resource to avoid, to flee, to dodge war. But even when talking fails, which happens every day, still the golden rule applies: try, try again. For talking remains the absolute solitude of a passion without martyr, without humiliation and defeat to either sides.

The Geneva Talks, in which Under Secretary of State William Burns attended, was, indeed, the mark of a distinct shift in policy, and the last chance to avoid war, given that the Bush administration is against talking to enemies, although it has made an important exception with regard to the North Koreans.

Indeed, I should like to see more of negotiation as something of a smart dipolomacy towards a peaceful solution to the nuclear crisis. For we liberals think that the realm of possibility expands as long as we keep talking, and thereby disclosing a new set of possible worlds.

But perhaps it is just too soon for a judgment to be rendered on whether war or peace will prevail. For both America and Iran are, to put it mildly, still going strong.


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programmer craig

Saxons are jews who left

by programmer craig on

Saxons are jews who left Media 2700 years ago at the request of the persian king.


I think I read something about that on some Iranian lunatic's blog... he was claiming the Saxons were actaully Sarmatians, or something. Based entirely on a similarity of name, right? lol.


That is where the name "Saxon" comes from. Meaning, "those who carry a Seax". Like "Frank means "Those who carry a Francesca".

Nice try, though! I'm pretty sure I'm 100% Angle (not Saxon) so I guess my part of the "Anglo-Saxon" heritage is free of jewsih blood! Thank God! By the way, have you notified the descendants of the Sarmatians that they are Jews yet?


Zion wants to see "Goyim" kill each other

by ryan (not verified) on

Whoever wrote this article really don't understand the relationship between the Anglo-Saxon and the Jewish people of Israel. Both are one people given birth by the Iranian people. Saxons are jews who left Media 2700 years ago at the request of the persian king. Saxons are members of the 10 tribes. Hello were back!!!! Britain restablished Israel and the U.S. armed Israel to the teeth. You have to ask yourself why would the Anglo-Saxon nations back a small country like Israel over a billion strong Muslim people. Europe Is saturated with 2700 years of jewish influence and mixing of blood. The 10 tribes of Israel have returned home to stay. Christian and jews have learned to live in peace. Why can't the hate minded Muslum learn from this.
Remember this - we are all sons of Adam,sons of Noah, all white and have a long history. Working together makes for a bright future, war with the Anglo-Saxons means the distruction of the great people of Iran. Irans history is a history of wars and setbacks and failures. Make peace with the world and with your white brothers the Israeli's.

Mehdi Mazloom

War could be avoidable

by Mehdi Mazloom on

First one has to separate the Iranian people, from that despotic and backward regime. particularly when more then 80% of them do not approve, nor support it.

You see, the core issue here is not whether Iranian people have the right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Thy do, and their scientists are smart enough to be able to accomplish this task. The main question is, should a regime which believes in messianic and deranged view that, a destruction of another country which it does not share its religious values and belief with this Mullah. And if it results with death of millions and millions of people, so be it. Should people with these sets of beliefs be allowed to have their finger on the nuclear trigger. the answer is resounding NO.

The truth is, through its proxy support of negative elements in the region, is behend efforts to destabilize the region. Israel & Pals. Israel Lebanon, and Syria. trying to undermine other Arab regimes in order to gain hegemony of the region.

There is a vast differences between Cyrus the Great and Ahmadinejat the midget. 


Zion wants to see "Goyim" kill each other

by Anonymous in D.C. (not verified) on

Nothing would make Zion happier than to see Christian American "Goyim" killing Muslim Iranian "Goyim". There is only one Chosen People in this world, and it's not Muslims, Christians, etc. The Yiddish word for non-Jews are "shiksa" (female) and "shaygetz" (male), which mean filth or vermin. In other words, 99.8% of the world's population, i.e. the non-Chosen People, are filth or vermin.


Says it all

by Zion on

`For we liberals think that the realm of possibility expands as long as we keep talking`


War can only happen if both

by not anonymous (not verified) on

War can only happen if both sides miscalculate and think that they have a shot at winning. The Islamic Republic has zero chance of winning this war even through their proxies in the region.

Islamic Republic is outright treasonous if they think even a surgical airstrike going to help them to stay in power at the expense of hundred thousands of lives and treasure. Because, it won't be that simple. The entire infrastructure of Iranian society will be destroyed and one retaliatory act anywhere in the US, Europe, Middle East through terrorist cells will give the US and their Western allies carte blanche to turn Iran into a nuclear wasteland of depleted Uranium or neutron bombs for years to come.

The Islamic Republic better think twice before taking on an "enmey" like the US.