John McCain & the making of a financial crisis

AmirAshkan Pishroo
by AmirAshkan Pishroo

The Making of a Financial Crisis is an impressive short documentary that shows why John McCain's failed philosophy and poor judgment are a recipe for deepening the economic crisis.


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Now he's known as "Comrade."

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Latin leftists gloating over 'Comrade' Bush's bailout



John McCain & the making of a financial crisis

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

First of all i thank Mr. Mc Cain und his campaigns that they have put aseid Iranians banks and the banks of other "underdeveloped" Countries. With their sanktions against the banks of the Islamic republic of Iran they have done that nation a good work.
Secondly I emphasize that the krisis is not soo real. The capitalists have done well for their own interesst. And Bushy Bushy finishes his work with the nice help which he has done to american slums. Each slam resident has now a hous and who has paid for it? The Europians. It came so: American banks paid credit on poeple who had no mony and it was obvious: They would never be able to pay back a cent. As the american banks did not got their mony back, they barowed by europian banks. The europians Lakais of American imperialismus could not do else. They had to "Help" their big brother. And now the europian banks have no mony either. Bushy Bushy helps the american banks with cheap credit. the europians plan to buy Founds from their banks.
many years after world war II there were stil poeple in europ who meant every now and then: AT least he built the Highways. about Bushy Bushy some americans will say: at least he helped us to our hous. and nobody will remember that the mony came from europ. Not even the europian consuments. Thanks God the Iranian Banks are launched with boycott by Bushy`s administration.Greeting


Thanks Mr. Pishroo,

by Jaleho on

good example of the common "dirt" going on in Washingtion + Wall Street hand in hand.

I wonder if you would also be willing to enlighten us a bit with much bigger thieves and bigger Washington "dirt", like:

Michael Milken
Marc Rich
Michael Steinhardt
Sol Steinhardt (the father and son who created the honorary Joe Liberman)
Jack Abramoff
Richard Perle
Douglas Feith

Just to name a few? Or would I be an anti-Semite for even remembering that these people are just thieves and traitors of unmentionable magnitude and not great philanthropists?

After all, MCCain at least was cleared at the end from any charges in the Keating Five case where the total bribery of the five senators was something less than $2 million. But, in the case of Jack Abramoff alone for example you'd be running out of fingers if you were to count all the scums from both sides of the isle who were bribed ten fold the magnitude of Keating Five.

Abramoff's bribes of course was just about as much as a single penalty check that Michael Steinhardt paid to have fun with the rest of his stolen $600 million to act like a philantropist, no?

Some people are like teflon, I wonder who makes them that way! Micheal Milken for example seem to just keep the word "king" from "king of junk bond", and walks as a philantropist making records in Forbes list of the richest and building particular types of High Schools.

And, Marc Rich was equally blessed from BOTH  sides too. Although he stole many $billions from taxpayers, he was wise enough to hand in few of the billions to Israel and Ehud Olmert, who in turn handed a tiny bit of it to Bill Clinton who worked so hard for his pardon in return. Mr Rich like Abramoff was double blessed from both sides, Democratic President Clinton himself giving him the pardon, while Scooter Libby was his legal defense, everone in Washington gets enriched when the thief is THAT BIG!

I will let the reader to type in the name of the above people in wikipedia themselves and just look at sections like "business interest" in case of Richard Perle for example. I warn you that when you type in "Douglas Feith" who seem to me be one of Mr. Pishroo's favorite characters (purely my guess based on his writings, sorry in advance if you don't like Feith), any way, the section under "professional criticism and Accusation" for Mr. Feith might be tire your eyes as it is the highlight of that monumental traitor.