If you were a Jew

If you were a Jew
by AmirAshkan Pishroo

If you were a Jew in the time of Holocaust, Richrd Rorty argues, your chances of being helped by your kind neighbors were greater if you lived in Denmark or Italy than if you lived in Belgium.

Rorty warns us how not to explain this difference: “A common way of describing this difference is by saying that many Danes and Italians showed a sense of human solidarity which many Belgians lacked,” Rorty (1984).

To say that Belgians lacked a sense of human solidarity is bound to be question-begging: But why did Belgians,who watched the Gestapo drag their Jewish neighbors away, fail to show such a human solidarity?

According to Rorty the answer doesn’t lie in such a terms as “inhumanity,” or “hardness of heart,” or “lack of sense of human solidarity,” but because the Belgians didn’t identify themselves with the Jews, one way or the other.

Take, for example, those Danes and those Italians:“Did they say, about their Jewish neighbors, that they deserved to be saved because they were fellow human beings? Perhaps sometimes they did, but surely they would usually, if queried, have used some parochial terms to explain why they were taking risks to protect a given Jew–for example, that this particular Jew was a fellow Milanese, or fellow Jutlander, or a fellow member of the same union or profession, or a fellow bocce player, or a fellow parent of small children,” Rorty.

But for Belgians, Jews rarely fell under those identifications. There are detailed historicosociological explanations for the relative infrequency among Belgians of fellowship-inspiring descriptions under which Jews could fall.

Simply put, there were lesser interactions and integrations between Belgians and Jews in the period when the trains were running to Auschwitz.


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Darius Kadivar' comment "All this Debate here makes me SICK"

by Ma'at (not verified) on

Well said Darius. It is a shame to see so much bickering among the heirs of the nation that gave the world the First Declaration of Human Rights and whose author was called a "Messiah" by the Jewish prophet Isaiah. It seems our ancestors didn't have the trouble getting along that many here have today.


Re: Baha'u'llah's actual teachings

by Anonymous7890 (not verified) on

"Joseph's" comments distort Baha'i teachings. Belief and faith are matters of individual conscience. Baha'is share their belief with others who express interest, but do not impose their views on others and always look for common values and ways to work with other faiths to improve social conditions around the world. As Abdu'l-Baha says, "If a religion become the cause of hatred and disharmony, it would be better that it should not exist."

It seems "Joseph" is trying to stir up trouble by creating a phoney blog--it is doubtful that he is a Baha'i.


Re: Come to Baha'u'llah!!!?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mr. Joseph: I am neither a Muslim, nor a Jew, but I rather learn from descent Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus .... many of whom are contemporary intellectual and humanists ... people such as the Jewish George Soros or Muslim Mohammad Sahimi, or Gandhi. I don't believe George Soros is perfect but I am sure he is less imperfect than many prophets including yours.


Come to Baha'u'llah for the solution

by Joseph (not verified) on

Dear Jews and Moslims,
You all are in severe need of the teachings of Baha'u'llah. Our guardian Shoghi Effendi had a vision and plan of Universal Religion. We (Baha'is) will rule the world for the next 1000 years. First Iran then Israel.
Read this baha'i blog, the author appeals the Israelis to allow teaching the Baha'i faith is Israel also.
Let's support him !!!


We all need the wonderful Teachings of Baha'u'llah

by Joseph (not verified) on

Dear Jews and Moslims,
You all are in severe need of the teachings of Baha'u'llah. Our guardian Shoghi Effendi had a vision and plan of Universal Religion. We (Baha'is) will rule the world for the next 1000 years. First Iran then Israel.
Read this baha'i blog, the author appeals the Israelis to allow teaching the Baha'i faith is Israel also.
Let's support him !!!


Re: Israel is a foe...

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Yes Mr. Farshad, Israeli extremists (likes of Mofaz, Benny Morris, ...and AIPAC), and Sunni extremists (Alqaeda ...) are the foe of not only Iranians but also rest of the world. However those Iranians (many of them claiming to be Shiites) in Iran who have been enriching themselves and ignoring the appalling poverty of millions of Iranians are not any better than those foes and have direct impact on the lives of those who are being crashed. Add to that those extremists like Ahmadinejad who have a special talent for creating enemies (in many cases with baseless rhetoric).
IRI ultimately needs to talk to and reach Israeli moderates, just like many of us Iranians are talking to those Israelis who talk to us.


Israel is a foe...

by Farshad11 (not verified) on

just as the Sunni Arabs are. Both people in each of these races are very selfish narcisstic people. The Jews can not love their neighbor, the Arabs, and the Arabs can not love their neighbor, the Jews.

Neither one is a friend of Iran and Iran does not need their friendship.


It serves Iran's interests

by BiNamoNeshan (not verified) on

It serves Iran's interests to once again form an alliance with Israel. Iran, like Israel, is the object of Sunni Arab hatred. Both countries are surrounded by hostile Sunni Arab states that see both countries as pariahs in the Middle East. Both countries represent religious minorities that have been persecuted throughout the Middle East (Jews and Shias have had similar experiences in most Arab countries). Both are confronted by constant Arab claims to their territory, and are hated by chauvinistic, ethno-centric pan-Arabists.
And to think that Shia Iran has decided to be the main spokesperson for the Sunni Palestinians! Iranians are not blind. They see Palestinians march with pictures of the late Saddam Hussein, their Sunni correligionist, whom they have dubbed "the greatest Arab hero" and gone as far as naming their babies Saddam. I can't think of any Iranian who thinks favorably of a man who murdered nearly a million Iranian soldiers, lay waste to whatever infrastructure existed in Iran, and rained down Scuds on Iranian cities, killing civilians, or any Shia for that matter, as Saddam is responsible for killing over half a million of Iraq's own Shia. Are these the people we Iranians should be risking our country's future for? Given typical Sunni Arab hostility towards Shia, if Jerusalem were hypothetically "liberated from Zionist yoke" as Arabs like to put it, would the "heretic Shia" (another Arab term) be welcome to pray in what are basically Sunni mosques (Al-Aqsa and Qubbat as-Sakhra respectively)?
Let us look at typical Arab terms for Iranians:
"majoosi" (a reference to Iran's Zoroastrian past)
"rafidhi" (meaning "one who rejects", since Shia Iranians reject the "sunna"), and this term has lately been used by Sunni Arabs to mean "heretic"
"ajami" a term that originally meant "Persian" but is now used derogatively and pejoratively
"farsi wasakh" meaning "dirty Persian"

In contrast, Israel never claimed Iranian territory, Jews are historical allies of Persians going back centuries, and Israel never had any outstanding issues with Iran prior to the late Khomeini's arrival in 1979. Iran shares no borders with Israel.

Israel did not wage war against Iran, and make Iran hemmorhage for eight long years. Israel did not torture our POWS in camps througout Iraq. Israel did not rain down Scuds on our cities and civilian population. Israel does not claim Iran's Khuzestan Province, Iran's three islands lying near the Straight of Hormuz or Bandar Lengeh and Bandar Abbas.
Israel has not renamed the Persian Gulf, the "Arabian Gulf". Israel does not publish maps showing Khorramshahr as "Muhammarah", Ahvaz as "Al-Ahwaz", Khuzestan as "Arabistan" or the Persian Gulf as "Khaleej al-Arabi". Israel is not funding terrorists who murder Iranian Shia pilgrims in front of holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf (with suicide bombings that also claim the lives of Iraqi Shia pilgirms as well). Israel is not raiding Shia homes in Bahrain belonging to Bahrainis of Iranian origin and accusing them of being "subversives" and holding them indefinitely in jail (Bahrain is Iranian, and the Shah gave up Iran's legitimate claims to the island in 1970 in order to appease the Arabs).

We Iranians are losing track of reality. We need better judgement when it comes to who our friends and foes are. Israel is not a foe.


..... آیا می دانید که چرا یهودیان(to Pishro)

Anonym7 (not verified)

Yes Pishro, I have known for quite sometime that some of the most progressive people, best scientists, best artists, etc, were/are Jewish or at least were born Jewish. However there also are some fascists and extremists such as Shaol Mofaz, Benny morris, Joe Liberman, Paul Wolfowits ...... and many others in AIPAC that claim to be Jewish and have been directly involved with many disasters and crimes against humanity. Don't take my word for it, read this paragraph from Jeorge Soros who happens to be in your list, and happens to be a person that I have the highest regards for.
George Soros says:
"I am not sufficiently engaged in Jewish affairs to be involved in the reform of AIPAC; but I must speak out in favor of the critical process that is at the heart of our open society. I believe that a much-needed self-examination of American policy in the Middle East has started in this country; but it can't make much headway as long as AIPAC retains powerful influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC. Palestine is a place of critical importance where positive change is still possible. Iraq is largely beyond our control; but if we succeeded in settling the Palestinian problem we would be in a much better position to engage in negotiations with Iran and extricate ourselves from Iraq. The need for a peace settlement in Palestine is greater than ever. Both for the sake of Israel and the United States, it is highly desirable that the Saudi peace initiative should succeed; but AIPAC stands in the way. It continues to oppose dealing with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas."

Darius Kadivar

The Sound of Silence ...

by Darius Kadivar on

All this Debate here makes me SICK ...

Sometimes we should simply remain silent and listen to those who experienced this tragedy firsthand than try and make sense of something that surpasses any logic or even sensation.

I NEVER THOUGHT I would have to live the day of having to debate about the reality of the Holocuast with my own People ...

Where did we get to this mess, what had even the Revolution and all the Shah Khomeiny Rivalry have to do with Hitler and WWII ? KOJAH RAFTEEM ?

I am not saying this for the sake of the Jews or Zionists or any other religious or racial group. I am just amazed how LOW humanity has fallen since all this ridiculous debate started in our country. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE IN THE LAND OF CYRUS THE GREAT ! ...


As for those who simply can't comprehend, all I can say is I pity you ...




Good post

by Abarmard on

Thank you for the post. The most important lesson one can learn from history is the unjust treatments that caused suffering and pain for the people. That's no excuse and we should always be reminded of that.

In this issue there is no tit for tat. We should not justify a wrong doing with another wrong being done today. Keep them seperate and be sensitive while arguing your case.


To Bajin A

by choghok on

And all other who think the same way. I do not know you and you do not know me. If the thing you say is true and you have been victim of religious discrimination and harrasment then good for you that you are in a free country now. Please use this forum to write your experiences and make us more knowledgable.

But you do not know me so you cannot say who I am and who I am not. You can meet my arguments with logic or you can stop reading my comments if you cannot. But coming with false allegations with this Israel pattented arguments (anti semite, facist) is not working on me and wont impress people here.

And if you have the urge of pissing on peoples faces there are much better sites which you can join.


/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Jews, super race or the victims! "naneh man gharibam"

by Jaided (not verified) on

This is the two extreme where the jews fluctuate. If you are so sure of yourself to be the "chosen ones" then don't complain and whine when anybody criticize you. This is no dark alley and we are not little boys trying to bully you. We are trying to tell you that you are brainwashed by your zionist elders to behave the way you do.

What the jews are doing to our political process and foreign policy is a disaster for the rest of us in USA.

1. We don't want constant war

2. We don't want our media to be controlled by Israeli jews.

3. We don't want our political leaders to be intimidated and subjugated by a foreign country named Israel.

4. We are sick and tired of the news about holocaust pushed down our throat on every media including iranian.com

5. We don't want our tax dollars to be spent on Israeli killing machine.

You jews are not the only ones who have the right to speak your minds. We are sick and tired of all you zionist jews not because of your race or religion but because of what you are doing to us!


True Self

by Zion on

When confronted with an Islamo-fascist, pissing on his face is the mildest thing a free and decent human being can do. Such beasts actually deserve much worse happening to them and their faces.
It is not Bijan 's true self that is exposed here, it is that of many stinking little scumbags who lurk in this website. Go figure.

AmirAshkan Pishroo

آیا می دانید که چرا یهودیان اینقدر در جهان قدرتمند هستند؟

AmirAshkan Pishroo

مطلب زیر ، نوشته یک روزنامه نگار پاکستانی است

آیا می دانید که چرا یهودیان اینقدر در جهان قدرتمند هستند؟

.نوشته: دکتر فرخ سلیم - نویسنده یک روزنامه نگارمستقل اسلام آبادی است.

در تمام دنیا تنها 14 میلیون یهودی وجود دارد ؛ هفت میلیون در آمریکا، پنج میلیون در آسیا، دو میلیون در اروپا و یکصد هزار نفر در آفریقا.

در برابر هر یهودی در دنیا ، یکصد نفر مسلمان وجود دارد.با اینحال یهودیان بیشتر از یکصد برابر قدرتمندتر از تمام مسلمانان هستند.آیا هرگزمتعجب نشده اید که چرا؟

 عیسای ناصری یهودی بود. آلبرت اینشتین ، بانفوذترین و تأثیرگذارترین دانشمند
تمام دوران و «مرد قرن» به انتخاب مجله تایم ، یک یهودی بود.زیگموند فروید ، پدر
روانکاوی یک یهودی
بود. به همین ترتیب کارل مارکس، پل ساموئلسون و میلتون فریدمن .اینها عده دیگری از یهودیانی هستند که حاصل خرد و روشنفکریشان ، به تمام بشریت رسیده است :

بنجامین روبین سرنگ واکسیناسیون را به بشر ارزانی داشت. یوناس سالک اولین واکسن فلج اطفال را تهیه کرد.آلبرت سابین واکسن فلج اطفال مؤثر و بهبود یافته را تهیه کرد. گرترود الیون ، داروی مبارزه با سرطان خون را به ما هدیه کرد. باروخ بلومبرگ ، واکسیناسیون هپاتیت بی را مهیا کرد. پل
الریخ ، درمان سیفیلیس را کشف کرد
(سیفیلیس : یک بیماری مسری جنسی).الی مچنیکوف ، یک جایزه نوبل را در بیماریهای عفونی بدست آورد.برنارد کاتز، یک جایزه نوبل را در انتقال عصبی-عضلانی کسب کرد.آندرو شالی ، برنده جایزه نوبل در غدد ترشح کننده داخلی شد (اختلال سیستم غدد درون ریز؛ دیابت ،پرکاری تیروئید).آرون بک ، درمان شناختی را کشف کرد (روان درمانی برای معالجه اختلالات روانی ، افسردگی و فوبیا). گرگوری پینکاس ، اولین قرص ضد حاملگی خوراکی را تهیه کرد. جورج والد ، یک جایزه نوبل به خاطر پیشبرد دانش و ادراک ما از چشم انسان ، کسب کرد. استنلی کوهن ، برنده یک جایزه نوبل در جنین شناسی (مطالعه جنینها و رشد آنها) شد. ویلم کولف ،
ماشین دیالیز کلیه مطرح شد.

در طول 105 سال گذشته ، 14 میلیون یهودی ، 15 دوجین از جوایز نوبل را کسب کرده اند در حالی که تنها 3 جایزه نوبل توسط 4/1 میلیارد مسلمان کسب شده است(غیر از جوایز صلح). چرا یهودیان اینقدر قدرتمندند؟

استنلی میزور ، اولین تراشه میکرو پروسسور (ریزپردازنده)
را اختراع کرد. لئو سیلارد ، اولین راکتور هسته ای زنجیره ای را
. پیتر شولتز ، کابل فیبر نوری ؛ چارلز آدلر ، چراغ راهنما ؛ بنو استراوس ، فولاد ضد زنگ ؛ آیسادور کایسی ، سینمای
(همراه با صدا) ؛ امیل برلینر ، میکروفون (دهنی) تلفن و چارلز گینسبورگ ، ضبط نوار ویدئویی.

سرمایه داران شهیر در دنیای تجارت که به مذهب یهودیت تعلق دارند عبارتند از رالف لورن (Polo) ، لویس استراوس (Levi's jeans)، هوارد شولتز (Starbuck's)،سرگی برین (Google)، میشل دل (Dell computers)، لری الیسون (Oracle)، دونا کاران (DKNY)، ایرو روبینز (Baskins & Robbins) و بیل روزنبرگ (Dunkin Donuts).

ریچارد لوین، رئیس دانشگاه یال ، یک یهودی است. همچنین هنری کیسینجر(وزیر آمریکایی)،آلن گرینسپن(رئیس مجلس در دوران ریگان،بوش،کلینتون
بوش) ، جوزف لیبرمن ، مادلین آلبرایت (وزیر آمریکایی) ، کاسپر وینبرگر (وزیر دفاع آمریکا) ، ماکسیم لیتوینوف (وزیر امور خارجه شوروی سابق) ، دیوید
(نخست وزیر سنگاپور) ، ایساک ایساکس (فرماندار کل استرالیا) ، بنجامین دیسرایلی (سیاستمدار و نویسنده بریتانیایی) ، یوگنی پریماکوف (نخست وزیر روسیه) ، بری
گلدواتر، خورخه سامپایو
(رئیس جمهور پرتغال) ، جان دویچ (مدیر سیا) ، هرب گری (قائم مقام نخست وزیر کانادا) ، پیر
مندز (نخست وزیر فرانسه) ، مایکل هوارد (وزیر کشور
) ، برونو کریسکی (صدر اعظم اتریش) و روبرت روبین (وزیر خزانه داری آمریکا) نیز یهودی هستند.

در عرصه رسانه ، یهودیان سرشناس شامل وولف بلیتزر (CNN) ، باربارا والترز (ABC News) ، یوجین مه یر (واشینگتن پست) ، هنری گرونوالد (سر ویراستار تایم) ، کاترین گراهام (ناشر واشینگتن
) ، جوزف للیلد (ویراستار اجرایی ، نیویورک تایمز) و ماکس فرانکل (نیویورک تایمز) می باشند.

آیا می توانید نوعدوست ترین نیکوکار در طول تاریخ جهان را نام ببرید؟ نامش جورج سوروس است ، یک یهودی ، که تاکنون بیش از 4 میلیارد دلار اهدا کرده که بیشتر آن برای کمک به دانشمندان و دانشگاههای سراسر دنیا صرف شده است.

پس از جورج سوروس ، والتر آننبرگ ، یک یهودی دیگر، قرار دارد که یکصد کتابخانه را با بخشش تقریباً 2 میلیارد دلار ساخته است.

در المپیکها ، مارک اسپیتز ، با بردن هفت مدال طلا ، یک رکورد ثبت کرد. لنی کرایزلبرگ برنده سه مدال طلای المپیک است. اسپیتز، کرایزلبرگ و بوریس بکر همه یهودیند.

آیا می دانستید که هریسون فورد ، جورج برنز ، تونی کورتیس ، چارلز برنسون ، ساندرا بولاک ، بیلی کریستال ، وودی آلن ، پل نیومن ، پیتر سلرز ، داستین هافمن ، مایکل
داگلاس ،
بن کینگزلی ، کرک داگلاس ، گلدی هاون ، کری گرانت ، ویلیام شاتنر ، جری لوییس و پیتر فالک همه یهودیند؟

حقیقت امر این است که خود هالیوود به دست یک یهودی بنیان نهاده شد. در بین کارگردانها و تهیه کننده ها ، استیون اسپیلبرگ ، مل بروکس ، الیور استون ، آرون اسپلینگ (بورلی هیلز 90210) ، نیل سیمون ، آندرو واینا (رامبو 1/2/3) ، مایکل مان ، میلوس فورمن (پرواز بر فراز آشیانه فاخته) ، داگلاس فیربنکس (دزد بغداد) و ایوان ریتمن همگی یهودیند.

 جهت اطمینان ، واشینگتن پایتختی مهم است و در واشینگتن لابی ای که از اهمیت برخوردار است ، انجمن امور عمومی اسراییل آمریکایی یا AIPACاست.

واشنگتن می داند که اگر نخست وزیر ایهود اولمرت کشف می کرد که زمین صاف است ، AIPAC ، یکصدو نهمین کنگره را واداربه تصویب مصوبه ای جهت قدردانی از اولمرت به خاطر این اکتشاف می کرد..

 ویلیام جیمز سیدیس ، با ضریب هوشی 300-250 ، تابناکترین و هوشمندترین بشری است که تاکنون وجود داشته است.

حدس بزنید که او به چه دینی تعلق داشت؟

سئوال : حالا، چرا یهودیان اینقدر قدرتمندند؟

جواب : آموزش و پرورش.

چرا مسلمانان اینقدر کم توانند؟

بطور تخمینی در حدود 1476233470 مسلمان برسطح سیاره زمین قرار دارند: یک میلیارد در آسیا ، 400 میلیون در آفریقا ، 44 میلیون در اروپا و شش میلیون در آمریکا.

یک پنجم تمام انسانها ، مسلمانند ؛ به ازای هر نفر هندو ، دونفر مسلمان وجود دارد ، در مقابل هر نفر بودایی ، دو نفر مسلمان و در برابر هر نفر یهودی ، یکصد نفر مسلمان
دارد. هیچ فکر کرده اید که چرا مسلمانان اینقدر ضعیفند؟ دلیلش اینجاست:

57 کشورعضو در سازمان کنفرانس اسلامی (OIC) عضویت دارند ، و تمام آنها بر روی هم در حدود 500 دانشگاه
دارند ؛ یک دانشگاه به ازای هر سه میلیون

ایالات متحده 5758 دانشگاه و هند 8407 دانشگاه دارند.در سال 2004 ، دانشگاه شانگهای جیائو تونگ ، یک «رده بندی علمی دانشگاههای جهان» را گردآوری کرد ، وهیچ دانشگاهی از کشورهای با اکثریت جمعیت مسلمان ، در جمع 500 دانشگاه برتر قرار نداشت.

مطابق اطلاعاتی که توسط UNDP جمع آوری شده است ، درصد باسوادی در دنیای مسیحیت ، در حدود 90
درصد می باشد و 15 کشور با اکثریت جمعیت مسیحی دارای نرخ باسوادی 100 درصد بوده اند. یک کشور با اکثریت جمعیت مسلمان ، در بالاترین حالت تمایز (کنتراست) ، میانگین نرخ باسوادی در حدود 40 درصد داشته و هیچ کشوربا اکثریت جمعیت مسلمان ، با نرخ باسوادی 100 درصد وجود ندارد.

حدود 98 درصد از باسوادان در دنیای مسیحیت ، مقطع ابتدایی (دبستان) را به پایان رسانده اند در حالی که کمتر از 50 درصد از باسوادهای دنیای اسلام همین مقطع را به پایان برده اند. در حدود 40 درصد از باسوادان در دنیای مسیحیت ، دانشگاه رفته اند در صورتی که کمتراز دو درصد از باسوادان در دنیای اسلام دانشگاه دیده اند.

کشورهای دارای اکثریت جمعیت مسلمان ، 230 دانشمند به ازای هر یک میلیون مسلمان دارند.
ایالات متحده ، 4000 دانشمند به ازای هر میلیون نفر و ژاپن 5000 دانشمند به ازای هر یک میلیون نفر دارند.

در سراسر دنیای عرب ، تعداد کل محققان تمام وقت ، 35000 نفراست و تنها 50 تکنیسین به ازای هر یک میلیون عرب وجود دارد (در دنیای مسیحیت ، تا 1000 تکنیسین به ازای هر یک میلیون نفر وجود دارد).

گذشته از این ، دنیای اسلام 2/0 درصد ازGDP اش را برای تحقیق و توسعه ، صرف می کند در حالی که دنیای مسیحیت درحدود 5 درصد GDP اش را صرف می کند.

 نتیجه: دنیای اسلام در ظرفیت تولید علم ، کمبود دارد.

تعداد روزنامه ها در ازای هر 1000 نفر و تعداد عنوانهای کتاب به ازای هر میلیون نفر ، دو شاخص گسترش و نشر علم و آگاهی در یک جامعه هستند.

در پاکستان ، 23 روزنامه به ازای هر 1000 نفر پاکستانی وجود دارد در حالی که نرخ مشابه در سنگاپور 360

در بریتانیا ، تعداد عنوانهای کتاب به ازای هر میلیون نفر ، 2000 است در حالی که نرخ مشابه آن در مصر 20 است.

نتیجه : دنیای اسلام در نشر علم شکست خورده است.


Bijan A M

Chaghok, XerXes, Jaided,…

by Bijan A M on

And all other anti-Jews under a mask. I can see you all in my alley in Tehran bullying me and my kind, robbing me , hitting me, throwing stone at me, …..just because I was a Jewish boy. You had no idea where Israel was or what Zionism meant, you did it just because you were taught to be anti-Jew. They are najes. They put the blood of young Muslims in their Matsa (Fatir).


Now that you have grown older and read a few articles and books, you have learned to cover your true face under a mask and spew garbage as though you are human and can justify your distorted views.


No, you can’t expect me to live as a second class citizen in your neighborhood. Yes, I’ll piss in your face if you try to treat me any less than a human being.  I have lived happily with a Muslim wife for nearly 40 years and have Muslims as closest friends for my entire life, but I will never stand for Islamo-fascism.


I support a Jewish state not only from historical perspective but because of people with your attitude (i.e. those who consider Jews in a different class in the society).

Since when has it been a crime to have the ability to recant history (in movies or otherwise)?. Why should it be a crime for a Jew to be successful and wealthy, but it would be accomplishment if a “non-jew” fills the same position?


So, kids, start thinking and searching your souls before spewing another word…..





by XerXes (not verified) on

You are a wise man and said it well.



by samsam1111 on

Z & KW,,:) Cheers!



by AD (not verified) on

Why Jews have been the subject of so much abhorrence throughout the history. Even the Almighty God abandoned them once according to the Bible. What is the reason?


Jews and Newman

by choghok on

Well this article is about European Jews in 2nd world war and how they were treated by Belgiums. Now I do not know why Belgiums are singled out since In France, Germany and most of eastern Europe they were also happily overturned to nazist.

I used to have a Jewish friend who used to use this argument when he was talking with any eastern european and he disliked his arguments.  If a hungarian or Polish guy would criticize Israel he would say: "They did not need Nazis help to kill the Jews". 

With all that said I think that state of Israel has mastered the art of "Mazloomiyat" even more than Shia clergy. One example is all the movies and TV shows pouring out of Hollywood covering the Holocust. Almost all of them win the best movie category at Oscars. 

But movies are not all if you go to one of the big famous museums in NYC (do not remember the name now) in the middle east part you will see a big sign where history of the Jews in middle east are mentioned, well mostly history of their pain and suffering. I do not remember if the stories did have source. But I have read a book by Bernard Lewis and he runs the same stories (telling for example Jews were beaten in Isfahan if they walked in the rain for example). These stories were not written by Jews in the area themselves mostly but by European jews supposedly wondering in the area. And me I do not beleive in many of them since they do not sound reasonable.

Also the Israelis would like to bring up the story about Arab countries deporting all the Jews and treated them badly. Well that is a truth by modification. When state of Israel started many arabs had to move out and it made arab countries not so happy, this created resentment between muslim arabs and Jews, also Israel started doing big efforts to move all the Jews to Israel. This had also an impact on arab jews.

Todays Israel's existence is built upon this "Mazloomiyat" and it is within their interest to blow this up as much as they can.

P.S Paul Newman was part German part Hungarian of what I have read. The name Newman is anglofied of the name Neuman which is German and not necessarily Jewish. A great man no matter if he was Jewish or not, will be missed.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Jews are fine, Israel Sucks

by Ensan (not verified) on

I HATE Israel. If that makes me anti Semite, then praise the lord, I am one. I hate Islamic Republic, if that makes me anti Shia, than praise the lord. Only stupid crowd fall in the trap of Mullas and Rabbis who are ultimately the same.


Jews sh.. don't stink, so they want to believe....

by Jaided (not verified) on

They don't like it if you let them know that "yes their's is as stinky as any other mammal". They call you anti-semite and they close the case going home happy.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

excellent reply my friend to these racist individuals... They need help (mentally) ...


I love how all the Iranian Anti Semites Come out of their caves

by Looti (not verified) on

Any time the word "Jew" is mentioned anywhere.

Bijanam Aziz, please do not waist your time responding to these losers. They just want to get your blood pressure up. They know that the akhoonds are bunch of losers who have destroyed Iran beyond repair and they now need a scapegoat.


Hello, Jews are unpopular everywhere..why?

by Jaided (not verified) on

Look at what they've been doing to other people. Why the world hates dictators and racists? Because of what they've done to other people. Now the jews of the world should unite around this question: "What have we done to others since holocaust"? Jews are smart people, they know how to solve problems, then solve this problem to stop others from hating you.

Azarin Sadegh

I left France...

by Azarin Sadegh on

I left France because of the rise of Jean Marie Le Pen and other Neo fascists in Europe. No wonder! I had left Iran with this hope to live in a society where I could be treated like everyone else (not like in Iran: being singled out because I wasn't religious. Or not like in France: being singled out because of my last name sounding arabic). The only place where I have ever felt to be truly like everyone else is in California.

So I am not surprised by this fact that Jews were better treated in Denmark or Italy, compared to Belgium! Belgians should be pretty close to French mentality:-)


PS: BTW, denying holocaust or the existence of Ann Frank is like wearing a big yellow star on your forehead declaring:"Help! I'm ignorant and illiterate!!"


you hear me now

by Marlon Brando (not verified) on

Ann Frank is nothing but a creation of Hollywood, just like Adolf Hitler was supported by the British for the eventual destruction of Germany.

Who gives a damn anyway. Let's focus on all the poor people in the world that are suffering in the hands of the Israeli government. This is not about the Jews, this is about a savage government that has penetrated just about any other government in the world for subversive actions against all other religions.

Jews should not identify themselves with the government of Israel. Jews have far better protection under Islam and Christianity. For example Jews are living a better life in Iran and the few in Morocco as well as the United States and Europe. But look at them living in Israel under fear of their own government.


if you were a jew in WWII

by Anonymous10 (not verified) on

You could well be part of 62 million people who died during the war.

But, you would be the only group who made too many movies about your death and exaggerated the numbers who got killed because you were the only group WHO GOT PAID FOR NOT ONLY YOUR DEATH, but for the jewelry you lost!! Good reason to blow it out of proportion!!

Darius Kadivar

For IRI Apologists Now: DON'T CALL ME JUNIOR ! ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

TRUE Iranian patriots are those who support Iran's CIVIL SOCIETY and NOT the REGIME and its Apologists. Unless we Iranians prefer for these DANGEROUS CLOWNS to be Our Representatives ?  I DON'T

A Australian FAR RIGHT Neo Nazi invited to speak regularly on Iranian TV Lady Michelle Renouf Another Part of the TV debate SO YOU BETTER NOT CALL ME A JUNIOR IN POLITICS AND HISTORY OR I WILL GUN YOU NEO NAZI's DOWN ! LOOOOOOOOooooooooooooL DK


Bijan M A

by S L (not verified) on

Bijan M A

You are showing your true self here.
( and this true self , to put it mildly.... is not pretty at all!)
You are also proving RIGHT what many people thruout the world are accusing the Jewish people of.

Sorry to hear that it is So True.

I had, in the past, always thought the accusers were wrong and had defended the Jewish people, but once again you have proved them right.
This is sad.